Sunday, 27 September 2020

Sunday Summary.

Hello. It's Sunday just after midday. 
Yesterday was an early start, woke at 4, got up at 5, went for a walk at 5.45, back for 6.45. Not so early this morning, woke at 6, got up at 7. A long chat with sister before breakfast. On the computer, now need to get off it so I'll knock this post out and close down. 
An update on the sweet tooth situation and making treats last. The egg custard tarts have gone, four in four days. The muffins have gone, I ate one whole when I got back from shopping on Friday, and cut the others in half so as not to pig out on them. It worked, they lasted a bit longer. 
I have four scones left, so they will last eight more days when cut in half. There are two and a half slices of fruit loaf left. I cut a slice in half because two would have been too much, and one would not have been enough. One and a half slices, just right. I have saved the best till last, and because the caramel slices have a longer date. Three slices left, so, cut in half they will take me to Friday if I eat a piece today. Or Saturday if I don't. Then I might think about going shopping again. My self discipline is getting better. The less sweet stuff I eat, the less I want. 
I made some more bunting. Didn't have enough stripy fabric to do the whole strip, it was a windbreak by the way, so I did alternate plain blue flags. 
I went round to Angela's last night, she wanted some help with bunting making. She has seen the video but wasn't quite sure about some of the details. We started from scratch and made the templates, then cut the fabric after deciding which colours she wanted to use. She had the machine out and sewed the seams, I ironed, now all she has to do is finish it off. We had a cheese sandwich and a glass of red wine. A very nice evening. 

At last I have sorted my pins out, throwing away all the bent ones, and making a new pin cushion. The old one was too small and the pins too cluttered and close together. This one is better, now I can get my finger between them to pull them out, and I know they are not bent. Bliss. 

Hey, look what I found in a skip the other day. It was full of builders rubble with this lamp shade sitting on top of it. The house was empty, someone is doing it up in between tenants. It's really big, 18 inches across, and made of metal so quite heavy. Not sure what I am going to do with it. I may keep it because a light inside would throw out patterns on the wall. 

That's it for now. Time for lunch. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 25 September 2020

Coffee time chat with Mayze.

Hello. It's crazy windy out there, I've just taken Billy dog for a walk and we nearly got blown over. Now the sky is going a darker shade of grey, I think a storm is brewing. The veg is steaming in the pan, and will be ready in fifteen minutes. Carrots, potatoes, broccoli, and Brussel Sprouts tonight. 
I haven't tackled the video editing yet, I decided to make another one instead. I will play around with some old videos then it won't matter if I make a mess because they are already out there on yooootooob. 
A new brand of coffee and some more bunting on this one, with my co star Mayze 
I will leave you to it, I need to pop into the kitchen to check on my dinner. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip. 

Thursday, 24 September 2020

Walking away from a problem

Hello. I had a longer video planned for today. I recorded it, watched it, thought it was ok, then had second thoughts, something needs editing out. I haven't edited a video before. There is a programme on my computer which can do that, so I thought I would give it a try. Oh my, backwards and forwards, find the bit I want to cut out, tying myself in knots, utterly baffled. The sun was shining and it was mid afternoon, I had to close down the computer and get outside. I need the sun on my face. 
I made this little video while walking around a field edge. 
I'll sort out the other video tomorrow. I may just re record it, that would be the simpler option, and a lot quicker. I need to get the hang of editing though. I'm a bit slow at learning new things, but once I have done something a few times, it eventually sinks in. 
Six miles done today, it was a lovely walk. I felt good as I was striding along. I always feel energised when out in the open air. Only a few more days to the end of the month, and the nine month marker for the walking challenge. the target is 750 miles, I have gone past that now. 
That's all for now, we'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 23 September 2020


Hello. It's been a miserable day today, different from the sunshine of yesterday. I did my usual walk, five miles, and my friend Angela decided to come with me. She didn't have anything pressing to do at home, and it made a nice change to have some company. 
We found a lot of black bin bags dumped in the wood, full of cannabis plant root balls and compost. There must have been at least 30 bags or more in three separate piles. The Council have put, 'No vehicles' signs up at each end of the track, but that doesn't seem to deter the fly tippers. The only way to stop it is to install gates, or cameras. I don't think that will happen. 
It is pheasant rearing season, they are running across the fields, sometimes taking flight if they can't run fast enough to get out of the way. The shooters will be out in a few weeks, ready to blast them out of the sky. Cruel nasty horrible people. 
We walked through the playing field and did our exercises on the outdoor gym. Well Angela did, I just played on the zip wire. Help, I can't get off it. 

Today I have been making more bunting. Now I'm going to read some blogs. I don't think the weather is going to be very good tomorrow. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

You could make some bunting.

Good evening. Someone asked me if I could make a video about making bunting, so here it is. 
It's so easy, why not have a go and make some for your house or your garden. Let me know how you get on. Which colours you chose, how long did you make it, how many flags, and where is it hanging?  If you have made bunting before this will be easy for you, if you are a beginner give it a try. 
Tatty byes and toodle pip.  Thanks for popping in.  ilona 

Monday, 21 September 2020

I must make an effort.

I called in for a coffee at lunchtime, at my friend Angela's gaff. We are of the same ilk, make do and mend, recycle and reuse, and we both love second hand. She had been given a bag of clothes from a friend who was having a clear out, some of them didn't fit her so she offered them to me. 
I am not too fussed about being fashionable, baggy and comfy is me. Angela on the other hand always looks nice and makes an effort. She handed me garments from the bag, saying how about this then, it will fit you. I hesitated because skinny jeans are not something I would wear. I don't want people looking at my bum, and besides I don't think a 71 year old should be dressing like a teenager. She made me try them on. Amazing, they fit. Then she handed me some tops saying try this one. 
Some of the clothes were not my thing, I don't like cutoffs, or pedal pushers as I think they are called. They have to be regular length trousers or shorts, preferably baggy. I am not too keen on threequarter length sleeves either, I want to pull them down to my wrists. She went through the bag picking out what she thought I ought to wear. 
Here is the fashion show.  This is a beautiful shade of turquois, with a jewelled neckline. Lighter washed stretch denim jeans. 

I like pink. This is a really comfy and soft t shirt. 

The colour doesn't show very well on this picture, it's shades of maroon, orange, and green, stripes. Darker stretched denim jeans. 

And a lovely pair of soft leather boots, which fit me perfectly. 
Plain black long sleeved t shirt. 
And look at me now, back to my normal self, my baggy slobbing about the house clothes, ha ha. 
I promise I will make an effort and get dressed up in my new to me clothes. I think people will be shocked when they see my new image. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Dead Ted

Good morning. I first saw this dead body on the edge of a field I was walking along, on a regular route I use. As I looked down it stopped me dead in my tracks, two glassy eyes looking up at me, spooky.  What is this poor creature I see, all mangled and mutilated. I peered closely and was relieved to find that Ted's stuffing was spilling out from a huge gash between it's legs. Thank goodness it wasn't blood and guts, which would have indicated a truly horrifying death. 
I wondered how Ted came to be out in the open air, some distance away from houses. Was a child wandering along and accidentally dropped him, or was he flung over the hedge from a passing car on the road alongside? 
Poor Ted looks like he, I'm assuming it was a boy, has been chopped up and flung about by a passing tractor, as the field has been ploughed on a regular basis in between crops.  
Now, when I pass that particular point, I look out for Ted. I'm thinking of putting up a memorial plaque for him. Here lies Ted, legless, tossed aside, and abandoned. What a terrible way to go. Cruelty to Teds should be a criminal offence. 

Catch ya later. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 19 September 2020

A testing time

I spent rather more than I intended last night at Aldi. Well it was so easy. I had the shop almost to myself, no need to dodge people. There was only two others pushing their loaded trolleys around, masked of course but I don't know why. We were well spread out and only one staff member was masked up. There was time to browse. They close at 9pm and I was the last one out,  well almost the last one. A late shopper dashed in just as I was leaving. 

Loading ones trolley with a load of crap is often the result of browsing, and so I slipped in a few sweet treats because I'm worth it. Over the years I have been fairly disciplined about limiting the junk I eat, by not buying a packet of biscuits, or cake, because I have no willpower once I get them home. I would just scoff the lot in one day, but look what I bought last night. 

Now here's the test, I need to make these last for two weeks until I go shopping again. These days I don't pop in a shop because I fancy something sweet. That has all gone out of the window. Now, the only food that passes my lips is bought in my fortnightly supermarket shop. So how am I going to manage with all this temptation around, can I make these treats last?  

Custard Tarts, 85p, not suitable for freezing, and they go out of date today. Not to worry, I'll eat one every day for four days. I love custard tarts. 

Fruit Loaf, 75p. This will freeze if I have to, but I have eaten this a week over the date, and it's alright. This one is 22nd September. There are twelve slices, so I could have one slice with my morning coffee every day. I don't bother putting butter on it. 

These Sultana Scones are 79p. They will freeze but I probably wont. Dated 26th September. These are rather large so I cut them in half, and only eat half at a time. I also eat them dry, no jam and cream in this house. Suitable for freezing it says. 

I have been a bit naughty with the Blueberry Muffins, as you can see, one is missing. When I got home last night and unpacked the shopping, I decided that I deserved a treat, so I ate one with a mug of hot choccy. They cost 85p and are dated till 9th October, they can be frozen. I think I may cut these in half in the future, no need to eat a whole one really. 

These are hellishly sweet, must be mounds of sugar in them. Caramel Shortcake, cost 99p. Long date 17th December. Does not mention freezing on the pack. I know I will cut these in half. Four in a pack and I ate a whole one once, it was too much. So half of one will be enough. 

So the test is, can I make these last the whole two weeks. There I've made it public now, so I can't fail. I will report back. 

Sunny Saturday folks, get your bodies outside. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 18 September 2020


I thought I would make some single decorations with felt scraps. It's also a good way to use up shorter pieces of embroidery silks. The centre pieces are from children's bracelets. I have stiffened them with cardboard in between the back and front. Doing a little bit of embroidery is quite relaxing. I will possibly make some more later on, but I have other ideas waiting to be started. 

It's the weekend folks, how time flies. I'm off to Aldi in half an hour, so I'll say Tattybyes and Toodle pip. Ilona. 

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Part of the family.

Hello, it's sunny here. Strange weather we're having, one day overcast and rainy, next day the sun is out. I'll get this done, then go out. 

My Creator Monthly landed in the email box this morning from yoooootoooob. It's like a Newsletter, with stats to tell me how I'm doing with the numbers of subscribers, how many views and minutes watched, how many likes, comments, posts, and shares. Most of it I'm not really interested in. I just check into the channel now and again to tidy things up, and see if I have missed any incoming comments. It's only a hobby for me. 

There are also hints and tips on how to increase visitor numbers, create more interesting content, generally polish things up, and work on promoting it to a wider audience. Here's a bit of blurb to fire me up. 

Hey Meanqueen Superscrimper,
This month, get out of your comfort zone and find ways to change up your content, deepen connections with your audience, and lean into fan support. See how other creators are mixing it up and seeing lasting results — so you can apply these strategies to your own channel. Let's get into it!

They then give me some links to other Channels which will inspire me with ideas. I could try this.......

Our channel members love bonus videos, so we try and give them fun videos they wouldn't normally see on our channel. It's a place for us to experiment with new ideas but also connect with our audience and get feedback from some of our most devoted viewers. After we started taking memberships seriously, so did our audience and membership revenue has grown in the past few months to a point where we're now really paying attention.

Another yoootooober suggests this..........

RPM gives you a full snapshot of all your earnings, from Channel Memberships, YouTube Premium, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Ads, across all your views. In short, use this to track your revenue performance so you can hone your content, growth, and earning strategies. Take a look at this helpful video.

Or I could do this......

We knew that more than subscribers & view counts - it would be a community of paying members that would support us. So that's what we have done - built a small community that supports, us.

And if I want to I could take part in a Boot Camp..........

Get ready to pump up your channel with the help of our boot camp classes. It’s easy – just pick your course and you’ll be flexing your new YouTube powers in no time.

Google is very keen to encourage me to be part of the family, they are very supportive if anyone wants to start their own Channel. What they don't know is that I am happy to pootle along in my own sweet way, in my own time. I wondered if they might dump me because I don't have any adverts, so they won't be making any money from me. I hope they let me carry on as I am because it's fun to do, and it keeps me busy. If I suddenly disappear they might have decided I am not worth the bother. 

Blogger is part of the same family, so I hope there won't be any massive shake ups. I've had quite a lot of free entertainment from both over the years. 

Going for a walk. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 16 September 2020

Pick and mix books.

Good morning. The mobile library came yesterday, this is Stan's first week out since about March April time. Can't remember when the plague first started, it seems like ages ago. Stan has now turned into a long haired hippy, it suits him. 
It was nice to see him again. We chatted, him stood inside the van at the top of the steps, me stood on the tarmac a good distance away. It seems the library staff weren't given much notice about how this new system of lending books was going to work. They haven't been able to do all the preparation needed. Stan has to ring all the customers to ask what their preferred reading matter is. He compiles a list and a staff member of the Central Library picks a selection of books and bags them up. Stan then brings them with him on the van. 
The trouble is that the picker works part time, so is not able to fulfil the requirements of everyone. Stan has started the week with only three days of ordered books. When he goes out on Thursday and Friday, he has no books to deliver. No one can go onto the van to choose books, so technically Stan is just a delivery service. So why does he need to drag the whole caboodle, big van, around the villages? Bit silly really, he could come in a transit van. 

I got two brown paper bags, each with three books in them. I think this is a pretty good selection. I won't read them in their entirety, I never do. I pick bits out of them when I want to sit down for half an hour. 

Sometimes I would swap my books as often as weekly, but these I will keep a bit longer. If the picking lady is swamped with work, I had best be patient and not add to her already hefty workload. She might need a breather to catch up. 

When books are returned they are to be dropped into a plastic box on the table outside the van. Stan is not allowed to re issue them to someone else because they have to go back to Central and be quarantined for 72 hours, before they are put back into the system. I asked Stan if I should quarantine these books when I got home. He didn't know. 

I am not sure what I have to do when I am ready to change these. When I take them back there won't be any replacements, I assume I have to order those in advance. Perhaps I will have to wait until the following week for some more to arrive. If I return these in the two brown paper bags I was given, would they have to be quarantined as well? Will we be getting the same bags over and over again, or will they issue new bags every time? 

It's all a bit strange, seems a bit over the top to me. But as Stan explained, they have strict instructions to protect the customers and staff. Fear of anyone suing the Council because they caught something from a book, is at the heart of the new system. We shall see what happens next.

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona. 

Tuesday, 15 September 2020

Making small crafty items to sell locally

Hello. I made a little video for yoooooohooohooo. 
Sunny here today. Thanks for popping in.  Toodle pip.  ilona

Monday, 14 September 2020

Free, take it if you want it.

 Do you like my little shop? I set a table up, it's full of unwanted toys, rescued from a skip. The house owner is moving out and gave me permission to take whatever I wanted. I can't bear to see useful stuff thrown into a hole in the ground. Some of it is brand new. 

Some of it has been taken. I put a few items at the front of my friends house in the High Street, she has more people passing there, my street is very quiet. 

The skip is being picked up on Thursday and more will be added as they go through the house to empty it. As it is nearby I shall keep going back to have a look if anything else has appeared. I hope to find homes for anything that is useful. 

Thanks for popping in, Toodle pip.   ilona

Sunday, 13 September 2020

What title shall I give this one?

Good Morning and Hello Sunday. Thank you for your contributions on the previous post, even those who expressed annoyance about the content. There was a distinct air of anger from some of them. You can bash me all you like, use me as an outlet for your anger if it makes you feel better, but it won't silence me. The haters always have the option of not coming here again. Exercise your free will, your choice. 

Thank you to the people who sent personal messages via email, you have a good understanding of the plandemic situation. Hang on to your beliefs. Knowledge is a useful tool to help you navigate through your life. 

My thirst for knowledge will not be dampened. I have been called selfish among other things. This is far from the truth. I am deeply concerned about the future for our children and grand children, even though I don't have any. Just because I chose to remain childless does not mean I don't have empathy for our future generations. Families do matter, children need a stable environment to flourish and prosper. The fear that we are projecting onto them at the moment is likely to have a lasting effect. Yes, some of them are resilient and will move on, but some of them wont. Nightmares about being forced to wear a mask will take a long time to fade. 

I walked past a playground the other day and thought how lovely it was to see the park buzzing. Kids screaming and laughing and having fun. Parents supervising, and not a mask in sight. 

I prefer to live in the now and the future, no point dwelling on the past. Yes awful things happened. My mother was left homeless wandering the streets of Hamburg with a child in a pram. Her house flattened by British bombs. Her parents were sent to Auchwitz, I never knew them. My family was decimated by the war. Don't let a dictatorship like the Nazi's happen again. Now I am getting emotional because I feel for our kids future.

Don't direct your anger at me, that is futile. Instead stop living in fear, no one is going to live forever, death is something we all will have to face. Cherry pick your news and information from different places, do not be blinkered by believing everything that is in main stream media. I think I have waffled on long enough about that, now it's down to you. Choose which path you want to take, and take responsibility for your own lives. 

And breath.......

What did I do yesterday? A comment came onto our village facebook page that someone had found litter at the carpark picnic area. It's a quiet place on the edge of the village. I went to have a look and to pick it up, there is a bin nearby. The crop of sweetcorn is taller than me in the adjacent field. 

Ready for the bin.
Alas, I found not only the litter, but a whole lot of flytipping as well. This is just some of it, no need to bore you with more pictures. I sent an email to the Council, they will need a truck and some operatives to pick it up. 
Looks like it could be a nice day weatherwise. I did a 6 mile walk yesterday and my mileage is well up. It will be a Billy dog walk later. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Friday, 11 September 2020

Message From Dr Vernon Coleman

Some of you will be familiar with Doctor Vernon Coleman, he has been a regular yoootooober for a while now. Blurb taken from his web site.
Dr Vernon Coleman’s Warnings, Forecasts and Predictions
Dr Vernon Coleman’s track record of spotting health dangers is second to none. Since the 1970s, when his first two ground breaking books (The Medicine Men and Paper Doctors) were published, Dr Coleman has been gaining friends among patients and enemies among doctors and drug companies.

In The Medicine Men (1975), Vernon Coleman drew attention to the dangerously close relationship between the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. In Paper Doctors (1977) he argued that most medical research is done for the benefit of researchers (and drug companies) and that the money would be better spent on using the information we already have and encouraging the public to avoid known health hazards.

Vernon Coleman, a Sunday Times bestselling author, is one of the few medically qualified authors writing on medical matters without bias and without any professional or commercial commitments or allegiances. His honesty has made him many enemies among the medical establishment and the establishment’s commercial alliances. His predictions, forecasts and warnings have often been made years (and, in many cases, decades) before anyone else has unearthed and understood the evidence or had the courage to speak out. In addition, in many of his medical books and thousands of newspaper and magazine articles he has drawn attention to the dangers of using specific over the counter and prescription drugs.
He has released this short video this morning. Yooootooob have been deleting some of his videos, so he has moved to a new platform called Brand New Tube. Some of you might like to take a look at it. His user name is Old Man in a Chair. 
Personally I would rather listen to someone like Dr Coleman, than all the fearmongering coming out of the Government and main stream media. I need balance, information about the bigger picture, so I can come to my own informed conclusions. You can do the same if you want to. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

News about the library

I've just had a phone call from Stan the Library man. The mobile library is coming back starting on Tuesday 15th. People will not be allowed into the van. There will be tables outside where there will be a box for people to leave their returns, these will be put into quarantine at the Central Library. Stan is ringing everyone to ask what type of books we want to take out, authors, subjects etc. The main library staff will issue the books in our name, and bag them up for Stan to bring with him. Collect from the table outside the van. Alternatively we can choose our own books from the Central Library ourselves.

Exciting eh! It will be nice to see Stan again. He has been beavering away at the Central Library in town, I bet he will be glad to get out and about again.

This will be a massive task for Stan, ringing everybody, then loading the books into the van. One thing I was wondering, if the books we return go into quarantine, 72 hours I think, do we have to quarantine the books we get from the van before we read them? I had some junk mail through the door this morning, Supermarket leaflets, should I be quarantining them? After all, postie and those at the sorting office have been handling them.

I have heard that some people still wipe their groceries with a disinfected cloth when they come back from shopping. I did it once in the beginning, but not since.

The meet up rules are changing next week. There will be a limit of six people allowed to meet up. Don't know what will happen at our Crafty Club. We have been getting between 8 - 10 coming along to the Village Hall on a Monday morning. We will have to wait and see what the committee says about that. I think it would be alright if we had our meetings in the pub, spaced out of course. Or does the new rule apply to pubs as well. I wonder if we could meet outside in someone's garden? All very confusing. I can't keep up with it. Never had so many rules thrown at me since going to work.

Time for dinner. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip. ilona

Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Coffee chat in the Summer House

Hello. I've had a lovely walk this afternoon, It was quite hot in the sunshine. A bit disappointing to see a pile of rubbish had been fly tipped on the track along the bottom of the wood.  
I noticed a couple of plastic gates in the pile. Not broken, so I rescued them. I had a gate like this before to fill the gap. After so many years it started to break up and I had to chuck it. The two upright posts are still there and I had a pallet as a makeshift gate. It was just a matter of slotting this new gate onto the posts. I gave my friend the other one, she is going to place a planter in front of hers and grow climbing plants up it. 
The latest coffee chat is published. 
Five miles walked today. By the way, those doing the 1000 mile challenge, the target for the end of September is 749 miles. Keep at it. 
Thanks for popping in.  Toodle pip.  ilona

Get the coffee on.

 Coffee chat later. Going for a walk while it uploads. 

See you soon.   Toodle pip.   ilona

Monday, 7 September 2020

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside. Tra la la.

Good morning. It's Monday morning and it's raining. I think we are promised a heatwave, or so I read somewhere. I've just got a few piccies today from my recent seaside trip. Alas Cedric was not able to accompany me on this walk, he aint got no legs you see. 
This is St Andrews-by-the-Ford church, somewhere in West Sussex, at a village called Ford actually. As I was wandering around the churchyard a man on a bicycle turned up looking all official with his yellow vest on. Ooooh goody, he is opening up, I might get a look inside. And so I did, he had come to do some maintenance on the door. It's a quaint little church inside. I have a thing about churches, especially small ones, I want to live in one. 
It's in a very pretty setting at the end of a lane which has a footpath down to the river. 

I like looking around villages. An interesting gatehouse to a big old house. 
I got onto the footpath at the back of the church and followed the river bank . Across the fields I could see a large model aircraft, and with a bit of zoom I could see it was on a stalk. According to the map there is an airfield there. 
I followed the twists and turns of the River Arun. I much prefer walking along a river, rather than a long straight canal. Just before I got to the Marina at Littlehampton I came across a dog walker. I stepped aside to let him pass, making a fuss of the two little dogs. Can't help doing that, dogs are a great excuse to say hello and a exchange a few pleasantries. I don't know how it happened but we stood talking for about twenty minutes. Probably my fault because I can ramble on a bit, you might have noticed. Anyway, a chat provides a nice break. A little bit of interaction with another human being is a pleasant interlude during a walk in the countryside. 
There is a footbridge which crosses the river at the Marina. I walked across and took a few photo's.

I had the option of crossing over at this point, but looking at the map it shows the seasidey part, and the town, which would probably be full of people having a day out. If I crossed I would also have to cross back again over the same bridge, so I decided to stay on the quiet side, and continue along the path on the right hand side of the river. You can see the newer buildings on the other side of the water. 

Of course as we all know, the river goes down to the sea. The beach is mainly shingle. There is a big car park with a few cars parked up, their occupants presumably have gone for a walk on the quiet side. 
There is the funfair over there, no thanks. A little bit of background info, I worked on Blackpool Pleasure Beach for three years in the late sixties, I have been to some of the biggest theme parks in the USA, so small funfairs are not an attraction for me. 
At this point you can follow the seashore along the coast, even though it is not an official path on the OS map, but it is hard going on the shingle. I opted to backtrack a bit and take the path marked on the map, which took me along edges of fields, and through wooded areas. Much more pleasant. Eventually it came out a bit further along the coast, joining the beach at Atherington. 

Coming off the beach at Midddleton on Sea, I followed the road through Felpham, passing through some very swish houses which looked like they had been featured in some of George Clarks TV programmes. Lots of glass verandas and block paving. 
It was time to turn right and head back. 
I came across this converted church as I passed through a village. How pretty and lovely that they have kept a lot of the original features. My kind of house. 
All in all a good days walk. A bit of allsorts. No hills mind you, but that's fine for me, lots of interesting features to discover. 12 miles added to my total. 
Back home now, and I'm off to Crafty Club, so I'll cut you loose. Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Saturday, 5 September 2020

Not shopping Fully stocked with fruit and veg.

Hello. I've been away to the seaside, now I'm back. Billy was pleased to see me, he was so excited when I went to get him out for a walk. Trying to get him to sit still for a photo is pretty near impossible. I kept hold of the lead so he couldn't jump off the bench. 
Billy's mum gave me some excess fruit and veg which she couldn't use. Donations are gratefully received. 
Another donation turned up today. A while ago I gave three pallets away to someone who was setting up a new allotment. This box of produce was delivered to my door. He said the allotment is going really well, and would I like this. Well yes, I would. Thank you very much David. 

That's me sorted for a couple of weeks then. No need to go shopping for a while. 
I've got some photo's from the seaside trip, I'll post them when I have edited them. 
Have a nice weekend. Toodle pip.  ilona

Friday, 4 September 2020

Rafi And Klee opening their prezzies

Hello. I had a nice surprise the other day, I was featured in one of Rafi and Klee's videos, they are two of my favourite yooootoooobers.  I have been following them for a while because they are entertaining, are fantastic artists, and full of good common sense ideas about life in general. 
People send them gifts from all over the world, and every so often they make a video while they are opening them. Klee has started to do some needle felting so I sent her a picture I made. I think they like it. My little piece is shown at 18 minutes if you just want to watch that, but sit down with a cup of tea and watch the whole thing if you are curious to see what everyone else has sent them. 
Rafi and Klee have a web site. 
I have a list of favourites I like to watch. If you go to yoootooob and put the appropriated words in the search box related to the subjects you are interested in, there will be hundreds of suggested videos. Give it a try, no need to put the tele on when you are bored.
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.  ilona

Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Cedric's day out.

 I thought I would take Cedric out for the day. I'm sure he gets a bit lonely when I am not there. Come on Cedric, put your seat belt on please. 

I like the outfit he has chosen, it matches his headphones. I think he has been raiding my wardrobe. Good job we are the same size. Now where shall we go? I fancy the seaside. 

Catch ya later. Toodle pip.  ilona and Cedric

Tuesday, 1 September 2020

Walking Group check in.

 Hello. That's another month gone by. Eight months gone, four to go to the end of the year. The target for the end of August for those doing the 1000 miles, is 666. So how have you done. C'mon, spill the beans, have you made it? If you have a lower target have you made that? 

I am on 689, so I'm chuffed with that. I could have done more, but I relaxed a bit and missed a few days. No point in romping too far ahead, might as well string the total out to fit exactly into the target time. I have got some extra walking planned for September so I will be able to ease off a bit when the colder weather comes later in the year.

Pictures from the archive. I have not been to Malham in the Yorkshire Dales for a long time. I love it there. It's a busy touristy area in the summer months. Best going out of season.  

Now it's over to you. Please check in with your reports. 

Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona