Monday, 15 July 2019

Sticky fingers

Here's the second of the little 8 inches x 6 inches plyboards, I am aiming to decorate. Trying to think of ideas, trying not to use glue, but I have to confess I did with this one. After varnishing I wrapped thin wire around the board, three verticals and three horizontals. I didn't measure the distances apart, just guessed. This made a grid, then I secured the wire to the board at the junctions where they crossed. 
I looked through my cotton fabric stash and chose a mix of patterns and colours, and cut them into postage stamp sizes to fit squarely within the grid. The first plan was to sew them to the wire, but then I realised that the four corners would only be fastened on two sides, and the outside ones on three sides. That was not going to work. Solution, glue.

I used Hi Tack School Glue. It comes in a small plastic bottle with a narrow nozzle, to put the glue exactly where you want it. It's a bit like PVA glue. Spread it on both surfaces and press down. Work from the centre easing out the air bubbles around the edge. Wipe excess glue off with my fingers.

Fastening the wires at the back.

I think I might add those silver buttony things in each corner so that it matches the slate one. Also I've put pink wire for hanging, think it should be silver, not coloured.

Now starting the third board, I'm going for buttons this time. I have eight boards altogether, if I can think of enough ideas to decorate them. Now there's a challenge. Toodle pip. ilona


  1. Are you going to be holding another exhibition/sale with all this crafting you are doing ?

    1. Hello Wean. I have no plans for an exhibition at the moment. I enjoy making things.

  2. Depending on what theme of material you use,I think that these would look great in a kids bedroom.Maybe cutting small pieces from animal print,Thomas the tank,Toy story ect quilt covers.Then as they get older change the material to whatever they are in to then!.It could last them all through their childhood years.At our Loros they sell the full sets for only £1 so they could even be made for other children in the family.Another way of keeping things out of landfill....Just thought I would let you know,that I have dug about 30 kitchen scrap potatoes up from my garden this morning so free things for dinner for the next few days!.Ive also got 3 little lettuce growing from the stumps,in a little water put in saucers.It really is worth doing things with kitchen scraps!!xx

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