Friday, 4 October 2013

A boring post

It's been a mizzly drizzly sort of day, not nice enough to go anywhere, so I have stayed in. I did think about tidying up the veg beds now that the courgettes have finished. I lifted a few leaves and was about to pull them out, when I found a frog hiding underneath them. I couldn't destroy his hidey hole, so I left them alone. I'll leave it a while.
One of the sunflower stalks got blown over in the wind and was laid on the garage roof. It wasn't severed, just bent, so I managed to nail a long piece of narrow wood in an upright position onto the garage wall, and fasten the stalk to it like a splint.
It's been a boring sort of day. Washed the pots, boring. Cleaned the windows, boring. More sewing, boring. Had a bath, boring. Load of washing, boring. Dysoned the carpets, boring. And made yet another boring stew.
I found a few radishes in the garden, probably past their best, probably tough as old boots, but if I chop them up small they might just soften up enough to make them edible. I keep finding a few more runner beans. Just when you think they have all gone, you search again just in case you missed some, and bingo, you have. Spuds, and the last courgette out of the garden. Shop bought onion, and a tin of green lentils given to me.   
Other ingredients were Quorn pieces, frozen broad beans, and linseeds. For flavour I used curry powder, turmeric, garlic puree, and tomato ketchup. Boring but really tasty, and enough for three or four days. Will save cooking. I won't bother freezing it, just keep in the fridge in the pan, and microwave a portion when needed.

Don't worry, I won't be bored tomorrow. It's the weekend, my day off, ha ha. Hope you have a good one. Toodle pip.


  1. Please do not be bored. You had food today - alot of people do not have enough food and have to resort to Food Banks.
    You own your home, have lovely cats and hundreds of people like me who look forward to your blog each evening.
    Tomorrow is another day.
    Till tomorrow. - Dianne - Hereford

    1. Hi Dianne, I am bored, not unhappy. Bored because I have done mundane tasks, and haven't anything interesting to write about.

  2. Dear Meanqueen,
    Your tea looks so lovely I almost wish I could come through this screen and have a bite! I love the quilt in your previous post and found the other post about crane operators interesting because my grandfather started his working life in Panama as a crane operator in 1940...Have a good weekend.

  3. We spent a day of worry...a cat at the hospital having tests. She's now snoozing next to me...I'm so rich!!
    Jane x

  4. As long as you keep posting, I am not bored by "you". I enjoy every one!
    Much better you are active and in your own home, what a joy a simple day can be!

  5. Hi ILona
    It's the weather that's to blame, when the sun shines it makes you feel so positive but grey skies bring on the gloom.
    You'll be okay today I'm sure.

  6. loneliness can be very closely associated with boredom; on the other hand a lot of days have a hum-drum quality to them especially if you have to do a lot of maintenance instead of creative work. We all need a hiatus now and then to "sharpen the saw " ?

  7. Keep smiling Ilona. I love your blog you do make me laugh. Have you anymore trips in the pipeline?
    Twiggy x

  8. I think that a boring day makes you enjoy the unboring ones that much more. But I know what you mean, mundane repetitive tasks are mind boggling boring.

  9. I'll take being bored anyday as long as I'm free. Curl up with a book or a blanket and enjoy the boredom.


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