Thursday, 3 October 2013

Don't leave it for others to sort out

I've been meaning to do a little job for a while now, and hopefully it will soon be done. My Will is ten years old, and some details need changing. We all move on in life, nothing stands still, people move, and some we lose touch with. Our priorities change, as do our financial circumstances, and we need to update the legal document which will ensure that our wishes will be carried out after our death.
If you have not yet drawn up a Will, I suggest you seriously think about getting it done. It will save a lot of possible legal wrangling between relatives and friends which could go on for years. My Will is pretty simple, single and no dependants. I don't expect anyone to be scrapping about who has what, which could well happen with second marriages and extended families. Hopefully I will have spent a good chunk of my assets before I go, but if there is anything left, the distribution of it needs to be set out in a legal document.  
My last Will ten years ago was a freebie. No, I didn't write it myself, which you can do if you are sufficiently confident that you understand all the jargon. I am not. I found an advertisement offering a free Will writing service through local solicitors, with the possibility that you might wish to include a donation to one of the charities participating in the scheme. This is not compulsory, it's purely voluntary, but I thought it only fair to choose a charity from the list, and include it with my other charities. I can only afford to make small donations while I am alive, why not give a bit more after I am gone.   
I happened to come across an article on Money Saving Expert, yesterday, there is a scheme running at the moment, October is Free Wills Month. You have to be 55 or over to qualify. If you haven't made a Will, or need to update one that you already have, take a look at the article. Follow the links and check who is the nearest solicitor to you. If you wish to donate to a charity, check the list and see if there is one you would like to support. I emphasise that this is not compulsory, so don't feel embarrassed if you decide not to. Personally I think at least the cost of the Will writing service should be donated, but that is just my opinion. See, I am not really mean, ha ha.   
I have an appointment in Gainsborough next week to update my Will, so I will make a day out and have a look round the place. Apologies to my overseas readers, this scheme is for the UK only. Check on the www to see if there is a similar one in your own country, and comment here if you find one, so others may benefit. Thank you.
Moving on, a big thank you to those who have emailed me, it's nice to know a bit more about you. I am chuffed with your lovely comments, and glad you come to visit me here in Tightwad Towers. I will reply as soon as I have a minute. Welcome to my new members, glad you dropped by.
An update on the patchwork/quilt/throw thingy. It just about covers the bed now, I'll add another row  of mixed colours, then put a plain binding around the edge. Phew, almost there, watch this space.  

Anyway, must press on, need to wash the car, ready for it's MOT test next week. I have found a small garage to do the job, it will have a service as well. Small two man band = less overheads = better price.
Toodle pip


  1. That quilt is looking smashing, the red gives it a really cosy feel, well done.

    Jean x

  2. The quilt is simple but so, so effective, lovely Ilona

  3. Quilt looks fab!

    Granny G

  4. I love your quilt!
    Good for you getting your affairs in order!

  5. Good post re will.
    Mine needs major updating as I have had major changes in my life !
    It's something I've had on my mind for a long time now, I must get a 'roundtuit'.

  6. Well timed post, our friend has recently died leaving an out of date will (he left everything to his partner who died 2 years ago), which has caused some major headaches in regards to tracking down blood relatives who can sign off on funeral arrangements etc. Much more upsetting than it needed to be. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Love how your quilt is progessing

  8. Love the patchwork. The random effect is so.... effective! I see granny square blankets the same and I always love them too but I can never do it. I should be locked in a small room for a week and a bunch of assorted fabric or wool thrown in with me and not get out till I've made something similar!

  9. You are so right, Ilona. I realized a few months ago that two of the beneficiaries on my life insurance need replacing; one an animal shelter no longer in existence, and the other a friend who has passed away. Thank you for reminding me that I still haven't done the necessary paperwork to update the policy. I won't be leaving much in the way of money, but I'd at least like it to go to the charities I choose, rather than to wherever the law says it must if I haven't bothered making proper arrangements!

  10. I love that quilt. It would go well in my showman's wagon.

  11. There's also Will Aid month in November ( which doesn't have an age specification. We used this a couple of years ago and although the suggested donation is £90 or £135 for a couple this year, we gave what we could afford, which was £40 for the two of us. I was worried that the solicitor would sneer at us for making such a small (to her, maybe) donation but no, she was gracious and thankful. Mind you; she did know by then our financial situation!

    1. Thank you for this information. I have managed to get my sister in law sorted and she has made an appointment to make her will in November. Hopefully it will save us, who don't live in the K, from having to sort things out later as her next of kin.
      Helen in France

  12. I`m trying to get DB to make a Will. He`s reluctant to do so. He hates paperwork and is not very good at sorting any of it. Eventually he will have to get round to doing it. If he dies before me I certainly do not want his delinquent children knocking on my door to demand what`s not theirs to have.
    Your quilt is fantastic! Nobody would know you had spent many hours sewing by hand. It looks so professional!

  13. The quilt is looking great.
    Love from Mum

  14. Love the quilt Ilona. To be honest, I think scrap qults have far more character than the ones made from carefully chosen and expensively bought fabrics (though some of those are very beautiful of course). After my husband died, my daughter no.4 made me a beautiful quilt from her dad's old winter shirts - all warm checks and tartans. That's a lovely quilt, and of course very warm.

  15. Your quillt is gorgeous! Love the colors! Just in time for the colder weather...!

    Wish I lived near you. I have no one to walk the dogs with. Want to dog sit in the US?

  16. your patchwork is smashing. Will you make it into a quilt? My friend Dilys uses blankets to line hers.

  17. Your quilt is beautiful - and your advise is great.

    AussieCheryl x

  18. What a fantastic quilt, Ilona. What are you using for the backing? I recently finished one that I backed with very inexpensive fleeces and that meant no wadding( which is ver expensive) was neede. It's really cosy and we use it in the caravan. Catriona

  19. The quilt is gorgeous and considering its all hand sewn its come together really quickly. I went to the will link but unfortunately there are no participating solicitors in our area.

  20. Hello Ilona from Housefairy.
    Thank you for showing us the quilt again.You must have good eye sight to keeep threading the small needle.
    The quilt looks fab.

  21. Love the quilt Ilona, it is really designer stuff, that would cost a small fortune in places like Debenhams etc. I looked at the Will site as mine needs an update but the scheme is not being run out in Scarborough they said, may be in March, the e/m reply said



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