Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year message.

Hello. Tis the last day of the year. It's been a bit of a bonkers year but we have got through it. It was a lovely sunny day today, too nice to stay indoors. I did my usual five mile walk around the fields, I haven't done this route for a few weeks because it's been very boggy. Today it was freezing so most of the ground was rock hard. Still difficult  walking but not so slippery. I took my walking pole to help me stay upright. I call it my third leg. 
I didn't check the battery in the cameras before I went, so this video is a bit hurried. 
I thought it would be fun to take some low sun shadow pictures. 

This is my favourite. The ground is frozen, the puddles have iced over. 

Thank you for your contributions on the previous post. I set it up as an alternative viewpoint, and thankfully there weren't many comments I had to delete. I did notice that people made a point about the nurse who had the jab who went on to catch the covid virus. They referred to the person as 'she', when in fact it was a male nurse. Proof that they didn't read the article and based their assumptions on the headline. This happens time and time again. 
One person told me to keep my opinions to myself. Deleted I'm afraid. I will not be told what I can and can't write about on my blog. I will publish differing points of view if the writer sets out their story in a clear and concise way, without using derogatory language. I have been appalled by some of the comments on other blogs which have been a no holds barred tirade of blasphemy. Up to the blogger of course if they want to allow it. 
I'm sorry but I am not going to reply to every comment. The short answer to Margie's questions is, everything she needs to know is on the internet. I spend hours researching it, I pick up links here there and everywhere. That's why they call it the rabbit hole. there's a lot to read. Some can be discarded, some can be filed for future reference. Information can be cross referenced. This story is going to run for a long time. Here's a clue. Check out the World Economic Forum. It is made up of leaders from all around the world, and, the richest people on earth. They usually meet in January in Davos, I believe it has been put back to April. Watch what they are planning. 
I have a couple of phone calls to make so I must wind it up. Thanks to the people who have emailed me, I do appreciate it. Thanks for visiting my blog in 2020. I hope you come back in 2021. Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Warning - Covid post.

 Jeez, this is just bonkers going off the scale. The hospitals are at breaking point, full to capacity. Some of them might be pretty busy, but not all of them. Emotive language to ramp up the fear. There are numerous historical reports that the situation at this moment in time mirrors exactly the reported situation in past years. It is flu season, and speaking of flu, has that been completely eradicated, because there is no reporting of winter flu being recorded. It has been wiped out by Covid. Take a look at old newspaper headlines. 

Hospitals race to combat toughest ever winter crisis for NHS.

The Guardian Dec 2018

NHS Hospitals facing toughest winter yet say health experts. 

The Guardian 2016

NHS Overwhelmed in Britain leaving patients to wait. 

NYT Jan 2018

Flu and cold weather contributed towards 50,000 excess winter deaths last year.

Pulse Dec 2018.

Numerous other reports, it happens every year. They don't have the staff, the Nightingale Hospitals are being dismantled, a massive waste of money. And they ask us to save the NHS because they, the Governments past and present, have been running it down. 

Scare people to death so they are desperate for a vaccine, start jabbing people when it hasn't been properly tested. A vaccine that does not prevent you from catching it, all it does is limit the symptoms. Masks, social distancing, and hand washing is still recommended, and will be the norm for a long time.  

ER nurse tests positive for Covid 19, eight days after receiving vaccine. ABC 10 News.

Notes. A more honest perspective. Dr Gary Null Phd. 

This post is a follow up to my usual message of, look after yourself because nobody else will. It is better to glean information from many different sources, than to put all your faith into one source. If you follow the long straight road ahead, not taking any diversions, you will eventually fall off the edge.   

That's it. All opinions welcome except offensive name calling, and trouble makers looking for a verbal punch up. Trolls will be deleted as usual. I will not be drawn into any discussions. I've said my piece here. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon.  Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 29 December 2020

A love lost.

I went into the wardrobe to get some albums out, I know there are photographs in there which need sorting. I came across some letters which I had forgotten about, from 50 years ago. How long are you supposed to keep them? 
I was 20 and went on holiday with a friend, and my boyfriend wrote to me at the hotel in Majorca. I was mad about him, and he was about about me. 

 We were together about 18 months I think. I had a flat and he had a house. He was eleven years older than me and divorced, and had a steady job, two jobs in fact. I met him at work, he worked part time at the same place as I worked full time. He asked me to go for a drink, I made an excuse and said no. Then a day or so later I regretted it and told him I had changed my mind, and hoped it wasn't too late. He said no it wasn't, so I met him for a drink. 

I liked him, he was good looking, mature, considerate, honest, and steady. I met his mother. Apparently she was a bit concerned because I was quite a bit younger than her son. I was 20 and he was 31. He treated me well, we went out dancing, on holiday, and were getting on great. He was pleased to see me when I arrived back from holiday. 

He loved playing snooker and was very good at it. He belonged to a snooker club and would often win tournaments. I accompanied him on many of these outings to play in other clubs in the area. I was proud to be his girlfriend. Dressing up in fashionable clothes so he would be proud of me. 

After a while, his passion for snooker meant that he was playing more often. I still accompanied him but I realised that we weren't doing much else. I was becoming a snooker widow. 

Then my attention was diverted by someone else who worked at my place, who just happened to be from my home town. We started chatting and he was a lot of fun. More fun than my boyfriend. He was exciting and spontaneous, would do things on the spur of the moment like lets go a ride out in the car. He had a big car. This was quite appealing to me. Life with the snooker player was becoming a bit too predictable. 

There was an overlap by about a month when I went out with both of them. Two timing it was called at the time. It couldn't go on, so I gently let my snooker player go, in the best way you can when you finish with someone. I was 20 and didn't want to be tied down. My snooker player proposed to me in the hope that I would stay with him, but it was too late. 

I chose the new relationship, it was more fun, exciting, crazy almost. He was crazy, a right Jack the lad type. He had an answer for everything, nothing bothered him. We moved in together in another town. I tried to make it work, we got a flat. A short time later I realised I had made a massive error of judgement. He worked a lot, and went out without me. I also got a job, but I was expected to do all the washing and cleaning, and have his dinner ready for him every night. Make endless cups of tea, then he would get dressed up and go out. I mostly went to bed on my own because he was always late back. I felt as if I had failed, but I knew I had to leave. I found a flatshare with a girl and moved out. 

Funny how things turn out, one decision can change everything. I had my life ahead of me, and at 20 I had very little experience of boyfriends. I threw away the love of a kind,  older man, and regret hurting him. If I had accepted his proposal I could have been a grandma by now. 

Karma caught up with me and I in turn was hurt. It served me right. I have no regrets, it's the way I played it. You win some you lose some. 

I hope my snooker player found someone nice to spend his life with. I hope he found happiness with her. I am ok, I hope he is. If he is still around. 

Time to go to bed I think. Toodle pip. Catch up soon.  ilona

Monday, 28 December 2020

I need to look after my health.

Hello. Blogger is being a bit awkward, this video is shunting up and down, so I'll be quick. 
It's another freezing night, there is a hard frost out there. I've done a quick walk. 
Does anyone like stollen cake? I've just eaten a piece. Maybe not good for my health, but it was a treat for Christmas. Aldi do a small one for £1.10, I like the one with marzipan in the centre. 
I'll say tatty byes for now. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona 

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Truckin heck.

 I keep finding more photo's. I know there are some more in the wardrobe. Must be hundreds of them. I won't be photographing them all like this, too much work, and I don't need electronic copies of personal stuff. This is a test, how many to put in one photo. 16, 25, 30, or 42. I've got enough to paper my walls with them. 

Click on one to enlarge them. Must take a break now. I've just eaten lunch, and now I'm going to take Billy a walk. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 26 December 2020

Open wide.

No, I'm not having a covid test, someone is pouring wine down my throat. This young man has a good job, I bet he gets to eyeball lots of ladies knockers. I was on holiday in Majorca, I think I was about 19 ish. 
Sorting out my photo's is proving to be a mammoth task. This is only part of them. As well as those loose in envelopes, I have lots more in albums. I'm putting them into piles, and ditching the ones which are no use at all. Then when they are all in piles I will go through them again and sort into categories, probably ditching more as I check through them. I am beginning to regret starting this job, but it needs to be done. 
The weather has turned wet and windy, I haven't stepped outside the door today. Oscar has just gone out, I will call him back in before I go to bed. I've made another big pan of stew today. It's the easy option instead of making three separate meals. This one has got celery, yellow pepper, potatoes, carrots, green beans, and broccoli in it. I have got a bag of couscous so I am using it to thicken the stews. 

Surprisingly it's not that cold tonight. I've put the gas fire on in the living room, I don't need to put the central heating on. 

I'm going to watch some videos now. I was pleased to see that Scott O Connor has put another one out today. He has been quiet for a while. He made the most beautiful piece of wooden artwork. I've just watched Chrome, Vancity Vanlife. He has moved out of the back country and is now in the town because he needs to do some work in his van and needs an internet signal. 

Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Friday, 25 December 2020

A short walk on Christmas Day

 It was a fabulous sunset which prompted me to go out and take some photo's at 4pm. I stood in the churchyard for a while in the freezing cold. 

Strange how the sky is blue looking in the other direction. 
I love this house. It stands high on a hill with fabulous views over the river. It is surrounded by messy gardens, overgrown bushes, and gravel driveway. I spoke to the owners once asking if the inside was of similar character as the outside. They said they had modernised the kitchen and bathroom but kept some of the original features. 
Strangely there were a lot of people out for a walk. I suppose they were walking off their Christmas dinner. I think it's the tradition to walk off a big meal. 
Hope your day has been good. I'm now going to watch some videos. Toodle pip.   ilona

Simply joyful

Good morning on this bright and sunny Christmas morning. I have picked this delightful video out to share with you here. It is pure magic. I think we need some magic right now. It will melt your heart, tissues ready. 
Friends dropped by last night bearing a gift of home made banana and walnut cake. Eaten one, two more to go. Deeeeelishus. 
I will carry on sorting photo's out now. A bottle of scrumpy cider is opened, a glass or two of that with my deeelishus veggie stew for lunch. 
Mayze is still in bed. Oscar was in all night and has now gone out after his breakfast. No doubt he will be popping back several times during the day. I will open a tin of tuna fish for their Christmas dinner. 
Have a happy day, whatever you are doing. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 24 December 2020

Christmas Eve.

 It was Christmas Eve twenty years ago. The first Christmas in my new house. It should have been our new house, it wasn't to be. He didn't turn up. I blew him out. 

After shedding tons of tears, the very next day I dressed up. For me, not for him. I put a smile on my face, took a photo, and got on with my life. 

I hope you are having a lovely time wherever you are in the world. Merry Christmas to all my readers. Thank you all for being there. Lots of love,   ilona   xxx

Wednesday, 23 December 2020

The last four miles.

Whooooppeeeeee, I've finished. I went to Cleethorpes yesterday because I fancied walking along a beach, something different to the village and fields around here. I made a little video.

I took some photo's as well. The car park was next to the duck pond. There were literally hundreds of wildfowl, mainly Canada Geese and Swans. Nice that they have designated a feeding area. 
Here are the rules. Oh, maybe not a good idea to feed them then. 
More rules. Now you have to sort out which birds you want to feed, and have the appropriate fodder for them. Only wholemeal bread allowed. Don't forget to cook the pulses and rice first. Ask them to tell you when they have had enough, and don't give them any more. 

Next onto the beach. The sun is lost in the clouds and it's a bit cold. I put my big jacket on but my hands are cold. The sea is way out in the distance, half a mile of wet sand to plod through if I want to stand by the waters edge. I should have put my wellies on. I won't bother. Looking old and cold. 

The Town Hall is a lovely old building. 
The Clock Tower at the railway station. 
A reminder. 
Rules for placing deck chairs on the beach. 
The entrance to the pier. 
Fish and chips and a pub at the end of the pier. A few people taking advantage of alfresco dining. 
A few typical seaside shops were open, some of them with their displays spilling out onto the pavement. 
The evening is almost here. 
Saved the best one till last. I spent the last half an hour trying to find a good spot to photograph what could be a stunning sunset. Glimpses of it could be seen over the rooftops. It's a shame I am not on the west coast, that would have been brilliant. Pretty pleased with this shot though. The flock of birds came over just at the right moment. 
It was dark when I got back to the car. All the wildfowl were asleep on the pond. It was very eerie. 
Now it's lunchtime. Looking miserable outside, I'm glad I made the effort yesterday to finish this walk. I will continue walking until the end of the year, but have stopped counting. The new calendar is ready to start again on January the 1st. 
Thanks for popping in. Cheerio for now. Tatty byes, Catch ya soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Update on the stranded truckers

 It's good news. Khalsa Aid, a UK based Sikh International Humanitarian relief organisation have been out on the M20 today delivering 800 hot meals and bottled water to the stranded truckers. Organised by the Gravesend Sikh community. Their volunteers have travelled from Coventry and Slough, and have been given a police escort to distribute their food. Marvellous effort. 

Let's hope they get sorted out tomorrow, and get those trucks rolling again. 

I've been out today, will post the pics tomorrow. Toodle pip. ilona

Monday, 21 December 2020

Coffee in the stock room.

Hello. Here's a little video for you, featuring Mayze the cat. Twenty minutes if you've got time. 

Billy dog walk done this afternoon while this was uploading. Another damp and dull day. Hope it's better tomorrow. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. 


 Thank goodness I am not a lorry driver now. I feel very sad to see hundreds of lorries stuck in massive queues and lorry parks in the south east. France have closed their borders. I have just seen that they will be opening them in the next few hours, but it will take a long time to clear the backlog. 

There were times when I had to sit and wait to be loaded or unloaded. I have been in and out of docks to collect containers, and waited to get on a boat to cross to Belgium and Holland. I have sat in my cab for hours waiting, sometimes overnight because there was no one to deal with my load until the next day. 

I can feel the frustrations of those drivers now trapped in their cabs, hopefully for not too long. They need toilet facilities, they need food and drinks. Some drivers who regularly do distance work will have stocked up on what they need for the journey, But others may not have planned for this and will be running out. I hope that people will come out of their houses nearby and help them out. 

My last job. Collecting and delivering containers to and from Immingham Docks. Volvo, very nice truck to drive. Like sitting in an armchair, good views all around. 

Raining today. Glad I am indoors and not sat in my cab. Thanks for popping in. Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona

Saturday, 19 December 2020

Snap happy

A few photo's from a three mile local walk today. It was a sunny afternoon. Not a spectacular sunset, but interesting clouds. I like silhouettes. 

The low sun makes everything golden. 

Nice to see a splash of colour. 

Now I'm going to watch a few videos, with a glass of wine. I'm hooked on One Foot in the Grave, at the moment. I love his ranting and swearing. Hilarious. 
Tatty byes. ilona

Carry on carrying on

 Hello. Saturday morning and all is well, could be a nice day. The sun is making an appearance. The cats have been fed, and I have had my first coffee. My new routine is to rush to the bathroom straight after a mug of coffee, to brush my teeth. Coffee stains, as does tea. Can't get to the dentist so the extra cleaning comes into play. 

I have spoken to my family, those in Burton upon Trent and those in Nottingham. It is about this time when I drive down to the Midlands to visit them. This year I will not be going. I have no idea what they have been doing this last year, where they have been going, and who they have been mixing with, so common sense will prevail, I will stay put here. I don't much like Christmas anyway, it's just like any other day to me.

I have been doing pretty well at avoiding dodgy situations, and avoiding people in my new life as a semi recluse. I don't want to mess it up now. After all I have had a lot of training at this self imposed single life, relying on my own resources to get myself through the ups and downs which happen from time to time. What is happening now is just another blip. Things can't go back to where we were, life moves forward, there will be more blips to come. In the meantime I carry on with my life in the way I see fit. 

In my dreams I will walk in the hills once more.

Time for breakfast. Have a good Saturday. Toodle pip.   ilona

Friday, 18 December 2020

Walk 1000 miles in one Year 2021

 Hello. Just a quickie. Sharon asked a question about the walking challenge. Yes, it is 1000 miles in one year. Which breaks down to 2.74 miles a day, or 84 miles a month. Check your own distances. Choose where you walk, choose the times that you walk. Add it all up, and you're good to go. Use whatever means you have to calculate how far you walk. I use There are other web sites, and phone apps. 

If you are not physically able to do those distances you can make up your own challenge, but anyone with no physical difficulties should be able to do it. It's all about getting into a routine, and making your fitness and health a priority. 

We start again on January the 1st, Check in day is on the first of every month so we can cheer each other on. It is more than a new years resolution, it is a commitment for the whole year. It is a commitment to look after your health, which is very important right now. You are welcome to join in with us, Sharon. 

This web site may be useful. The challenge was started a few years ago by Country Walking Magazine. You can sign up with them if you like, it also has lots of information.  Here's the link. 

Now I'm going for a walk. Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona

A new fruit to try

 I've never had a mango before. It was given to me by Carol, in the bag of veg I get for walking Billy. I have never bought one from a shop. What to do with it? What's inside, pips like a melon, or a stone like a peach? cut it open and have a look. The skin was tough, I sliced through it and was able to peel it back exposing the flesh. Then cut pieces off it with a small knife. There's a large flat stone in the centre. Tastes alright.  

Let's see what it is like in porridge. Yum, yes, that will do nicely. 

Must get some jobs done around the house after skiving off yesterday. Windy but dry outside. A Billy walk planned for this afternoon. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona

Thursday, 17 December 2020

Bimble around Barton on Humber

Hello. Today was a good day for going out. The sun was shining so I got my finger out, no dawdling, packed a sandwich and a drink, and went. I have been to Barton many times before but not had a good look around it. I found a street map which came with the local free paper, been saving it in case it came in useful. The blue line is where I walked, copy that into and it comes to five and a half miles. Woolly hat and gloves needed it was f f f freezing. 
There are a lot of old historic buildings in Barton, it is steeped in history. The Salvation Army Citadel used to be a Methodist Chapel. 

Next to it in Queen Street is the Wilderspin School Museum.

There are two big churches in Barton quite close to each other. This is St Mary's Church. 

The door wasn't locked so I had a look inside. 

Just across the road is this plaque on a wall at the entrance to a big white house. 
St peters Church is close by. 

The Mill is a pub,  closed at the moment. 
Bardney Hall is a Boutique Hotel, on Whitecross Street.
Baysgarth House Museum, is set in a large park, which was very pleasant to walk around. The front looks lovely in this picture, but the entrance at the back does not look so appealing. 

There is a very large cemetery just off Barrow Road so I had a stroll around it. I thought this was a good idea, a board with large hooks on to hang up the water bottles so stop them blowing around. 
At the far end of the cemetery is this unusual building. Possibly a previous church, doesn't look like it's used at the moment, maybe it's for storage. 
Had to take a picture of the Humber bridge, didn't I. 
Barton Haven. 
I think this boat has been abandoned. The sun is going down, I'd better get back to the car. 
It was a nice way to spend the afternoon, even though it was bloomin cold. Got some sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs. Feeling pleased. Mission accomplished. 
Thanks for popping in. Now I am going shopping. Catch ya later. Toodle pip.   ilona