Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Microwave dinner

A month ago, I posted about some new packets of grains that I found at Aldi. The first one I tried was lentils, spelt, and quinoa. It was ok, but the strange aroma coming from the packet when I opened it was not very nice. A bit off putting if I tell the truth, I wont be getting it again. 
I have just opened this one and it is lovely. No smell and very tasty. Couldn't be bothered to cook tonight, because I had a big lunch, so I warmed some of these green lentils in the microwave, one minute, and added some cheddar cheese with garlic. And that's it, nothing else. They are very nice, I shall be getting them again. 

Sewing today. Finally made a start on the church window. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Let's make some brooches

Hello peeps. I've been making Suffolk Puff brooches to sell at the Christmas Fair. Easy to do if you want to give it a go.  
Looking in my bit box for small items to put on the front.

 Colourful cotton fabric works best, trying some satins and silks.
I've run out of clasps, need to buy some more, 18p each.

Keeps me busy, weather not too good again.

I've been pondering about my next art project, had a bit of a creative blockage, today it suddenly hit me what I have to do. It's the wire church window which I was going to use for the lollipop trees, but didn't. I was thinking about the view I might see if I was looking out through a church window, countryside, trees, garden, flowers. I had three pieces of fabric which might be suitable, now I have chosen the one I am going to use. I can see what I want to achieve. Best make a start.
Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 11 November 2019


I don't very often make plans, I am a spur of the moment kind of person. If I do something with other people then I only plan a week or so ahead, but if I do something on my own and an idea pops into my head, I do it. Like yesterday, it was a nice day, I had been busy in the house, had lunch, then put my boots on and went out. Got to get the fresh air while I can. A five mile walk takes two hours. If I didn't go I wouldn't see our beautiful countryside. 

Almost back now and the sun is going down behind the clouds. It looks very dramatic. 
We are very lucky to live here. Toodle pip.  ilona 

I didn't forget.

Remembering all those who have fallen.

ilona xxx

Sunday, 10 November 2019

Another little weaving finished.

The little weaving is done. It went from this, small home made loom. . . . . 
 . . . . to this . . . .

 . . . . . and finished up like this. It is 11cm from side to side, 20 cm from top to bottom.

Loose French knots, wool wrapped round needle 5 or 6 times, more like messy bullion knots.

Red crayon to hang it with.

Small tighter French knots.

Tidy up the back by covering it with a piece of felt.

I previously made this one, it was a practice piece. Although ok, I thought it could be better, so I made some changes. Made on the same loom, it is a bit smaller.

I used string for the warps, now think it works better using wool. I quite like the fluffed up fringes. It also has a felt back on it.

It's quite enjoyable making these, it doesn't take long, three days at most. Now need to get on with other stuff. The sun is shining, I will go out after lunch. In the meantime I need to get a few things ready for Crafty Club tomorrow. Someone wants to make a Suffolk Puff brooch so I will take enough materials in case anyone else wants to join in. Now to look through my stash for suitable fabric. 
Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 8 November 2019

Lets weave

It was a beautiful sunny morning this morning, the opposite to yesterday. I got my walk in early while it lasted, lucky I did, the rain came this afternoon. It stopped raining later so I've been another walk tonight. Got to keep the miles topped up. 
This is the state of play with the little weaving I am doing. I have added some needle felting on the blue sky. Not sure if that was a good idea or not, but it's there now, and it will have a tree to cover some of it. 
Fishcake asked if I could do a weaving tutorial. There are so many out there already on yoootooob, plenty to choose from, there doesn't seem much point in me re inventing the wheel. Try this one to get you started. No words, just watch.

It's like musical chairs in here, as soon as I get up this little madam is quick to take my place. It's a good job the two chairs I use the most have wheels on them.

A few more fireworks tonight, I expect there will be more tomorrow night.
Toodle pip.  ilona

Thursday, 7 November 2019

It's raining. Planning a day indoors

Well hello my little blogerettes. Not many comments on the last Trucking Life video, are you sick to death of it? Did you get the message at the end?  A lot of comments on yoootoooob. Fear not, there will be no more trucking vids.
Are you having a wet time of it as well? The view from my window this morning, looks like it might be a day indoors. Oscar has been in for his breakfast, and a snooze on the chair, now he is out there in his shelter by the side of the garage. It's dry, he has a bed, he likes it out there. Heidi has had her tablet, and breakfast, now she is upstairs in her hidey hole. Mayze is still snoozing, can't be bothered to get up. 
The light over the work table goes on first thing, so I can do something with my hands while I drink my coffee. 
The view without the light. Still a bit dark, might have to put it on again.

Started a little weave this morning. Not sure where it's going, maybe a mini landscape, maybe a tree, maybe some flowers. 

Didn't post yesterday, this was my breakfast. Fancied something cooked. If there was another person here it would have been enough for two. It filled me up alright, only needed to have a fruit smoothie for lunch. I have a small seeded baton, yellow sticker, 11p, so cut some slices off for this. On top is mushrooms, spinach, chopped spring onions, last bit of pasta salad, and an egg. The bread is spread with houmous. My goodness, it was lovely.
This morning was porridge, but not just ordinary porridge, I add things to it. I stewed some apples yesterday which my neighbour gave me, so a couple of spoons of that went in. And a small banana, and some chopped nuts and seeds, and some grapes. I put the dry ingredients in the mini chopper before I cook it, makes it smooth and creamy. I cook it in water, then add a splash of milk towards the end. A warm breakfast to set me up for the day. 

Now I'm going to move over to the back table and carry on weaving. Mayze has stirred so she will be asking for some food very soon. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

My Trucking Life. Last video in the series.

Bonfire night, bonfire night, all the fires are burning bright. Do you remember that song. A few bangs going on outside, Mayze looking scared next to me, Oscar is in but has hidden, same with Heidi, can't find them. They will come out eventually.

This morning I made the 13th and final video in the Trucking Life series. Wrapped it all up, it's about my last job at B & Q, and what happened after. There is a message if you watch to the end. About 20 mins I think.

I took the fabric into 20 21 Arts centre, they were pleased. They said they would think up some new activities that the kids could do with it. Picked up some more tablets from the vet for Heidi.

It's gone quiet, I'll see if I can find the cats. Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 4 November 2019

Sorting fabric

Breakfast this morning, porridge with nuts and seeds, and FIVE fruits. As well as the ones you can see, I added frozen raspberries and cherries. I start off by microwaving the porridge for one minute, stir and add more water if needed. Then add any frozen fruit, microwave another minute, take out and stir, back in for a third minute. Then add whatever fresh fruit I have on the top. Yellow sticker strawberries and grapes. Bloomin lovely. 

Had a laugh at Crafty Club this morning. Not a full house so opportunity for me to join in the chat. I popped to a friends house after to put some bunting up on the front gate. He is due back today from the USA, with his new wife. They were married months ago but she had to wait for her visa. I am so pleased for them, she is a lovely lady.

This afternoon was sorting out day in the fabric store, aka the spare bedroom. I started off by looking for a specific kind of fabric for a new project, it has to be just right, and ended up going through the lot. I thought I might as well ditch some of it, the fabric I will never use. So now I have some bags to take to the 20 21 Arts Centre. I asked last time I was in there if they could use it on their activity table. They said they could. The kids will be able to cut it up and make collages.

I've got four possibilities for the new artwork, I need to make my mind up and decide which one will be best suited. Some kind of floral which I am going to add embroidery, beads, and sequins.
Toodle pip. ilona.

Sunday, 3 November 2019

Out to lunch.

Joyce's family came today to put her ashes into the ground at the church. Our vicar, Alison, said a few words. Bailey poodle was over the moon to see me, he recognised me straight away. They gave me a thank you card with a photo of Joyce on it. She was a lovely lady, the whole village loved her. 
After the ceremony I was taken to lunch. It was a smashing meal, carvery for everyone, and a choice of three veggie options for me. The lasagne was lovely, with a selection of vegetables. All plates emptied. 
I feel I have made friends for life now. They have been making regular visits to see Joyce while I have been walking Bailey poodle, so I have got to know them quite well. Bailey has settled in well with Pamela who lives near Nottingham. I have been invited to Norfolk for a walking holiday in the spring, something to look forward to.

Yes, it's been a very nice day.
Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 1 November 2019

International Walking Group check in

Here we go again, another check in for the International Walking Group, doesn't seem like five minutes since we did the last one. How have you all been doing? I am pleased to say I have done slightly more than the target, not much mind you, but better than lagging behind then having to catch up later. My total for 10 months is 844 miles. This is mostly made up of two or three miles each day walking locally. You see, a bit every day does mount up.

Sometimes I think I can't be bothered, I am watching the time and thinking shall I shan't I? But then I think what else do I need to do with an hour that can't wait till later or even tomorrow. Walking has to have priority because it benefits my health. I need to do it.

Quite a lot of members are still with us, still plodding away, and that's a good sign. Think how much this is benefitting you, how much better you feel both physically and mentally. Walking gives me thinking time, as well as exercising my joints and muscles. I see people hobbling to the doctors surgery, I don't want that to be me. I want to keep going for as long as I am able to put one foot in front of the other.

You don't need to break records with your walking, don't need to keep up with me or anyone else, all you have to do is some walking, as much as you can manage. It is better if you give yourself a target because that can motivate you to keep going. Seeing the numbers increase daily is a great incentive.

Today is the first day of November, if you are not in the International Walking Group, why not start today. It's a year long challenge, no need to wait till the end of the year, you can do November to November. It's not too late to start making a difference to the rest of your life. Do it now, no excuses.

Your turn, let's have some reports, how are you all doing?
Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

25 done.

A catch up on the little lanterns. I have made 25 of them. Might make some more, there is another month to go before the Christmas Fair. 

I did a five mile walk this afternoon and saw a fabulous sunset. These pictures are just as I took them, no photoshopping. It's a good zoom on my little Cannon.

That's all, I fancy a hot chocolate before bed time. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Quick visit to Hull

I took a bus ride to Hull this afternoon, I wanted to check out the location of the hotel I will be visiting. It's in the centre of Hull so I wasn't sure if there would be a car park. There is, not a big one for the size of the hotel, so I hope it doesn't get chocca and I can get a space.

While I was there I had a look at the exhibitions at Ferens Art Gallery. Most of the paintings are not my cup of tea, Old Masters type of thing, very ancient. There was some up to date modern art, but it didn't float my boat, I couldn't see the point of a lot of it.

I've got 20 shopping bags to give away after my talk, and will randomly toss them into the audience. Hope that doesn't start a riot when they try and grab them, ha ha.

I'll go for a walk now, nearly at the end of the month and I want to top up my miles. The target for 10 months is 833 miles, which is what I am on now, so I'll just slip a few more in to give me a start for November.
Toodle pip.   ilona

Monday, 28 October 2019

Wot a lot of Lego

I went to the 20 21 Arts centre on Saturday to see the Lego exhibition. It was very good. They have had Lego here before, it was all about buildings, here is the link to that blog post. This exhibition explores different ways to make art with the little plastic pieces. It's not about piling bricks on top of each other in a uniformed way, there are thousands of ways they can be incorporated into a Lego sculpture, or a picture to hang on the wall. 
Spooky masks. 
There were sculptures using only one colour. Some of these were behind glass so please excuse the reflections.

This one appears to be floating, it is hanging from the ceiling.

Lots of smaller objects, bags, accessories, and jewellery. 
Large pictures with a Lego theme. I think the reflections of the church windows add something to this one.

My kind of art, ha ha. lots of colours. I knew there was something I could do with my collection of bottle tops.

Now this was interesting, there are four pictures like this where the artist has made a flat picture into three dimensional by adding the bricks. What a good idea.

Again these are in glass cases. A crouching person in white and grey bricks. 

These sculptures look like pixelated pictures.

The activity table, anyone can have a go. There were a lot of children playing on the other table, making paper pictures and sculptures. It is an excellent free facility to teach children about art.

I met a really nice lady there, her daughter very proudly showed us what she had made. 

I'm giving Crafty Club a miss this morning, too much to do here. Making bags to give away when I do a talk on Saturday in Hull. info on this Facebook page. I have a new idea for my next arty wotsit, keen to get started on that. No time to sit and chat today. Toodle pip.  ilona