Thursday, 28 April 2022


 Can't be bothered to write a blog post today. Here are some bits I picked up on the tweeeteratta. It will be interesting to see what happens now that Mr Musk is in charge. I read that people have been leaving the platform in their droves. Oh well, their choice. 

'I have the Indian jab in my arm and the power of good it did me.' Boris Johnson announces a vaccine initiative with India after meeting with the country's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

At least twelve major food-processing plants in the US have been destroyed during the last two weeks. Another food processing plant gets hit and finally someone is covering it.

Drivers face thousands in fines if they don't tell DVLA about lifestyle changes.

World Economic Forum report: “90% of all coastal areas will be affected by rising sea-levels due to climate change.” Obama, Pelosi, and Gates, all have homes next to the sea.

The saddest aspect of partygate is that it has led to precisely zero discussion in the media as to whether these rules were actually justified in the first place. Politics as soap opera.

Yorkshire detention centre to house 1,500 single male asylum seekers in ex-RAF base – exclusive GB News report.

Governments across the west are increasingly itchy about "misinformation". They believe that they and institutions under their purview have a monopoly on Truth. So they cast 'misinformation' as a 'threat to democracy'.

Keir Starmer calls for a truce & for all sides to draw a line under covid breaches. In an interview with The BBC he said ‘it’s time to move on & stop wasting Police valuable time. There should be no more investigations’

Best-selling author Douglas Murray tells Julia about his new book The War On The West. "This is a movement against our past and present to re-write everything in our country."

Prison guards ordered to stop using woke words like 'clients' and residents to refer to prisoners.

Terminated from my teaching job today after 20 years of teaching. Completely devastated.

Rishi Sunak admits home owners could face £1,000-a-year rise in rates

Voter ID will do far more harm than good to our democracy. Make no mistake - between voter ID, Covid ID, the new digital ID framework & the push towards biometrics - there is a steady march towards intrusive mandatory ID.

'We've heard from Mr Cummings that it was chaotic in the Department of Health' Karin Smyth MP reacts to the High Court ruling that the Government broke the law by moving Covid patients into care homes at the start of the pandemic.

A reputed federal informant and whistleblower who went missing after reportedly turning over a trove of secret files about Deutsche Bank was found dead at a Los Angeles school earlier this week, a police official says.

Bill Gates is buying up the majority of American farmland and BlackRock is buying the majority of single family houses but I'm supposed to believe the biggest threat to us is Elon Musk buying Twitter?

Tattybyes for now. Catch ya later.   ilona


  1. Love this woman.

  2. Gates, Blackrock and Musk are all the exact same threat - oligarchy

    1. Blackrock and Vanguard are Behind the Global Takeover and Vaccine Mandates

  3. More tweeeeeting
    We've expanded the NHS COVID Pass system for 5-11 year olds making it easier for families to travel internationally and book their summer holidays.

    Dr Mike Yeadon was the person who convinced me not to get the jab. Last year, someone sent me the 2nd podcast he did with JamesDelingpole &though what Mike was saying sounded a bit mad, it made me think. He has since been proved right on so many issues.

  4. The twiiitering continues. . . Not my words.

    Dr Robert Malone over 17.000 physicians and scientists agree.."there is no medical emergency"

    Russell Brand discusses digital currencies and the opportunity that a central bank digital currency (CBDC) gives for governments to hoover up even more control and surveillance.

    Human Rights and freedoms are slowly being stripped by NGOs and global organisations controlling your governments. . .Be uncontrollable. Digital IDs won’t set you free, they will ensure you live by government permission, based on your “good” behaviour.

  5. Japan's economy is collapsing, yet Boris recently went there to do some deals with them. This is how they bring about change.
    We now know why Japan said it wants to be the first full adopter of the Great Reset: It's in about to enter an inflation death spiral. But because of how connected Japan's economy is to America, the crash of the Yen could easily lead to a crash of OUR treasury bonds.

  6. I'm still wondering what is so bad about having to ID cards? It doesn't appear much different to passports and driving licences. Some people are so adamant about not having ID cards, but don't really explain why?

    1. If you haven't been following the developments, you have a lot of catching up to do. I have been posting links on the Research pages for almost a year, you might look at some of them. The WEF are pushing towards globalisation. Every aspect of your life will come under scrutiny. It's a lot more complicated than a licence to drive or a passport to travel. They are resetting the worlds economy.

    2. A passport allows me to travel to different countries and as I travel through it might be stamped in some way. A driving licence is useful as ID but it does not track what I am doing in my day to day life. Digital ID has the potential to track eveything. I could use a digital means to pay for food, petrol everything. I agree with Iona, you have a lot of reading to do.

  7. Sorry Mean Queen this should have been added to my last post.
    Why wait Shelly for people to expalin why? You can do the research yourself and draw your own conclusions.

  8. They are killing people. Taken from twittering

    Vanessa Martins Figueiredo was only 13 Years Old. 5 days After Pfizer, symptoms started. She didn't improve, she just got worse. She passed away on 1/10/2022, two months later. My daughter was healthy, she got vaccinated. My daughter got sick and died. It was the vaccine.