Saturday 23 September 2023


After a full day of walking I was back at my car. Shall I just go to bed? Nope, there is still one attraction to see. Buying a ticket for Shanklin Chine gives you unlimited visits for seven days. It is open until 9pm. The lights go on at dusk, and it turns into a Fairyland. At 8pm it was boots on and off I go again, in the dark. I entered it at the top next to the waterfall. The colours are constantly changing as you walk through it. It's a delightful work of art. 
The little stone bridge changed colours several times. 

I'll say one thing about this camera, it picks up colours beautifully. No editing needed.

A few other people were also walking through. It was quite eerie to see shadows in the gloom. 

I didn't make a video because it would have been too risky on the steps of the slippery wooden walkway, and not being able to see my feet. I needed to hold onto the handrail. What a perfect finish to a lovely day. 
Come back tomorrow to see where I went next. Two days left. Toodle pip.   ilona


  1. What a beautiful place to experience.

  2. Looks lovely Ilona. Thanks for sharing your holiday. Liz

  3. Hi Ilona, me again. I’ve been meaning to tell you this, I think you’re an incredibly brave and strong women, I love that you have wonderful travel adventures and aren’t afraid to follow your heart. There is a quote from Strictly Ballroom “A life lived in fear is a life half lived” you life your life to the full, I wish I was as brave as you! Have a lovely day. Fi from Australia 🇦🇺

  4. Debi from Leicester.Well you certainly make the most out of every day!.What a beautiful place.I have been down the chines to the beach but never at night time.Im wondering how long it has been lit up like this?.A truly wonderful place to go on a beautiful island.xx

  5. I too think you are an amazing brave person….you have charted your course and are following iy

  6. How cool that was ! It must be much safer there than here in the US ….. unfortunately with very little punishment for crimes , they keep committing them :/. Love that you follow your heart and enjoy your life 💕

  7. WOW mother!!! What a wonderful day!! Thanks so much again for taking us along on your many adventures. The planning I am sure is fun and then seeing all these wonderful sites. Hubby and I so enjoying the videos as well. 😊😊

  8. Would have been wonderful to see a video of that Ilona. Looks like your holiday was so enjoyable . You probably need another holiday to get over that one !


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