Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A doggy love story

This is the story of three pooches. Little Angus, Chocolate Henry, and Black Boy Guinness. Angus and  Guinness live with Daddy Roy, and Henry lives with Mummy Helen, and they are all the best of friends. They love going walkies together, and sometimes they have sleepovers in each other's houses. Today, Mummy Helen put them all in her car, and drove them to a big big wood. They were so excited when they got out, all their tails were wagging like crazy.  
 Off they trotted into the wood, noses down to the ground to sniff out any interesting smells.

Mummy Helen likes to teach them manners, so when it is time for a treat she calls them back and they all have to sit and wait patiently for their turn.

After a long hike through the woods it's back in the car and home. Daddy Roy is busy getting a tooth pulled out, so Guinness and Angus come back to Henry's house. They are all thirsty so there is a queue for the water bowl. Mummy Helen and me sit down and have a drink, and the three pooches play with Henry's toys. Very soon they are ready for a rest, and lie down. Guinness says to Henry, I love you, and Henry says, I love you too. Angus doesn't join in, it is too sloppy for him.

Toodle pip.


  1. But there has to be more . . . please tell us when Mummy Helen and Daddy Roy (minus 1 tooth) get their act together and give those lovely doggies a loving home where they all live happily ever after.
    Sometimes, doggies have a better idea of 'family' than humans!

    1. I don't think Roy's wife, and Helen's husband would go for that idea, ha ha. They live two streets away from each other and both take it in turns to do the dog walking.

    2. Oops!!! Apologies to their spouses! *blush*

  2. Aww :) - Sandy in NZ

  3. I have fallen in love with three very well behaved boys.
    Jane x

  4. Awwww...I love the doggy love!

  5. I love this story because I am a total dog person!
    Nancy from Northern California

  6. Aahhh what a lovely sweet story. Handsome looking dogs too.

  7. This post read like a 'Janet and John' book, I loved it.

  8. lovely to see the dogs together x


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