Tuesday, 30 June 2020

A closer look at Hidden Treasure.

Good morning, grey skies again in North Lincolnshire, but not raining.....yet. I made this video yesterday about how I made Hidden Treasure. Some of you may have read the post and seen the pictures I put out the other day, so skip this if you don't want to see my mush or hear me droning on about it. The choice is yours, dear reader. 

I always take a still picture before I film to check if the camera is set up right. I look a bit washed out against the yellow wall. Roots are coming through, I need to do something with the hair soon. 
I still have some Orkney rope left so another bowl is under construction. This time wrapped with red hairy wool, and stitched together with white wool.
When it gets to this stage I need to decide how big it's going to be and when I should start curving the sides upwards. For the first two I used the colander as a mould. Shall I carry on a bit longer with the flat bottom or start curving now. I might use a bowl with a bigger base, time to decide. 
Last shout out to the International Walking Group members, it's check in day tomorrow. Six months have gone already, are you on target, or are you struggling to keep up. I have passed the 500 mile mark, not by as much as I would have liked though, it's been either too hot to walk in the daytime, or, in the last few days, too wet. Let us know how you are getting on tomorrow. 
Cheers for now. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Great post, I'm loving your bowls they are very practical.

  2. I think your assemblage is amazing! I loved the video showcasing how you created the artwork. The textures are lovely and I think it really should be featured in an exhibit in an art gallery. You are so creative Ilona!

    1. Thank you. I would love to have another exhibition. It's very difficult to get a few pieces, even one piece, into a gallery. They are booked up a year or so ahead.

  3. Hi ilona, didn't realize how large Hidden Treasure is, you've worked very hard on this and I think it deserves a place in a gallery. Margaret x.

  4. Like the large presentation the best with the pop of color although the others are very nice also.

  5. You are immensely talented. I love the large artwork. Brilliant use of the bottle caps and buttons.


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