Friday, 11 October 2013

Blog hopping

I've had a busy day, backwards and forwards to my friends house to take the dog out. I've also been sitting with her for a while, I took some sewing with me. My friend is out of hospital now, he might be back tomorrow, even so, he might need some help with walking Lady dog because she pulls like a huskie. He has had a pacemaker fitted, so he won't be able to do anything strenuous for a while.

I've been flitting around blogs, it's amazing how many dead ones there are out there. I find something of interest only to discover that there has been no postings for a year or so. Most frustrating. Some of them start in a flurry of enthusiasm, only to die a death after a week or two when the owner has lost interest and failed to keep them going.

Thank you for all your suggestions, I am sifting through them. This is a good one. Thank you Albedo for suggesting it, your niece seems to be having a good time on her travels around Europe.

Jan suggests The Oatmeal. Sorry Jan, I just don't get it. Comics, jokes, quizzes, games, not funny. Also Bored Panda? Sorry, not my cup of tea, I'd have to be bored out of my skull to go there. Sorry.

Hi Campfire. Thank you for that, is a lovely blog, all about crochet and some sewing. Very pretty colours and some good ideas.

Hi Virginia. An interesting travelling blog but could be better. Not many posts, and not enough photographs. I'll have a read of it.

Hi Marigold Jam. I can't get into your blog, it is not open to everyone.

Hi Sharon. Susan Branch has quite a following. There are some aspects of her blog which I am not too keen on. While she might be a very nice lady it's all about self promotion, and she must be good at it because she gets lots of comments. She has an advertising page and talks about 'we', as if it is a company rather than just herself. I see there is a different person to contact  for advertising enquiries. Advertising, guest posts, product reviews, sponsored posts, are all a big turn off for me. She is running a business rather than just blogging. I won't be going back.

Quinn your goat is lovely, and your dogs, and your knitting, and your coloured plastic buckets. I like it, a bit of allsorts.

Hi Virginia. I think I might get lost on the trail journals site. The layout looks a a bit like a forum, there are lots of links to take you here there and everywhere, I was looking for something to read, but kept finding myself down dead ends. Perhaps I need to take another look and backtrack a bit. If anyone else wants to get lost it's here.

Anyway, I must cut this short, got to take a dog out for the last walkies before bed time. If anyone wants to search for new blogs to read you only have to click on a persons name, and their link should take you to their blog. I do it all the time. Blog hopping, I often get lost, ha ha. Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. Hi Ilona,
    You may or may not be interested in this blog. It is a lady who I came across on a cycling forum but I don't know her. Because of the German interest you might like to see the photos of her journeys but it is cycling with a recumbent trike. Anyway, you have the option to browse her blog, I've only seen a few posts.

  2. Hello Ilona,
    I don't have a blog but follow a few. These two blogs are interesting for their photography and/or history.
    Skywatch Friday Spitalfields Life

    Ann in Canada

  3. My favourite quilting blog which has lots of tutorials and patterns is Bonnie hunters quiltville

  4. Sorry to have invited you round for a cup of tea and then not to open the door as it were. Don't know whay you couldn't get in - must check out the settings and see if I can change it.

    1. Marigold jam, you need to tick the box to make your profile available to the public - us! Hoping to 'see' you soon.

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog, Ilona! I am delighted you liked it :)

  6. Haha! Wouldn't it be lovely to have a blog that was interesting enough for Ilona, I find her a very interesting person but sadly I'm not half as brave and adventuresome as her...or as I'd like to be. I do sometimes find lots of good reads by clicking on names though really should read less and do more...Cheers to all.


  7. Sometimes I find a blog I love (usually travel, crafts, etc.,) and then it disappears. I wish people would just announce that they've shut it down so we won't keep checking to see if they've taken a vacation. Or maybe I spend too much time reading blogs? Well, Ilona, don't you close your blog down. I look forward to reading it every day.
    Maggie from US

    1. I would not close my blog without saying so. It's rude to just disappear. I will be around for a while yet. Thank you for reading.


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