Tuesday, 10 May 2022

Bimbling around Ludborough

This is a picture of St Mary's Church in Ludborough, Lincolnshire. It's where I parked the car yesterday. It was built in 1200AD. The tower is of sandstone construction. Here is some additional information

I set off down a track through the middle of a yellow field. The smell was divine. At the main A18 road I crossed over and followed a tree lined avenue to Wyham. 

A car and trailer pulled into the field I was passing. Two men opened up the back of the trailer and a mummy cow came out of it with her calf. All the other cows in the field gathered around the vehicle to greet the newcomers. Aren't they gorgeous. 

There is a church at Wyham. I spoke to a man who was strimming the grass nearby. He said this church was made redundant in 1982. The current owners live in Wyham House nearby. The man said there is nothing in the church. The owners daughter got married there and a team of workers set about cleaning it up for the ceremony. 

Some lovely views across the Lincolnshire Wolds. 

The walk was mostly along footpaths and bridleways, with very little road walking. This is Cadeby Hall. Two dogs came running across the lawn towards me, barking like crazy. They were fine, probably not used to seeing strangers passing through. 

Two pictures of the same tree here. This one has a touch of zoom. The next one has a lot of zoom. I couldn't decide which one I like best. The sky looks better in this one. 
The sky is lost on this one, but the shape of the tree is lovely. 

One more selfie. It was windy, but also warm. 

When I got back to the car I made time to go and have a look at the railway station. It is not in the village, but a walk down a long road. I am glad I went, even though I was ready for a sit down. I left the backpack in the car and off I went with just the camera. I will put those pictures up tomorrow. 
Thanks for popping in. We'll catch up soon. Toodle pip. 


  1. Hi Ilona. My husbands family came from the Lincolnshire Wolds. A pretty village called South Ormsby. There is a small church and lots of land that used to belong to the squire Massingberd Mundy. He was often having a cup of tea with aunty Edith when we arrived. Some nice walks around the estate. So many lovely memories. The outside toilet with the pig sty next door. Couldnt go there without greeting the pig first. The hooks in the kitchen to hang the hams. The outside pump for water.
    Happy memories of better times. Thank you for your updates on the situation as it is now. I'm with you 100%. Keep us informed. All the best Liz x

  2. What a beautiful walk Ilona. Lovely pictures.

  3. It looks a lovely day -and don't those cows have nice faces-When I pass cows in a field I like to say hello etc-but on the other side of the fence x

  4. Sorry Ilona-I think I forgot to put my name x

  5. Please be careful around cows with calves. They can get very aggressive if they think you're getting too close to their young. People have been killed in this way.
    Love your photos and chat. Thanks for showing us where you've been.

  6. What a lovely walk and beautiful landscaping. Your pictures are beautiful. Imagine a church all to yourself. ❤️❤️ I think that is one of my favorite things about your walks. Always beautiful churches. The architecture is just stunning. Everything here in the US was built yesterday, very little history. Thanks for taking us along!!! 😊😊


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