Thursday, 9 April 2020

When it's someone you know.

I am in shock. I turned the computer back on tonight as I sat down to eat my dinner, and checked  some of my favourite sites. As I was scrolling through Twitter a familiar face came up on the screen. Amar Latif who I have mentioned several times in the past posted a tweet from his hospital bed. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing. This is a man who is totally blind, who is a big strapping fella, who has risen to every challenge that has come his way, and he almost died from the Coronavirus.

I don't know how to post his video here. Copied and pasted the link, don't know if it will work.

Copy and paste it into your computer, it may not work if you are not on Twitter.
I have just tested the link, it works for me. 

He had the symptoms for a week at home, then was taken to Leeds Infirmary where he has been for six days. He is struggling to talk, and is still coughing. He thought his life was going to end in the hospital. The message he gives is don't be bored at home, you are still alive. He is hoping to go home today or tomorrow.

Thank goodness he appears to be getting over it, I hope he makes a full recovery. Amar is on the TV at the moment, in a series filmed in October, about a pilgrimage trek he did with some other people. On tonight I believe.

This is one of the blog posts I wrote about him, posted last year.

Please be careful where you go if you need to go out. Keep a good distance away from people. Never mind the two metre thing, it's not enough. Stay safe.


  1. It's even more of a shock when a beloved family member catches the virus, my nephew has been very poorly, thankfully he's on the mend now but once someone you love has it your world is changed.

    1. I think we tend to block out the negative feelings when it happens to someone else, and try to get on with our own lives. It must be a terrible shock to know that a family member is affected. I hope your nephew continues to make progress with his recovery.

  2. We lost our aunt last weekend to this awful virus. She had a fall and ended up in hospital and died two weeks later. Stay safe everyone.

  3. I remember when you wrote about him. I pray he fully recovers. Someone I went to university with years ago died suddenly of Covid 19 after isolating at home. Very sad.

    1. Thank you. I hope he fully recovers. Amar is a kind and gentle person, he is such an inspiration for everyone who is visually impaired.

      The speed in which the virus can strike people down is very frightening. We must never let our guard down.

  4. I am so pleased Amar is recovering, this is a very nasty virus where nobody seems to know where it comes from.
    Keep safe 🌈🌈 Hazel c uk

  5. I hope that as Aman is a strong,fit man he will be able to overcome this.It is so frightening as we don't know enough about it yet.I went to the supermarket after the last one 9 days ago.The previous time it seemed fine and I was not too worried afterwards but not this time.I was scared,shaking inside and felt close to tears.I was there before 9am and there was a very long queue but most people were good.but suddenly a elderly man hurried closely past me on the inside of the barriers where we were queuing to his wife.He was very close as he passed and it happened so quickly that I couldn't put my hand out to block him.Inside there were several people being irresponsible.When I saw one aisle was busy I went to another and if that was busy I waited and kept my distance-some did not.Throughout this messages were being sent over the tannoy to all of us shoppers to keep our distance.I really don't want to go again x


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