Wednesday, 31 October 2012

For fast readers

Read this fast because I wrote it fast. Not checked for mistakes. Haven't got time.
Good morning. My apologies for the crap post last night, my airhead was empty. I could have expanded into why people eat what they do, do they eat with their eyes or do they let their brain make the decisions as to what to put in their mouth? I see there were some suggestions of what could be done to dried beans to make them more appealing, but in my book all that faffing about might make them look pretty but at the end of the day a bean is a bean is a bean, and it's good for you whichever way you eat it. As you have probably guessed I mostly eat what I think is good for me, with an occasional fall off the wagon., I am human and not perfect.

This has got me to thinking about how a lot of food which has been dressed up is not particularly healthy. It has been proved that takeaway convenience food is not good for your guts at all. Smells nice, looks nice, but enough to send your cholesterol sky high if you insist on shoving it down your throat. Why can't they make a scrumptious looking cake which is actually healthy? No fat, no salt, no sugar, what about a vegetable cake, please someone invent one, ha ha.

Why is it so hard to resist comfort food and eat with our eyes? You buy any pastry product, pies etc, from a shop and the filling is miniscule compared the the tons of pastry surrounding it. I had some cheese and onion pasties recently, only because they were reduced to 40p for six. My goodness, I needed a magnifying glass to find the filling. Looked nice but what crap.

If people enjoy fiddling with food in their own kitchen that's a nice hobby to have, at least you know what goes into it and can choose which ingredients to use. Only then do you have complete control over your own health and well being. I suppose I could make my own cheese and onion pasties, and bulk them out with vegetables, but I don't think pastry is particularly healthy and should only be eaten as an occasional treat. Portion sizes, now that's another thing. Oh don't get me started....I'll have to leave that for another day.

Anyway, I've got to dash, got to be somewhere else in half an hour. I had a bit of a lie in this morning, made a mug of coffee and went back to bed to finish a book. Now I've got to move my ass. I'll be back later with the book review. Toodle pip.


  1. Yes, the pies and pasties look lovely, pity they don't put some filling in them.

    I e-mailed Holland & Holland, maker of quality pies and puddings, to ask them how I selected a steak & kidney pudding that had some steak & kidney inside, as any I'd bought had sucha small amount, and mostly gravy, that I couldn't decide what it actually was.
    I never got a reply, despite e-mailing 4 times.
    Obviously replying to customers (customer service?) is way down their list of priorities.

  2. I make up dishes a lot, mainly because I"m too lazy to see if I've got all the ingredients in, so I substitute things. As my kitchen is small, without much work space I don't 'make a meal' of making a meal if I can help it and absolutely hate cooking for other people.

  3. I'll be brief myself: there is some science research which suggests that we are in some way 'programmed' to like fat and sugar. Well that's not terribly surprising, why do we eat take-away and cake, because we like it! The science suggests that the reason we like it is that a Long Time Ago (i.e. when we were cavewomen), eating high-fat foods was a survival strategy to get you through the winter etc... But of course in those days they were hard to come by, so less change of a fat cavewoman.
    Now I have to say I am being lazy and paraphrasing off the top of my head here, also with science one can always discuss the results, the research techniques, project set-up, etc etc.. so if anyone is feeling more knowledgeable and concise than me, do chip in!

    1. You are bang on! Notice how many of us switch foods in the winter to high fat/carb foods? Our bodies think we need to pile on the calories for winter....because our bodies were designed before central heating and regular food supplies.
      Jane x

    2. Breast milk is naturally sweet too, so humans are introduced to sweetness very early on ( those who are breastfed anyway).

  4. Enjoy your outing!

    I love the fact that you stayed in bed to finish that book. Good for you!

    Sft x

  5. There is a lot of research going on at my university (Bristol) about why people choose the foods they do, and whether they feel full up afterwards. Apparently "fat" people's bodies are all out of whack and they no longer recognise what is filling. Their metabolisms therefore don't increase because their bodies don't think that it needs to.

  6. I`m entirely with you on the unhealthiness of take away foods. DB and son do seem to think they need one at least once every fortnight. When they do I usually eat something I make myself. I do not give in to this take away craze.
    You were asking about a vegetable cake as a healthier treat option. I do have a recipe from a friend that uses grated courgettes in the cake batter. If you or any other readers here would like the recipe, please send me an e-mail and I shall be glad to give it. Carrots also get used in cakes. I now often bake with oats and oatmeal, as this is something I can allowe myself. There is ways of enjoying helthier treats if we are prepared to search them out on the internet, or if we are not afraid to experiment in the kitchen. I frequently do.
    I try my hardest to live reasonably healthy, and I`m pretty sure you are a prime specimen of a healthy person. That you occasionally fall off that wagon is quite understandable. We are all human after all! Youn are still doing better than most of us, dear Ilona!!!

  7. Thanks for the amazing post!


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