Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bimbling along the River Humber

I'm feeling generous today, here's another offering on my little old blog. Me and Rocky fancied going for a walk a bit further afield, after all, he has sniffed about every doggy smell within a two mile radius of here, so it must get a bit boring for him. We got in the car and went off to Barton upon Humber and the Humber Bridge, to search for more smells for Rocky, and a change of scenery for me. This is the back of the boatyard on the banks of the Humber. These boats are stranded on the mud as the tide is out. 
First we went to Waters Edge Visitor Centre. You might be able to read some of this if you click on it. It is set in an 86 acre country park which is perfect for walking, with it's picturesque reed beds, meadows and woodlands.
There are several routes to choose from, follow the coloured arrows on the posts.
'Aaawww, go on mum, let me go in and play with them', ha ha. No Rocky, it's too dirty in there.
 This is Rocky's trick, at every bench we come to he jumps up and gets a treat. He is very clever.

Here is a little film I made.

Fantastic afternoon with my little companion.

Edited to include this link. The man who walked across was 6ft 9ins tall and he did it a few miles upstream


  1. Ooh Ilona, there's another place I've been to. We've camped in the shadow of the bridge . It's a shame it's been converted into a residential caravan park . Last time we were there it was bikers night in Barton and we ended up camping st the back of a pub. Well we were on 2 wheels but we are the power. No engines. For us.
    Brenda in the Boro

  2. Every time I see Rocky I want to kiss his nose..he's a real cutie!
    Jane x

  3. Nice to see you and Rocky out and about. It was a nice day here too with fantastic cloud formations late on.

  4. I really want to hug little Rocky. I bet its hard for you to part with him when its time to take him home.

  5. One of our favourite walks. Lots to look at.

  6. Rocky's heart must sing when he hears you arrive to take him for a his jumping on benches for a treat...looks like a wonderful place to walk...

  7. I love listening to your "melodious" commentary:) Rocky is such a darling boy and obviously adores and loves you very much awww♥ It's seems Rocky has his own little fan club on your blog♥♥♥ xxx

  8. Hi Ilona, Looks like you both had a great day out at Burton on Humber. When I see Rocky standing there on the wall, it's like he's saying, "Which side, mum, is this my better side or this side or will I just look straight at the camera?". He's got such a cute little face. I was watching the video of Rocky swimming too, he can't half. Keep hearing the Rocky theme tune in my head. :-) You've been lucky with the weather for your walk abouts. Will read your link later, as I'm getting shoved off of here. Nice here today so just on the way out. Cheers for now, Christy.

  9. Ilona, I've been reading your blog for a while and I just wanted to say how lucky Rocky is to have you in his life.
    He always looks as if he is having the very best time when he is with you, whether it is relaxing at home with the cats or out and about on a walk.

  10. I do so love your pics of your walks. I feel like I am being transported 'cross the pond and being given a view of the UK. Does anyone else enjoy Google Maps - street view as much as I do. Often when I see someone refer to a place, I look it up, travel around the streets to get a feel for the community, the village, town, city. I enjoy Google Earth too. The world just seems a little bit smaller with these two tools. :)

  11. When I read about all your walking ,a childhood song keep playing in my head.

    A Wander Song


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