Saturday, 12 October 2013

Bean feast.

 I am attempting to write this while being mugged by Heidi cat. She is lying on the table between me and the keyboard, her wet nose pushing my hands every time I attempt to strike a key, I am making lots of mistakes which need rectifying. It's going to take me all night at this rate. Oh heck she has just gone ballistic jumping all over the place trying to catch a fly. Didn't catch it now her head is on the keyboard. She was out in the rain earlier and came in and jumped up on the table and shook herself like a dog, spots of water everywhere. She is a little minx.
Thanks all for your good blogs nominations, I've been having a nosey. Skywatch Friday has lots of stunning photo's of the sky. People can send them in from anywhere in the world. Spitalfields Life is all about the history of Spitalfields, which is a borough of London, if you are reading this from outside the UK. Quiltville BlogSpot is a very nice quilting blog with free patterns, try and ignore the adverts though. Auntie is all about cycling long distances on one of those sit with your arse on the ground trikes. It's my kind of blog, I shall be reading that. This has reminded me of  Ian Stallard, a friend of mine from quite a few years ago, he rode from Lands End to John O'Groats on one of those things. He has a way with words, his report is a good read, so if you are interested here is the link. He is also into restoring classic cars and motorcycles, so one for the blokes to read I think. Ian Stallard Engineering. 
While we're on about cycling, here is another story about an End to End ride, this time it's the other way round, from top to bottom. Richard Cannon from Down the Lane did it, there is a full report on his web site. Here you go. Richard Cannon bike ride. 
Plenty of reading to be going on with there, it's like a library here, don't forget to bring the books back when you've finished, ha ha. That reminds me, I've had an email from our library, I have some due to go back.
Right, what's been happening here. My friend is back from hospital feeling a whole lot better now he has an electronic gadget embedded in his chest to keep his heart beating at a normal pace. Amazing isn't it. Lady dog was pleased to see him arrive back.
Look at the poor sunflowers. The strong winds have broken four of the stems. Can't be repaired so I have taken them off and stuck them in the pots below. I don't seem to have any birds in my garden, so I might take some of the flower heads to Barry's garden where he has masses of birds visit every day. He spends loads of money feeding them, and doesn't have any cats so they are a bit safer there.
Looking a bit scrawny now. I'm going to miss them when they have gone altogether. Bit sad really.

I fancied something a bit different for my dinner yesterday so this is what I made. As you know I am not a big fan of spending time in the kitchen, but this is easy enough. One tin of Aduki beans, rinse and mash them up in a bowl.

Cooked lentils, cooked as per instructions on the packet. Rinse, simmer for 30 minutes, and strain.

In a small pan put one chopped onion and a grated courgette. Cook in a little oil, I used sesame seed oil. Add two teaspoons of linseeds, some curry powder, and garlic puree, and a shake of mixed spice.   
Mix everything all together in the bowl.

At this stage the mixture was a bit too wet, so I added three of those cheap wheatabix type breakfast cereal biscuits, crushed up in a plastic bag. You could use any type of cereals or oats. Then I got stuck in with my hands and made 18 small burger shapes. I grilled them, and served with broccoli and broad beans.

I've eaten six more tonight with a salad, and have six for tomorrow night. They are very nice and tasty.
Heidi cat is back, I'll wrap it up now, not going to get any peace from her. Toodle pip. Have a nice Sunday.


  1. would love to have some.
    you seem to use sesame oil quite a bit,
    do you think it works better for flavoring veggies,
    than say regular r salad oil?

  2. Try It is a cycling blog about Dave Gill and his travels through the USA and Canada. He stayed with us for a week in the summer. Dave is from the UK.
    Great looking bean burgers- yum...

  3. If I have leftover Dahl, I mix in some Gram flour and make very similar Burgers. Cheap and tasty.

  4. Just our sort of food Ilona. I showed my husband the pics of the various stages. He said they look exactly like the mixes that I make patties from. Love experimenting plus it's all nice healthy ingredients.
    Wendy (Wales)


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