Monday, 13 October 2014

Cat steals food.

Excuse me, what's going on here then? I walk away for less than a minute, and some pesky moggy is licking her lips. That was a half eaten cheese sandwich if you don't mind, I would have rather liked to eat the other half. 
Now it looks like a couple of pieces of chewed up bread and a bit of lettuce. Mayze what have you done. She's started to get very naughty just lately. Every time I have something to eat, she is there trying to steal off my plate. It's a race against time, me shoveling it in as fast as I can, and her wet nose getting closer and closer. Anyone would think she was hungry, she gets plenty to eat.

It's been a miserable day for weather today, lots of wind and rain. I went to the craft club as usual. During coffee break I unveiled my latest weaving project, which made a good topic for conversation. Although there's still some way to go with it, it was interesting to get the feedback.

One of our members brought her latest creation to show, Carol has made a pouffe from teashirts. They were cut into strips and crochet'd into a ball, using a huge hook. The inner lining is stuffed with polystyrene beads  It's to rest her feet on when she is sitting in her armchair.

I think it looks quite nice squashed on it's side rather than the conventional top and bottom.

I wondered if any of you crafty people out there do what I do. When I am reading a crafting book or magazine, and see a picture or a particular shape of something that I might like to use in the future, I trace the outline onto a piece of greaseproof paper. Then I can trace over it onto cardboard, an old cereal box, and make a template. Or if I want to cut the shape out of fabric, I sometimes copy it straight onto that. I've got quite a collection of these now. Useful if I am looking for a particular type of leaf, or the exact size heart to fit in with a design.

The wind is blowing a hooli outside, and I am sitting here snug and warm in my knee length thick socks, and a dressing gown over my clothes. No heating on here yet, don't need it. The forecast says we are in for another heatwave at the weekend, that will be nice. Maybe get the summer clothes back out again.
Toodle pip
PS. Jean you asked a question. If you email me I will reply. Thanks.


  1. I like the pouffe on its side, too. Great idea.

    And that greedy old cat, I have one of those. Can't look away and Duncan's scarfing down whatever's there, pretty much. Yogurt and cheese and mackerel are the favorites, just have to eat them holding the plate out of reach! and this is a well fed cat. Well, I think so. He evidently thinks he could use some supplements from my plate.

    1. Hi Boud. Mayze is a feisty young lady of three years old. Like your cat, she likes yogurt and cheese, but I limit these to a small tasty morsel. Her habit is to run into the kitchen whenever she hears the fridge door close, and leap up onto the window sill next to the fridge.

  2. Your description of yourself all bundled up is delightful. That wind blowing a "hooli"...not sure what that means, but it must be fierce. Keep warm and eat fast. ;-)

  3. Hi, Ilona ... we, too, have a cat (15+ now) who wants to eat constantly. The vet says she has a hyperthyroid condition that causes her to feel hungry; meds helped for a while, but she got wise to them and spit out her food. She's become quite a nuisance whenever food is being prepared, jumping up on countertops and sneaking forward when my back is turned. Recently I briefly left a cup of soup on the table and returned to find splatters all around - she apparently used her paw to scoop out whatever morsels she could snag!

  4. I gave in on the heating last week sadly, and tonight I was frozen coming home from work so braved it out till I realised my nose just wouldn't thaw out so popped it on. Well done to you though.

    Re: the title - my cats have asked me to raise a protest - the cat did not steal the food, rather the human abandoned a tasty snack and failed to leave appropriate signage or security. In their eyes your hunger is your own fault.......! I sometimes consider eating my dinner in the hall cupboard as my two have suddenly developed a mooching gene too which drives me potty.

  5. Those ladies of yours are are you. Good idea re-tracing patterns.

  6. Tracing? All the time. I can't draw a straight line on my own to save myself.

    I'm afraid if Mayze were my cat she would find herself in serious trouble for just being on the table much less trying to eat out of my plate. You are way more tolerant than I would be.

    1. Hi Judy. I'm not sure how you can discipline a cat not to jump up, apart from locking them out of the room. My cats have access to the whole house, it would drive me nuts to keep opening and closing doors as I go through them.

    2. I start when they are kittens. Usually a sharp "No' and me clapping my hands is enough to discourage them from jumping on the dining room table and kitchen counters. Those are the only two places that are off limits to my cat, well, that and closets (I don't want to look like the cat lady with fur all over my clothes.) but keeping the doors closed to the closets fixes that.

  7. If Mayze is unusually hungry it may be worth getting her glucose level tested to see if she is pre diabetic,or her thyroid levels checked...just in case.
    Jane x

  8. Lovely pouffe and a great idea. I have mad traced copies in the past but I like your idea of the grease proof paper though all in one place too.

  9. we have just put the heating on as the cold makes our aches and pains worse we couldn't put it of any longer xxx

  10. This is what I love about blogs, there is always so much info on all sorts of things and I lap it up.
    Our Willow likes cashew nuts and when I'm chewing them gets her face right up to my mouth to try to get some.
    I bet it was the cheese that attracted Mayze.
    Lovely pouffe.