Saturday, 25 December 2021

The end of Christmas Day

 I allowed myself four hours for a walk today. I went at 12 and was back by 4. I was well wrapped up because it was cold. Furry hood to keep my head warm. The intention wasn't to do more miles, it was to meander, to stop and take in the winter scenery. I dawdled, I gazed, and I listened.

I took a different path and sloshed through the mud. I walked with my legs far apart as I straddled the mud, trying to get a bit of grip on the tufts of grass on each side. I should have taken my walking pole with me but I forgot. 

On the side of the track I noticed a bundle of new wire. A bit like fence wire but not so thick. I picked it up and managed to scrunch it up and get it into a smallish plastic bag. That will come in useful I thought. On the way home I remembered that my friend Angela had said to me once she was looking for some wire to make an animal figure. She wants to grow a bush inside it and trim it to the shape as it grows. I dropped off the wire at her house, she was chuffed. 

I found four black bin bags of fly tipping. Assorted rubbish inside. I had gloves on so I looked through it. Struck lucky, two pieces of packaging, bubble wrap bags, with a name and address on. I photographed what I found.   

I've made a big pan of stew tonight. I had a couple of spicy bean burgers which were too hot for me so I put them in the stew. The whole stew was then spicy, so I put a spoon of sugar in it. That's better 

As Christmas Day comes to a close I look forward to the days getting longer and the start of a new year. Maybe I will spend less time working on the computer, maybe I will concentrate on doing more of what makes me happy. 

Thanks for sticking with me. Those who don't like what I put on my blog, it's ok to drop out. I have gained quite a few like minded friends, some on here, and a lot on the yoootooob channel. Welcome if you are new. 

Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. Let us know what happens if you can tell with the flt tipping.. a great idea. I am with you 100% on your views.

  2. Merry Xmas, Ilona! Always like to drop by and see what you're up to and what you're thinking. Stay free, healthy and strong!

  3. I am glad you had a good walk and didn't get messed up in the mud! It has gotten colder as we may get some snow today and tomorrow and cold Mon and Tues. I was planning on visiting my brother this coming week but not til next year. Mid 20 to low 30 degrees farenheit. Hope it's not too icy to drive to church and work. Work is 5 min drive. Have a good weekend!

  4. I think the idea of dropping their rubbish off in their mailbox is an excellent idea!!!! Won’t they be shocked that someone know who they are and where their laziness git them lol Wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall when they see that lol!!!!!
    We finished with the Christmas visitors today dropping by to see my mother-in-law. We took what few decorations we had out away and we are ready to start 2022. I’m still playing with the idea of doing the 1,000 mile challenge. I have gotten in the habit of playing a computer game. I spend or should I say waste so much time with it. I plan on putting the game down and doing a lot more reading in 2022.
    And of course out BIGGEST plan is to put away as much money as possible. I want to retire at 55 (3 more years} and I will need to pay for my own health insurance, until I am eligible for Medicare. That will be a huge chunk of change each month!! But it will so be worth it to be able to not have to worry about work and in the winter snowstorms making sure I can get there. To me that freedom will be so worth the cost of insurance!!!! I enjoyed Christmas, but I am so ready for the New Year!!!! Bring it on 2922!,,,

  5. Hope you had a great Christmas Ilona!

  6. Please be careful ilona, whilst I admire your efforts with your crusade against the fly tipper, you never know how they will react, especially if they find out it's you via your blog.

    Were the bean burgers from Aldi? I find them far too spicy for me.
    Have you tried the aldi meatless balls in your stew? I really like them.

    Happy new year. Let's hope things improve for all of us.

    1. Yes, they were Aldi beanburgers. I won't be buying them again, too spicy. Yes I've tried the meatless balls. Grilled they are as hard as bullets. They work best in a stew. Reminds me of testicles. Ha ha.

    2. You are very naughty. In some countries real testicles are considered a delicacy yuk.

      Are you a fan of halloumi or paneer? Something different to pop in your stew. Aldi also do tins of mixed beans and lentils. Us vegetarians have to make sure we get enough protein.
      Wishing you a happy new year.

  7. I don't often comment, but I enjoy reading your blog everyday. It's a breath of fresh air!

  8. Merry Christmas ilona how great you had a walk, people fly tip regularly i hate it but please don't knock on anyone's Door that could be unsafe ilona , you could get a crank high on drugs do some serious harm to you .. all the best Levi x

  9. Merry Christmas, Ilona.
    I read your posts every day although i don't comment often

    I would love to know the results of the fly tipping. Why can't they just take it to the tip.

  10. I like associating with both like minded and those who think differently than I do. I always learn something new. Happy New Year.


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