Saturday, 22 May 2021

Steam train at Goathland Station.

I walked alongside and crossed over the railway track several times while I was in North Yorkshire. Hearing a train approach, waiting in anticipation to see it, then when it came into view, was a real treat. 
A view of Goathland Station. I didn't walk onto the platform, there were people about and you had to do the track and trace thing, and I don't want to do that. Luckily the camera allows me to get some decent photo's with the zoom facility. 
I shouted across to an attendant to ask if there was a train due. He said yes, any time, it's late. I parked myself in a position to get a good view as it arrived. 
A few minutes later and I could hear it, and there it was. Excuse spots on the video, I forgot to clean the lens. 
I have had notification from yoootoooob that they will be putting adverts onto all videos soon. There is nothing I can do about that. I will not get any revenue from it. 
Now I'm off to walk Billy. He was so excited when I turned up on Thursday. 
Have a good weekend. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Thanks for the video of the train, a charming scene. I have heard there is a new service called newtube, I haven't investigated, but not nice that yooootooob will be putting ads on all videos.

    1. It's called Brand New Tube. A lot of tooobers are moving over to platforms which don't censor.

    2. Can thoroughly recommend BrandNewTube, they actually allow free speech. Seems to me that YouTube is getting too authoritarian with its users both video makers and with people who leave comments not quite to their liking. Okay it is a private company but people will walk away from their jackboot tactics. There are so many alternatives opening up now as people are getting fed up with woke censorship. I regard it now as a badge of honour to get banned from Youtube!!!

  2. We got off the North Yorkshire railway in Goathland and it was so cold we got back on again!

  3. What a great sight as that steam train came into view.It made me feel almost child like waiting for it to appear!.And how lucky are you to get there and a train was almost due!.These are the sort of trains that we used to get on from Leicester to Mablethorpe when we were kids.So excited with our buckets and spades,Mam holding the bags with the sandwiches and Dad holding the small case we used to take.That scene,in your video looks like some thing out of the old Janet and John books.It must be an amazing view from those houses!.Thank you for the video,I love it!xx

  4. Lovely short video - for a minute I thought the train was arriving behind you haha.
    I have 'Ad Block' on my pc and have never see any utube adverts so far - I wonder if it will keep working after the new changes :(

  5. Great train video with lamb accompaniment.

  6. A few years ago we went camping in Pickering. We got on the steam train and spent the day at Gothland. We had lunch in the Adensfield Arms.
    Did you know that the bridge, platform and train featured in the Harry Potter films?

  7. I love to walk to the Birch Hall Inn in Beck hole from Goathland village, it's such a quirky pub. A great place to relax after a long walk and enjoy a Beck hole butty!

  8. I loved this! We have been on that train often over the years and watching this I so want to go there again. Thank you for sharing this Ilona. x


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