Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The wall hanging of many colours

Hello. I'm pleased to say that this wall hanging is now finished, hip hip hooooray. The idea for it came from Carol at Crafty Club. She explained how to paint on a piece of sacking. Then Janet made one, now I have done this one, and Pat has  made a start on hers. Not that we copy each other, each one is different, we just share ideas. 
It is 19 inches long, and 16.5 inches wide, not quite as big as the curtain ring flowers, and slightly bigger than the zippy one. I had no pattern in mind when I started it, and picked out random colours of wool, ribbon, and narrow strips of fabric, to do a simple running stitch throughout. I put a border of black wool around the edge to stop it fraying any further. Then I stitched it onto a black background. It is quite thick, four layers in total, three black, and one piece of old curtain sandwiched inside. 

The idea is to go both horizontally and vertically with the running stitch. I just threaded my needle and stopped when it ran out, then started again with another colour, in another direction.

There has to be some long and some short stitches at the end of each row, so the overall effect is like laying bricks. When I first started I thought it would be better to stitch over the paint in the same colour, but then found it looks better if you use a contrasting colour so the painted background shows through. My piece of sacking is a very loose weave so it was easy to push the needle through.

So there you go, another one finished. Time to move on to something else.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
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  1. Brill, as good close up as from a distance.

  2. That is beautiful! The colours are amazing!

  3. I like the brightness of this. The pattern & colours would be fab in a front doormat.

  4. 'The colours it!!

  5. I luv it Ilona.It has reminded me of a painting that I would have bought if it hadn't been so expensive-it was a boat on the sea done in blocks of orange & red x

  6. I think this is my favorite of your crafts. Really beautiful. I’m enjoying this all the way from Minneapolis Minnesota.

  7. Lovely colours and so much detail.You must have so much patience to be able to do things like this!.Years ago,I would have been guilty of buying the odd,mass produced stuff that they sell in the shops.I once spent £50 on two brown and beige blocks of...well nothing really.Just wall art canvas!Years later my Grandson sold them at a carboot..for 50p each!These days,I would much rather have a piece like this!It really is lovely and its amazing what you can do by recycling!,xx

  8. Love it. It reminds me of Elmer the patchwork elephant.

  9. That looks fabulous! When I was little Mum made us a quilt each from hessian sacks opened out and sewed onto a fabric backing. She got the idea from the depression era families here in Australia who had to make do with whatever fabric was available for their bedding and clothing. This would look wonderful as a quilt! Wonder how it would wash though? I can’t recall Mum ever washing ours though as it only ever sat on top of the other bedding.

    1. Hi. Thanks for your ideas. This wouldn't work as a quilt, too heavy, too thick, too stiff, and too coarse. It wouldn't wash. A lightweight version could be made with a closer weave thinner hessian, but even so, that wouldn't be very comfortable as a bed cover.

  10. Forgot to add further to my comment about the hessian quilts Mum made. She decorated the hessian with coloured wool hand stitched and added a pretty floral fabric border.

  11. That looks amazing - the bright colours work so well together.
    Best wishes

  12. I love the bright colors! Well done!

  13. You have a wonderful sense of colour. It is a beautiful wallhanging.


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