Saturday, 19 December 2020

Snap happy

A few photo's from a three mile local walk today. It was a sunny afternoon. Not a spectacular sunset, but interesting clouds. I like silhouettes. 

The low sun makes everything golden. 

Nice to see a splash of colour. 

Now I'm going to watch a few videos, with a glass of wine. I'm hooked on One Foot in the Grave, at the moment. I love his ranting and swearing. Hilarious. 
Tatty byes. ilona


  1. You have an eye for photography. I've enjoyed taking photos of nature for years then paint watercolors from my photos ;)

  2. Lovely photos especially the last one with the stunning red berries. One Foot in the Grave is brilliant isnt it 😄 These days we find ourselves saying "I don't believe it!" quite a lot 😂

  3. You really do take great photos. Have you ever thought of entering any competitions?

    I loved one foot in the grave, but I didnt like the very last one which was I believe a Christmas special.

    1. No I haven't Gill. Perhaps I should. Thanks for the suggestion.

  4. I've been enjoying One Foot in the Grave lately, too! I bought myself the box set last year. Victor Meldrew is a balm for the soul in these crazy times.


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