Monday, 29 June 2020

Crafty me

Hello and good morning on this dull and windy Monday morning. I will plan my day around the weather today. The front lawn needs mowing, thought about leaving it to develop into a wild flower meadow, but maybe not. I might fit a walk in if it doesn't rain. Otherwise I will carry on playing with rope and wool. And I need to make some videos. 
Trying different materials and different ideas is proving to be quite enjoyable. I've had this roll of fine mesh for absolutely donkey's years, there ought to be something I can do with it. Some orange cord left, so let's get crafting.  
It was going to be a bowl, but ended up as a coaster. I thought I would give it a frilly edge. The orange colour looks kind of lost, too much of the luminous green, when I do this again I will look for something a bit finer to blend in with the base colour, and not blot it out all together. I've done this in a blanket stitch by the way. 
The bowl I made with the green cord and white wool. I have given it a pink edge. When making these you can always add a bit more on with crochet. 

Here is a photo of the pan of veggie stew I have on the go at the moment. I put some Quorn chunks in it, and the salsa sauce came from a sachet of ready made sauce, which was a year out of date. I don't care, it tastes lovely. A portion left for lunch today, and if I add some ready cooked rice I can spin it out for a dinner later on. 
I did an Aldi shop yesterday afternoon, I thought 3pm on a Sunday would be a good time to do it, an hour before they close. It wasn't very busy, and I didn't need much so it was hassle free. I still think after 7pm at night is better, so I will stick to that. Must make sure I don't run out of anything and have to go during the daytime in a panic. 
Another shock this morning when I logged on here. The post, Getting ready for Camping, has had over 9,100 page views, which takes it to the top of the list for the most page views of all times, beating the previous winner by 500 views. I am gobsmacked. 
Anyway, I'm going to get off, just remembered I need to go to the Post Office in the church this morning. Toodle pip..ilona


  1. Yes, that pink edge finishes the bowl off beautifully.

    You are being very clever with your post titles recently, hence the influx of hits. Well deserved though, and I bet they all stay for a good read once they are here, even if it turns out you are not the guru of camping ... or have a new cat in the family ;-)

    1. Ha ha, yes. I skim down other people's sidebars and pick a few out to read. It's the title that gets me to open it and have a look. This car camping post is heading for 10,000 views. It doesn't matter to me how many people read, but it's fun to get an occasional blockbuster.

  2. Saw this on Facebook so thought I'd let you know, ScrapStore is opening again - their message - "We are pleased to announce that Hull Scrapstore will be open fully on Tue 30th June at 10am. For the foreseeable future, opening times will be Mon-Wed 10am-2pm. We will be restricting numbers coming into the store, so request that it is one person per household/organisation that enters the building. We ask that everyone respects social distancing. We are looking forward to seeing you all again".

  3. The stats thing is a mystery sometimes. My post from weeks ago titled "Looking for a Cross stitch Kit has had over 12,000 page views - weird - not sure I believe it.
    Have fun car camping when you are able to get out and about


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