Thursday, 8 September 2016

Chuffin heck

Hello. I've just spent a couple of hours on a post, only for it to disappear. It's getting late, I'll have to leave it until tomorrow. Bluddy Blogger.   :-((


  1. what a shame, looking forward to hearing later about your adventures

  2. Oh no. Have been looking forward to your updates in Yorkshire. Will catch up later. Take care.

  3. sorry to hear, on one hand, but on the other...

    I too have had this happen, I would write up a comment, hit publish, and FLASH, it is gone...

    no idea

    but those darn GREMLINS, I guess

  4. How frustrating. Do you save as you go along? I have had this happen to me and now save it as I go so that at least not all of it gets lost. I don't know if your blog works the same as mine though.

  5. So as well as walking in Yorkshire you are also floating around in the ether!!

  6. Keep calm and carry on! SueM


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