Sunday, 22 February 2015

Me and the pooch go to Hornsea

Guten Morgen, and welcome to the wonderful world of Meanqueen. Yes I am mean when it comes to spending. I hang on to my money, save it up, then treat myself to something I really really 'want' after the 'needs' are paid for. If I can get something free, I will, if I can get it cheaper, reduced, bargain price, second hand, then I will. More money saved, the more treats I can have. 
Yesterday was a treat day, a day out at the seaside. First stop was the Tourist Information Centre at the Humber Bridge car park. A very nice lady works in there, called Barbara, and they have tons of free brochures and leaflets. Must gather information for possible days out, places to visit. 
This time me and the little fella went to Hornsea, a small holiday town on the east coast of Yorkshire. The Humber Bridge costs £1.50 each way, total mileage was 75 so petrol to pay for, but my car is high on my list of priorities, it gets me out and about which is good for my soul, and my health and happiness. I wanted to park close to the seafront so chose a car park with a large grass area, plenty of space, ease of getting pushchair and dog out of the car. Cost £3 but better than searching for a space on the side of the road and traffic passing withing a couple of feet while unloading. Another additional cost was two choc chip cookies for £1, from Cooplands the bakers. 
What's Hornsea like then? A mainly sandy beach with quite a lot of pebbles on it. The tide was out but the seashore not too far away, near enough to paddle, we didn't. I dragged the buggy onto the sand, quite difficult, especially after having to negotiate two very steep slopes from the double deck promenade. I don't know how people manage with a wheel chair, virtually impossible I would think. I had to come down the slopes backwards, pushing the buggy down there wouid have resulted in tipping the little fella out. There were kids and dogs, a glorious sunny day, but a bit chilly, I was wrapped up in my skirt and scarf. 
Rocky says, 'bit too cold to paddle, I'll just collect a few shells.' 
Big notices on the promenade as usual, what you can and can't do. Plenty of rules to keep to.

Sorry, I just had to add four pictures of seagulls. I snapped away and picked out what I thought are the best ones. We were walking along towards the caravan park, there were cars on the right hand side, and so many seagulls taking off and landing. Lovely blue skies and fluffy clouds. I'm sure I saw Jonathan Livingston Seagull amongst them.

As I started walking again I noticed that in one of the parked cars was an elderly couple who had been feeding them. They spotted Rocky and smiled so I went over to them to say thank you for encouraging the seagulls to land so I could get the photo's. They were so sweet, out for the day from Leven, a small village a few miles away, we had a lovely chat.

This is the notice which marks the start, or the finish whichever way round you do it, of the Trans Pennine Trail, a long distance cycle route which starts and finishes at Southport on the west coast and Hornsea on the east coast. From the north seat to the Irish sea, or vice versa.  Here is a link to the web site. I need to be studying this because I shall be using parts of it on my next walk from Southport to Scunthorpe.

There is a very tall monument next to the sign, with an outline of the route cut into the stainless steel collar around the bottom of it.

The seafront is not very long, there are the usual seaside attractions of rides and slot machine arcades, and as we had a bit of time to spare I walked into the town. The Memorial Gardens have a huge Remembrance Monument in the centre. It looks very grand. Polished black marble, can you see our reflections.
This corner building caught my eye. I love the veranda on the front, and the colours of red and white bring it to life.

Glorious sunshine today, we are lucky with the weather.

St Nicholas Church stands tall and proud.

Lots of charity shops in Hornsea, which I couldn't go in. No no room for buggies and dogs not allowed, and I won't leave him outside. When I bought the cookies I had to park him at the open door so he could see I wasn't too far away. We had a wander through Hall Garth Park, Rocky was ready for a walkabout. How fabby, they have an outdoor free gym. I wonder if anyone uses it. I had a little play.
It's very hard to lift your own body weight with your arms. I managed about six push ups, but the muscles in my shoulders and back are not my strongest. I am more of a leggit girl myself, ha ha.

Time to go home. The tide is in, no more sandcastle building today. The sea comes right up to the wall.

It was straight home, no stopping. Could have called in at Tesco Barton, they have sent me a £6 off voucher, but couldn't be bothered. Always another day. All cats have been in the house all day, Bugsy snoozing in his usual place in the bedroom. Heidi shut in the spare room separated from Mayze who had the run of the house. Heidi's injuries are not looking too bad, I'll keep her in a little while longer, she wants to go out, but mum says no, ha ha.
Sunday morning when I am writing this, started last night but was too tired to finish it. Have a nice day. More sewing for me. Toodle pip


  1. I love your photos of Hornsea and the story of your day Illona. wasn't the light beautiful yesterday, but I'm sure it was very chilly on the coast.
    Jacquie x

  2. I just love the way you take Rocky out in that pushchair ! he is such a lucky boy.

  3. Lucky old Rocky, another great day out! It was lovely and sunny here, yesterday...even warm...out of the wind!

  4. always liked hornsea , its it bit to far for a potter since we moved from Scunnie we settle for Sutton On Sea now

  5. Another great day out! I'm looking forward to the southport walk. That was my main holiday last year and I'm looking forward to seeing your posts on it. Might give me some ideas for my next visit!

  6. thanks for talking us on your day out. Lots of lovely photos to view.

  7. Sounds like a lovely trip to the seaside. I do wish I could take photos half as good as you though.

    X x

  8. Looks like a brilliant day out.Love the photos' of the seagulls,do you have a fancy camera to catch them in flight like that? I saw a little dog tied outside a supermarket the other day,I kept an eye on him because of the risk of being taken for ill means (seems to be getting quite common).When the woman came out the dog was really excited so I could tell he was with her.When I spoke to her she did nothing but run the beautiful little dog down!Makes me sad,so good to see Rocky getting so much out of life in his advanced years.

  9. Looks like a lovely day out and in such sunny weather! I love the seagulls all lined up waiting for their lunch. Sarah

  10. Beautiful photo's! Thanks for taking us with you. Rocky is so lucky to have you. :)

  11. Lovely pictures of your day by the sea. I love the sea in Winter time. Not so many people around. It is still beautiful even when it is chilly:)

  12. Thanks for mentioning Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I had forgotten about that book and now want to read it again.

    Beautiful Remembrance Monument. Sadly in my hometown they took down the WW2 Roll of Honor.

    Looks like it was a lovely day even though cold. Your photos are the best, Ilona.

  13. You and Rocky have some lovely trips out, he's a very lucky boy and great company for you when you're out and about

  14. I love hornsea not for the beach but for the lovley little town and the cahrity shops , The church one is good xxx

  15. My favourite part of Hornsea is the Mere. Maybe too many ducks and Canada geese for Rocky's liking. Lovely cafe selling homebaked cakes. I love the town too.

  16. What a grand day out, you and Rocky have such wonderful day trips:) Seeing Rocky is the highlight for me but I also loved the photos of the seagulls♥

  17. hi Ilona, I've ridden the TPT both ways. Parts of it are very hard on the bikes but will be easier walking. The bit coming down from the Pennines on the east side ( cannot remember the place names) was renewed last year and is really nice now. it was badly damaged by the flooding in 2007 and probably 2010 and 2012 . I really enjoy the ride across the fields from just outside Hull to Hornsea. we will use the York via Selby to Hull in June. we will be cycling in the \Netherlands and Germany this summer.
    Brenda in the Boro

  18. Hello! Have just caught up on your last three posts,thank you very much.So nice to read something positive and pleasant.I really like how your art is progressing ,gosh you've done a lot.Time flies, it surely does.You make such good use of your valuable time and spend it wisely and well.Always cooking, sewing, walking, gardening, volunteering,sharing your blog and smiles and wisdom.Lovely day at the seaside with sweetie Rocky and great photos again, danke.Bye for now, D.

  19. When I was in high school one of my friends lived in Hornsea. She had to take the bus, (or maybe it was the train) to school every day.
    Don't think I've ever seen the seafront with the tide so far out. A beautiful day on the East Coast of Yorkshire. What could be better!

  20. Lovely beach scenes and a wonderful day for you and Rocky...How is Heidi healing?


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