Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Supermarket meander

A bit late tonight, I've been to Tesco to do a big food shop, just realised I forgot the soya milk, never mind, I have enough for a week, then I'll eat porridge. Some yellow stickers were found. 
Here's the full list.
2 boxes of Bran Flakes 88p each
3 tins of baked beans 24p each
6 tins of rice pudding 15p each
2 tins of peaches 35p each
1 jar pickled onions 30p
1 carton apple juice 65p
1pt milk 59p
1 Danish blue cheese £1.00
1 plain yogurt 45p
Flavoured yogurt (6) £1.00
Six eggs £1.00
1 packet walnuts £2.20
1 packet ground almonds £2.09
1 seeded loaf £1.00
1 frozen sweetcorn 99p
1 frozen broccoli £1.00
1 frozen peas £1.00
1 frozen cauliflower £1.00
1 pkt frozen veg sausages £1.00
Tomatoes (5 fruits) £1.00
Fresh broccoli 49p

Yellow stickers
4 bags bananas (26 fruits) 21p total
1 swede 1p
2 bags of 1kg carrots 1p each
1 bag braeburn apples (5 fruits) 2p
2 bags parsnips 18p total
1 bag mushrooms 14p
2 packs prepared mango 20p each
Yes the prices were really that low, it was gone 9pm and it was a last ditch attempt to get rid of them before they were chucked. .

For the cats
8 tins Gourmet on offer £3.00
1 box pouches £2.50
4 tins tuna fish 49p each
1 pack sliced roast chicken £1.75

Total shop £28.96.

I don't normally buy frozen broccoli and cauliflower, thought I would give them a try. Danish blue cheese was on offer, only buy it occasionally. Not had flavoured yogurts for a long while, a treat. No reduced bread tonight except a couple of white loaves. I don't eat white bread so I paid full price for a seeded brown loaf. Trying the Value veg sausages to see if they are like the more expensive brands. I will be giving some of the bananas away, share with a friend, and making up the carrots, swede, and parsnips into curries and stews and freeze them in portions. I managed to ignore the cakes and biscuits. And I gave away a couple of home made shopping bags to two very happy ladies.

That's all for now. It's midnight and I'm off to bed. Goodnight.


  1. I can't remember the last time we got prices that low! well done x

  2. With all the excitement of that many yellow stickers i'm not surprised you forgot your soya milk.

  3. What great haul. I wondered what you were going to do with all those bananas. When I have squishy bananas I make banana bread and give it to my daughter, but I know you don't bake so its lovely that you're giving some away to friends. A tip for cooking the frozen cauliflower and broccoli, be careful not to overcook it because it tends to go mushy quite quickly.

  4. Wow and so healthy food for the soul

  5. Wow!! Some amazing bargains there. I was wondering what you were going to do with all those bananas, nice that you are sharing your good fortune, do your friends reciprocate?

  6. Freeze the excess bananas and use in baking banana bread or use 1/2 mashed banana instead of an egg when baking (up to 3 eggs only). I often buy the "brown" bananas, as they are much cheaper, just for that purpose. We have someone in the family who is "deathly" allergic to eggs.
    Myra, from Winnipeg, Canada where we will be basking in mid 20C temps for the next couple of days.

  7. I peel bananas if i have plenty wrap in cling film and freeze. They make a gorgeous ice lolly type treat when its warm. Well done on the bargains. Laura Xx

  8. Beverley here; frozen bananas are great in smoothies along with assorted berries! They give a smoothie that creamy texture especially if you include a dollop of non fat yogurt and some milk


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