Sunday 24 September 2023

A castle and a hovercraft

The adventure continues. Friday morning, drive to Carisbrooke Castle. There was a road closed at Newport and the diversion signs sent me on a long trek for miles to avoid it. Eventually I found a layby and dumped the car there. I could see the castle and set off to walk the last bit. It was easy to find. 

There was still quite a lot of the castle still standing, not like some which are just ruins. The church is very nice. 

The gardens are neat and tidy.

There are stairs to climb up onto the top of the castle wall. Some lovely views from up there. Ooooh heck, don't look down. 

Here's me holding onto the handrail. 
The flag pole tower is the highest point. I was up there mother, did you see me waving. 😍😎😨
After a couple of hours I walked back to the car. My legs were aching from climbing all those steps. The plan was to go to Ryde and have a ride on a hovercraft. Once again I couldn't find anywhere to park near the sea. Everywhere was chocablock with cars. Eventually I found a quiet cul de sac a couple of miles out, at Pondwell. It meant I had to walk a long way to get into Ryde. Good job I have an OS map. 
I watched this hovercraft come in and the passengers disembark. 

Some maintenance work going on here. Blue star stickers being applied. 
They reloaded and went off again. 
There were three craft altogether. Two of them were going backwards and forwards, and one was stationary. 

I went into reception and bought a return ticket, and was able to get on the next one. I paid with cash, but all the regular travellers paid with their phones. The crossing is only five minutes. I had a quick look around Southsea and came back. It's very seasidey with slot machines and eating places. None of which I partake of. 
Not much to see through the seaspray. 
After I got back I watched the next one go out. It's like a bus service. 
It was good fun, now I can tick that one off my list. Next a long walk back to the car at Pondwell, and a quiet nights sleep. One more day left. come back tomorrow and find out what I did with it. 
Thanks for popping in. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. What a great trip you are having.Barbarax

  2. Did you notice in your photo of the church that there appear to be six Father Christmas faces peering down from the arch? I´m sure it is an optical illusion but it caught my eye!

    1. No, I didn't notice that. I will go and have a look.

  3. Really enjoying your takes of your trip around the Isle of Wight

  4. Shacklin chine, such pretty photos, thank you for all the holiday snaps so far, I am enjoying my armchair holiday, a nice retreat from the crazy world we are living in, cheers from me here in Australia.

  5. I absolutely love the isle of wight and go every couple of years, this year it was £380 and that included the ferry crossing and a week in a caravan. Glad you enjoyed it. You are brave sleeping in your car. We took our dogs this year and they had a wonderful time on the dog friendly beaches.
    I recognise lots of places we visited in your photos. I wonder if your final day will include quarr abbey? Liz

  6. Hi Ilona, I can’t thank you enough for this writing up of your travels to this lovely spot , what a great adventure and thank you for sharing! Hilogene in Az

  7. Hi Ilona, I was born in Southsea, in 1953, just turned 70. It was in the Royal Navy maternity home. Mum told me that eventually they pulled it down and built a block of flats. My dad was in the navy until 1960, having done his 22 years. We then moved to Tadley, a small village (then) near Newbury, and Greenham common, and the AWRE (atomic weapons research establishment). I was too young to join in any of the protests, and my parents would not have permitted it anyway. I met a Yorkshireman, and married him and went to live in Yorkshire. We were just able to afford a house there, everything south of Watford was way out of our price range. Having retired, we now live in Berwick upon Tweed, a really interesting place, and only a mile from the sea. I enjoy reading about your life, pets and adventures. Thankyou for blogging. Regards Ann T


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