Thursday, 9 April 2020

Filling time

It's happened again. Every time I get started on another project I get distracted and start playing around with something else. I am gathering bits and bobs for the next assemblage. Looking in all my boxes of stuff for suitable things to stick onto that big black box I painted yesterday. I found some small plastic bottles which have fabric dye in them, just the job, they will fit in just fine. But what to do with the dye. 
I might as well splash it about and see what happens. So I got some cotton curtain linings and half a bed sheet and laid them out on the work table outside. Sprayed some water on so the colours would run into each other. No planning, this is the result. 

I quite like the way the colours have merged. Perhaps use them for the backgrounds of my future art projects. Maybe add embroidery. It's good to experiment.

Now I have washed the little bottles and can get on with the assemblage. That's if I don't get distracted by something else. Looks a good day for a walk I am thinking, Oh here I go again, what to do next. Maybe I could fit in a walk, and do something arty as well, if I have time. How are you filling your day? I have plenty of things to do to fill mine.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. They look brilliant. An artwork in themselves. You should try that on a plain t-shirt. I am knitting a little fox and reading my new (old book) In Search of England by H.V.Morton. First published in 1927. A bit different from these days. In between a bit of embroidery and going for my daily walk around the park. Just a normal day for me. I sent for some tiny embroidery rings from Amazon. They can be made into a brooch , necklace or displayed together on a wall. Quick results, haha.

  2. I think they'd be fantastic sewn as pillow covers, fabulous amount of colours there.

    1. I was thinking the exact same thing

    2. Oooh! I think that is an excellent idea.

  3. I also quite like how they look. To my eye, they look better from a bit of a distance (as the ones on the clothesline are in photo) than as close close up...

    myself, I think they would look great, each individually as framed artwork...huge and magnificent.

  4. Love those bright colours.

  5. I love how the bleeding of the colors merged. I finally cleaned out my second bedroom which was holding contents from a 10' x 10' storage shed, cleaned out and rearranged kitchen cupboards and worked a little in the yard with my husband. We want to start our garden but we are expecting snow Saturday and Sunday, so we will have to wait. That's how I am passing my time. Your way is a lot more fun!

  6. The material would make great shopping bags.What lovely colours!!.It would make a trip to the shops alot more cheerful.My days are hit and miss at the moment,lol.Most days I feel like keeping really busy but I just get the odd day when Im spending hours on the laptop.Although doing that is giving me ideas of trying something new.Its better than a couple of days last week when I just burst into tears.My emotions were just all over every where!.I think it was because I was worrying how my 86 year old Mam was going to cope...but she seems to be doing fine!.Ive painted my wicker chairs white and finished my garden room effect with a couple of plants that I have had for years.So I am really pleased with that!.I have been making sure that we are eating healthy..infact we have even lost a few I can get my backside into my old Levis now,lol.Im playing my old french jazz music quietly in the back ground.In fact Ive turned into a 60s style hippy..hubby says Ive always been one of them,lol.My regrown veg has given me a greens for the weekend and the sprouting carrot tops have made a lovely little plant.So all is good today!!.Hope every one has a lovely Easter and the sun shines for us all.Stay safe,xx

  7. You are still finding lots of things to do Ilona, bright lovely colours.
    I have just sorted out lots if fabric for a friend she is going to make bags for the nurses to put there dirty uniforms in. Since the stroke I cannot use my machine but at least I can help in some way.
    Our singing lady is having a TEA AND CAKE sing song/chatter this afternoon on Zoom should
    be fun.

    Enjoy you day,
    Hazel c uk🌈🌈


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