Thursday, 22 July 2021

Evening walk tonight.

Another hot day. I went a walk tonight, it was cooler. Clouds are coming. A horrible sight, rubbish dumped in a gateway. Mostly cannabis root balls. Some household rubbish. There are signs up at the end of the road, no access for unauthorised vehicles. They obviously ignored that. Sad to see. I have reported it. 
And then there was a bonus. I stood still when I saw this deer in the middle of a field, making a meal of whatever is growing there. It looked at me and I didn't move. Good zoom on the camera. 

Not a spectacular sunset tonight. They have harvested most of the turf in that field. 
Now relaxing with a glass of wine. off to bed soon. Thanks for popping in. 

Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

Coffee in the garden

Yesterday my friend invited me for coffee, I went this morning. It was something to look forward to. We often chat on the phone, and email each other, even though she lives close by. I thought I would make a bit of an effort and put a nice top on. Yes, it's the same skirt that I wore on Monday nights walk. 
Her garden is lovely, she has arranged things beautifully. Lots of flowers everywhere. 
I did Billy's walk a bit later tonight. I did say I would go at 5pm, bit it was still too hot, so I left it till 6.30pm. Much better, a light breeze cooled us down. 
Now going to watch a few videos before bedtime. Catch ya soon. Toodle pip.   ilona 

My feet. Walking back home.

The Council have made a new path alongside a busy road, just for me, ha ha. 
They are trying to encourage more people to walk, jog, and cycle, for exercise. Which is a good thing. I am trying the new path out, not much traffic because it is 9.15pm. 
Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Evening walk, chat on the bench

Here's a little video I made last night, and uploaded today. 
Another hot day today. I went to the mobile library for a chat with Stan, haven't seen him for ages. Things are still the same with the book borrowing malarkey. They have discussed letting people back on the van to choose their own books, and also continue with bagging up books ready for people to take away, as some of the readers have mentioned that they like that system now. Then they decided it won't work because the floor would be cluttered with bags of books. Not good for health and safety, people might trip up. Also they would have to fix up a plastic screen in front of the desk to protect Stan from customers breathing all over him. They have put that idea on hold for now. 
The Arts Centre in town have been tweeting about an exhibition that I would like to see. First they lay out all the rules for visitors attending. I found that very off putting so I tweeted them saying I wouldn't track and trace, didn't want to book a ticket, and I am exempt from wearing a cloth on my face. They sent a very nice tweet back, saying these are recommendations and not the law, and I would be most welcome. So that sounds promising. I will go in the middle of an afternoon, they said that is the quietest time. 
I thought I might go shopping tonight, I may, or may not, I can last another day. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

A doctors view.

This is what happens when people talk about the current situation. A dialogue is opened up and people come forward with information which might not have otherwise been noticed. The sharing of all information, not just that which is spouted from Main Stream Media, is important to give a balanced picture. Thank you to a dear reader who included a link to this in her comment on yesterdays post. 
Malmy Albin is the yoootooober who has posted this, Dr Carroll is the speaker. If you click on the yoootooob logo, then click on Malmy Albin, you will find three more videos which Dr Carroll has made. 
I see this one was published on the 30th of June 2021, it has had 908 views and 13 comments. Let's give it some more views and add a few more comments. 

Thank you for all the comments on yesterdays post. Amazingly I didn't have to delete any sarcasm, nit picking, and off topic abuse. 
I went a walk last night again, late, as the sun was going down. It relaxed my mind ready for sleep. Being in nature is a great comfort.
Another hot day, mustn't grumble. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. 

Monday, 19 July 2021

What price freedom.

 We have enjoyed freedom in this country for a long time, our fathers and grandfathers fought for it. Now there is a different kind of war going on, one that has been trundling along for a while, and is now escalating. The two sides seem incapable of meeting in the middle and it is sad to see. The gap between free thinkers who are capable of looking after themselves, and those who hand over their freedoms to follow any rules they are given. It is opening up into a chasm of gigantic proportions. 

I think of the Grand Canyon. Emotions are running high on both sides, I am sure that some people would not hesitate to push others over the edge if they found themselves in a confrontational situation. 

Indeed it is already happening. Perhaps not physically, but the cruel and abusive language used on social media can have just as devastating effect. Bullying is ugly, and says more about the perpetrator than the victim. Luckily I am thick skinned so it bounces off me. 

I am halfway through reading A State of Fear, by Laura Dodsworth. It's about how the Government have weaponised fear during the pandemic. She asks the question, Why did the Government deliberately frighten us? I have my ideas on this, it will be interesting to discover whether the author is of similar mind. I think the answer will come in the second half of the book. 

The inflammatory and derogatory language used by the Government is filtered down through the main stream media, and is used as an offensive weapon against anyone who is not conforming to the prescribed narrative.  

For the record I am not anti vax. I have had all the vaccines as a child in the past, those that have gone through years of vigorous testing, but this jab is different. I choose not to put an unknown substance into my body in the name of an experiment. The long term effects are not known so ask me again in five years. Getting a jab is still optional, everyone has the right to decide for themselves. No doubt I will be called a super spreader, but there is evidence to say that I will be at risk from the jabbed as their immune system will have to be topped up with boosters for several years to come. 

Neither am I a covid idiot, I find this term particularly offensive. I have been studying the whole debacle for well over a year. At first I fell for the hype as it was ramped up, but after a while I sensed that something wasn't right. It is understandable that mistakes were made in the early years, but now it is becoming evident that it isn't about a virus. It's a lot more complicated than that. 

So will we get our freedoms back? No we won't, unless we choose to take them. I don't look too closely at what they are allowing us to do, because not much of it applies to me. The gap will still be there. People will continue to wear a mask because they are scared to catch the virus. For me it is a symbol of compliance, for some it has become a comfort blanket. Virtue signaling is all around us. I cover my face to protect you, aren't I a good person. Those who are following the rules to the letter will continue to look down on those who are the bad guys. Nothing changes, the damage has been done. 

The Government are on the verge of bankrupting the country. Pinging has gone crazy forcing people to stay at home, even those with no symptoms. The NHS App is the new virus. Then there will be more lockdowns for whatever reason they choose next. 

They will keep this going for many more months, even years. All I can say is beware, they are coming after your children. They said they wouldn't bring in vaxx passports, but they have, now everyone has one in their pocket. Do not trust them, and question everything. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


Sunday, 18 July 2021



A quick 40 minute, two mile walk around the village tonight. The bonus was a great sunset. 

Nighty night. Catch ya tomorrow.  ilona

Hodsock Priory

Last few pics from my walk on Wednesday. I was going to post them last night but on the spur of the moment I decided to do a five mile walk instead. It was too hot to walk in the afternoon so I went at 8pm. Still hot and sticky though but by the time I landed back home two hours later the sun had almost disappeared over the horizon. 

Back to Wednesdays walk. After leaving Carlton in Lindrick it was time to head back towards Blyth. Hodsock is mentioned on the map several times. There is a Hodsock Lodge Farm, a Hodsock Woodhouse, a Hodsock Manor Farm, a Hodsock Plantation, a Hodsock Red Bridge, as well as several buildings part of the Hodsock Estate.
I was aware of several vehicles coming up behind me while ambling along a bridleway. I stood aside to let them pass. Horse boxes and trailers were picking their way carefully along the bumpy track, taking care not to jolt their precious cargo. 
The track turned into a tarmac road, and this greeted me when I turned a corner. Hodsock Priory, what a fascinating building. this is the back entrance. 

Luckily I was able to get some more pictures around the other side. Sadly the sun was in the wrong place so they are not as sharp as I would like them to be. 

There are some smashing photo's on their web site. They have facilities for weddings and conferences. 
In one of the fields nearby I saw that the horsey people had gathered for an event. The horse boxes were parked up and they were releasing their cargo. Several minutes later I was passed by a group of them out for a ride. The horses looked wonderful, and the riders were enjoying a good old chinwag as they ambled along.  
I had to join a busy road after that to get back to Blyth. Luckily it had a footpath all the way. I sat on a bench on the village green to finish eating my food before setting off back home. It was getting late. 
Back to the present. Another hot day today. I am going to walk Billy shortly before the temperatures start to soar. I'll bid you goodbye. Enjoy your Sunday. Thanks for popping in. 
Toodle pip.   ilona 

Saturday, 17 July 2021

Easy peasy

 Free common sense advice. Delete the app. Delete the stress. 

Time for breakfast, what shall I have. Porridge and fruit? Bran Flakes and a banana? No. I fancy mushrooms and egg on toast. Perfect. 

Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona

Friday, 16 July 2021

Bimbling around Langold Country Park.

 Is Blyth a town or a village? According to Wiki it is a village in the county of Nottinghamshire. It certainly has a very big church. I have found this with a lot of  villages. Small village, big church. In Blyth it has a prominent position close to a busy junction where four roads meet. 

I walked out of the village along a track. It was getting hot so I had to adjust my clothing, getting rid of the long sleeve top for a short sleeved t shirt. Good job there was nobody about as I stripped off. Plenty of wide open fields. I saw that there was a Country Park at Langold so that's where I headed.  
I entered the park after crossing the main A60 trunk road. There is a board with a map just there, so I headed off in the general direction of the lake. It's one of those parks with lots of little sign posts guiding you around the different walks, according to your abilities. You can choose a short easy stroll, or combine several walks exploring the woods. There is probably a leaflet somewhere to help with finding the way, but I didn't see any. I just took a guess at which path to take. 
Eventually I could see a car park through a clearing in the trees, and I could hear excited chatter from children at the playground. And there was the lake. I decided to walk around the perimeter, first passing about a hundred Canada Geese. 
It was a pleasant walk, lovely to see families with children taking advantage of the sunshine. I stopped to look for a nice scene to photograph, and immediately attracted a family of swans coming towards me. In anticipation of food probably. 
Oh dear, I'm sorry, but I don't have anything. I am going to eat my sandwich myself, and I'm not going to give you my choc chip muffin. 
From that spot I took this photo. 
A bit further along I looked across to the other side. The geese were heading across the grass towards the waters edge. 
I found my way to the other entrance/exit next to the playground, and a kiosk selling snacks and drinks. I don't normally take any money with me on a day walk, I have everything I need so don't need to spend any. An ice cream sign on the side of the kiosk said they have Magnums, yum, my favourite. I remembered I had put three £1 coins in the pocket of my backpack, just in case. Yippeeeeee. I treated myself to a choc and mint version. There is a much wider choice now with different flavours. Hopefully I will get to try the newer ones when I am out and about during the summer. 
I left the park through the gate into Langold Village. and followed the main A60 through Costhorpe into Carlton in Lindrick. Luckily there was a footpath all the way, it was a busy road. 
I'll stop there. I've got a few more pics of this walk so I'll post them tomorrow. 
Looking like a sunny day again. I need to get the lawn mower out up the top end of the garden. Plenty to do outside. 
Thanks for popping in. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 15 July 2021

A dilemma

The walk yesterday started at Blyth, not far from the A1M, in Nottinghamshire. I found easy parking on the wide main street, opposite the Village Green. As I normally do, if there is a church, that is where I look first. I like to walk around the whole perimeter of the churchyard to find the best angle for photographs. This church has only three sides, there is a wall on the other side separating it from private land. 
With some shots being discarded I finished up with these three acceptable pictures. The saying is, less is more, but I don't like to throw out anything which might be useful. 
The dilemma is, which are worthy of blog use, or should I prune further. Oh sod it, I'll put all three on. I personally like the first one best. I look for some low hanging tree branches to frame the main focus of the picture. It's a pity there isn't a bit more blue in the sky. I suppose I could have waited until some of the clouds have drifted away.  
It's a shame that the clock has been removed from the tower. 

Part of the church has been sacrificed to get the tree branches in shot, and to get a better view of the entrance. The bench adds a bit of detail. 

The same dilemma with this house next to the church. It has been divided into four cottages. The main focus are the flowers in the garden, which look splendid from this angle. 
From the other side the picket fence is a nice touch, but the wheelie bins spoil it. I have chopped off the attached house on the right as it does not match the other three. The flag is playing ball, I must have caught the breeze at the right time. 

On this web site it shows an old picture of these two buildings together. The cottages used to be the Rectory. 

It's going to be hot the next few days, maybe not good for walking longer distances, so I'll potter around the house, topping up my miles around the village. More pictures of the Blyth walk tomorrow. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

312 pages

 This is the first time ever that I have bought a book off the internet. I gave up buying any books a long time ago, and gave most of my books away. Occasionally I might keep one for reference, but most are discarded after being read once. Then I switched to borrowing them from the library. Now I don't have time to read books, too busy doing other things. But this one I will read cover to cover, and keep it. It comes under the category of Psychology/Politics. 

I wanted to buy it from a shop, but we haven't a branch in our town. I rang WH Smith, no they don't stock it. It's a new book recently published, they should get it in stock because it is going to go high in the best sellers list. I could have gone to Hull or Lincoln for it, a 30 mile drive each way, plus £3 for a bridge crossing if I was to go to Hull, plus the time it takes to park and walk to the shop. 
I gave in and bought it from Waterstones. A reputable book store I believe. It was an easy procedure to navigate, I will never buy anything from the Amazon site. 

I've edited the Research page but I'm having difficulty putting it back on the blog. They seem to have changed the format. Here is the link. You might be able to access it from here. 
Looking like a nice day, so I'm off for a walk. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 12 July 2021

Winners and losers.

 There will be a few sore heads this morning, it's a shame that England didn't win the cup. I stayed up until the end, reading Rachels blog post commentary, and catching the tweets that came in from various people watching the match. It would have been nice to see our team, and the whole country celebrate. But it wasn't to be. 

I feel for the brave young man who missed the penalty. No doubt that he will feel he let the side down. He should be very proud of himself for the fantastic achievement of getting into the team. He is an excellent role model for every aspiring young footballer who has dreams of making it big. 

When entering any competition it is hopeful that we have a chance to win, that's what drives us. To reach the top of our tree is something to aim for. Hopes and dreams are what keeps us going. It doesn't matter if we don't get to the top, but what does matter is that we tried. Yes, have targets, and aim high. The road can be long and hard, the journey can be fraught with difficulties, but if we can overcome the obstacles we can become the best version of ourselves. 

I personally would have liked to see the tournament stopped at the end of the extra time played. There was no need to go to penalties. A 1 - 1 draw would have been a perfect finish. The two teams could have embraced and congratulated each other, and agreed to become best friends. So much more could have been gained from that, a chance missed. There are no winners and losers in life, just people on a journey who are trying to do the best for themselves. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip,   ilona

Sunday, 11 July 2021

Flashing the legs

I'll post a few pics from yesterday, while I scoff breakfast. The afternoon walk started off  well. Not much sun, but warm and dry. 

And then it happened again, down came the rain. Pictures from inside a bus shelter where I took refuge. Boy did it hammer it down. 

The owl sits through it all. Carved from a tree trunk.

I waited and waited. Thought it had almost stopped, then set off with my brolly. It began again so I took shelter in the church entrance. I thought I can't stand here forever, I'm going to have to go for it. It rained nearly all the way home. I squelched through muddy puddles, thankfully my best boots stood up to it and my feet were dry. I lifted my skirt so it was my legs that got wet, good job there was no one about. It eventually stopped as I came into my village. 

Today is off to a sunny start. I have plenty to do in the garden. Have a happy Sunday whatever you are doing. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 9 July 2021

Messing about on the river.

The weather looked promising yesterday, time to get the boots on for a walk, but where to go. I have several maps within an hours drive from here, I chose to head off over into Yorkshire not far from Selby. There are some villages around there. A short trip up the M181, M18, and the M62 motorways. 
First off I paid a visit to Barmby on the Marsh, and the Barmby Barrage. It's a junction where two rivers meet, the River Ouse and the River Derwent. The Barrage regulates the flow of water between them. I passed this way once before. When I checked it was the last day of my first long distance walk, it was ten years ago. I remember it well. Blog post here. Time flies.  

I have found this blog with more information. Christine writes about the waterways of the Humber. 
It's a fascinating piece of engineering. I would love to see a boat going through the lock, but I suspect they are few and far between. 
Across the other side of the water is Drax Power Station. 

I saw a notice on the gate as I drove into the car park. It would have been a good place to park and go for a walk, but the gates close at 4.30pm, and I might be back later than that, I didn't want to risk getting locked in. I thought a village would be best for parking so I went off in search of a suitable spot. 
I struggled to find anywhere. Wrestle would have been a good place, but no suitable parking. Oh well, I will drive to Howden and have a look round there. I picked up fuel  and went to a car park in the town. I would have paid the £1.40, but I don't like the car being squashed in a slot with the chance that people might not be so careful as they shunt about. Don't want to get the bodywork scraped. 
Plan B didn't work for me, so onto plan C. 
I arrived at the Marina at Goole. I will have a look around here. 
It's a very big Marina, a few people about, working on repairing a boat, washing hanging on the twirly driers, a group of neighbours sitting having a natter in the sun. Plenty of doors open. Some of them are permanent residents here, they have built little gardens next to their boats. 

Training is available if anyone is thinking of buying a boat. 

After a look around the Marina I went off to the town, passing the main docks where the big boats come in to load/unload. 

Ah well, plan C wasn't so bad after all, plenty to look at. I took the scenic route back from Goole, along the A161. No rush to get back. 

A good start for today's weather. I have things to do in the garden. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 8 July 2021



Picture source. 

It's lovely to see all the happy faces this morning on the screen. Well done England. Jumping for joy is much needed right now. Good luck in the final. 

Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 7 July 2021

How many balls!

For those of you who are not watching football tonight, enjoy the talents of this young lady with her balls. 
It's been raining on and off all day. I hope it is not quite so wet tomorrow. 
Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Coffee chat. New artwork.

I finished this yesterday. Very difficult to photograph pinks and reds for some reason, but this is pretty close to the real thing. The strands are DNA, the red Suffolk Puffs are red blood cells. Some of them have black dots, they are contaminated with spike protein.
It looks purple when I try to take a close up. 

The picture stretched over a board and laced at the back. I cut a piece of corrugated cardboard from the bottom of a box. 
The cardboard is covered with dark blue fabric and also laced at the back. Then it is screwed to the picture. I cut plastic washers to prevent the screw heads from biting into the cardboard. The screws must be just long enough to go into the board and not come out at the front. 
The back is now covered, wire to hang it, to finish it off. 
Now what to call it. I have two names, New Variant, or Mutation. 
Now looking for inspiration for the next project. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona