Saturday, 19 December 2020

Carry on carrying on

 Hello. Saturday morning and all is well, could be a nice day. The sun is making an appearance. The cats have been fed, and I have had my first coffee. My new routine is to rush to the bathroom straight after a mug of coffee, to brush my teeth. Coffee stains, as does tea. Can't get to the dentist so the extra cleaning comes into play. 

I have spoken to my family, those in Burton upon Trent and those in Nottingham. It is about this time when I drive down to the Midlands to visit them. This year I will not be going. I have no idea what they have been doing this last year, where they have been going, and who they have been mixing with, so common sense will prevail, I will stay put here. I don't much like Christmas anyway, it's just like any other day to me.

I have been doing pretty well at avoiding dodgy situations, and avoiding people in my new life as a semi recluse. I don't want to mess it up now. After all I have had a lot of training at this self imposed single life, relying on my own resources to get myself through the ups and downs which happen from time to time. What is happening now is just another blip. Things can't go back to where we were, life moves forward, there will be more blips to come. In the meantime I carry on with my life in the way I see fit. 

In my dreams I will walk in the hills once more.

Time for breakfast. Have a good Saturday. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. It seems a nice day here and I will be going for a walk soon.
    I am having my injection on Wednesday for the virus and again in 3 weeks, I was not sure if to have it but my children think it's best, I have to go to another village to have it and it's exactly 3 weeks to the hour the next one is done I don't know what happens if the weather changes and I can't get to it we will see, look on the bright side.
    That is a lovely photo of you on the hills.
    Enjoy your day.
    Hazel c uk πŸŒˆπŸŒˆπŸŽ…

  2. I like photo you posted of u. Yes life's different. We will be just two of us at Christmas. We celebrate it anyway as birth of Jesus. He's the reason for the season. We're using meat we already have. This year it looks like beef ribs in instant pot. We didn't walk Sat evening as it was cold and raining. Phil was tired as he'd worked which he does as its end of the quarter. And his birthday. It's good be raining heavier today than normal per weather report. Will see. I'm staying home and making cinnamon rolls. Have a good weekend. πŸ˜€πŸŽ„

  3. Yes in our dreams we can have our old normal life back. When I watch TV shows where people are close together, hugging, sitting together and no masks then I know it was pre-covid and it makes me a little sad. We had such a wonderful world and didn't realize what was coming. Praying our lives will get back to that soon, I know we will count our blessings more. A little gun shy though that this might happen again, hopefully not. Hugs from America.

  4. Best wishes to you from Arkansas, USA! Cold and raining here. My walk will be on the treadmill - boring but college football is on tv. That helps, although I miss the crowds watching the games and tailgating before. No family get togethers this year for Christmas. Just be the 2 of us but that's ok. My days of being in big crowds ended when our son played in his last college baseball game. Love the picture of you. Take care.

  5. I really do love to see your pictures of your walking travels with you smiling happily I'm sure you will walk the hills again very soon and also see your family again this coming year.i find Christmas a bit of a faff.your a strong lady Ilona also a cheerfull soul too I'm sure these good things about you will see you through till we can be freeier to do our things we want away from our four walls again.what I want to say I don't always explain well but I'm full of admiration for you for living life as best you can at mo with a smile and all those lovley walks you do are fabulous very inspiring to see.

  6. I greatly enjoy your blog. I love your "spunkiness" . I am in USA, GA and live in a rural area. I am 76 with slight health issues, so I am taking your encouragement and resolving to walk some amount every day. I am shooting for about 2 miles at least. THanks for sharing your life & encouraging others. Mary Ann

    1. That's a word I haven't heard for a long time. Made me laugh. Thanks Ann.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments. Please forgive me if I don't reply to every one. It's a big job to check all the comments here and yooootooob. I do my best.


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