Wednesday 25 March 2020


I've had a nice day in the garden. Sewing in the sun. Council tax paid at the Post Office.

Something for you to read, not my words, retweeted from Twitter.

A quote from a refuse collector: “In the past 2 weeks, we have seen a 30% increase in Food Waste collected from households, the additional weight is mainly fresh food that has gone out of date and was never even touched, some still in wrappers.

Guidance needed for double-manned trunking. Drivers cannot practice social distancing, are in cab together 13+ hours. Move to changeovers needed. Plenty spare trucks now. Pallet networks, we are told are still flat out.

Incredible! Just had a delivery point argue with a driver stating they wanted the goods in the house! they abused the driver and stated "don't worry none of us have it"! Really people come on can somebody really be that stupid

Absolutely thrilled that 405,000 NHS volunteers have already signed up. We are grateful for each and every one of you - doing your bit in the national effort to defeat

My wife just went to the supermarket. They were letting ten in, ten out. Everybody queued politely and 2 metres apart. When she got in, the shelves were full. Everyone was polite. We can do this.

Final call out of the day before I return home to my family, group of youths blocking a highway with pedal cycles, spitting at members of the public - Parents: WHERE are your children? And what are they doing? 

What is the point if the responsible majority in this country keeping two metres apart when people in London are still packed onto the tube like sardines

Update: We will continue to collect household waste. However from today the brown bin collection service will be suspended in order to concentrate on our core services and protect the vulnerable. Please do not put your brown bin out for collection.

The Humber Bridge Half Marathon has been cancelled. It was due to take place on 28th June. Anyone who has entered will be entitled to a full refund or have the option to donate their entry free to Hull Foodbank.

Good guys: Smokey Joe's Cafe north of Redruth on the A30 is closed but you can still park there and the showers and toilets are available. Throughout all of this, it's the little businesses and individuals that continually outshine the big companies.

There ya go, that will keep ya busy for five minutes. Now going for my daily exercise. Chow.


  1. This crisis has definitely brought out the best and sadly the worst in people.

    1. You're certainly right there, panic buying, now 30% increase in food waste. That is shocking.

    2. I would personally sit there and make those selfish, wasteful excuses for humanity eat every morsel of the food they have thrown away. It is beyond contempt. For the first time in over a week I managed to buy fresh veg today, I got carrots and an iceberg lettuce and I will manage with that.

    3. Why can't people eat whats due to go our of date first. Theres 5 people in my house so nowt gets chucked. 30% is disgusting. People have just lost their heads. We've all faced abuse at work the last few weeks its disgusting the way people behave. We've worked flat out for those ungrateful people and are at risk by doing our job. People should be ashamed of their actions. Sorry rant over I'm usually an upbeat person lol.

  2. Hi Ilona and all of your friends.I'm a worrier and suddenly yesterday have got anxious with the changes to my life-it is selfish of me of but it is taking time for me and my dogs to adjust to the restrictions.Well done to Smokey Joe's Cafe Redruth x

  3. Hello again Ilona-I have not long ago been chatting to Debi on the phone and apparently she is having a bit of a problem getting through to you here and her message is getting lost I think-so may have to try as anon.As always she seems to be finding lots to keep herself busy and ways to stretch the food they have to the utmost-and has really cheered me up as I think I could get a bit odd.Hope you are enjoying the sunshine x


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