Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lighting up the sky for our Queen

Jayne was looking for me at the Humber Bridge last night, to see if I had turned up for the lighting of the beacon. Didn't need to go Jayne, we have our own beacon right here on our doorstep. Just a matter of walking for ten minutes along the hills. We are pretty high up here with some lovely views across the river.

Quite a crowd had gathered to witness the lighting of it, a task performed by Sir Reginald Sheffield. Here goes, the torch is applied to the bottom.

Now the fire is beginning to take hold.

And here it is fully ablaze.

Down below us at the bottom pub they are letting off their fireworks, and here is my pathetic attempt to capture the awesome display. More like a damp squid on my pics, I am hopeless at taking photo's of moving objects. I did a short video as well, but now I can't find it on this computer.

At the top of the hill we had 60 rockets to delight us.

Oooohhh aaaahhh pretty.

Glad I took my head torch with me for the tramp back home through the woods. It was quite exciting picking our way along the path in the dark. Can't wait to do it again ;o)


  1. I loved the beacons last night! I don't think it matters what you think about the queen or the royal family, this is a historical event worth witnessing. When was the last time so many beacons were lit? Plus I doubt anyone alive today will witness another 60 year reign.

    We've been away for the weekend so I'm behind on posts and still have to sort my photos.

  2. There was a beacon on the Tor last night, with others on the Mendips. A wonderful historic occasion.

  3. Beacon? They must be different from our beacons. It looks like they burned down a building! It was a nice sight, but it looked like a tragic end.

  4. I wasn't able to get to my museum to see our Beacon lit unfortunately. Yours looks good!

  5. Well silly me, I should have known you would have had your own personal beacon, hahaha! I mean, you are the mean QUEEN after all, Your Majesty!

    I went to St Paul's Cathedral this morning, and was fortunate to see the whole Royal Family arrive, and even had a smile from The Queen (no, not you Ilona, the other Queen this time!) so it has been an exciting day for me! x


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