Tuesday 26 September 2023


 I see that the Gardeeeean has it's begging bowl held high as it pleads for donations. Ha, you've got to be kidding mate, not in a million years will you get any of my money. 

They spew out all kinds of garbage, written by so called journalists and reporters, and I use those words very loosely. I read the headlines and spit feathers. I skim read a bit more and have to go and lie down in a darkened room to recover. 

Here is the latest load of old cobblers, cobbled together by Andrew Gregory, health editor. This is his  statement. . . . . 

The cost of living crisis will cause thousands of premature deaths, study says. 

Oh yeah. It may cause some, because people are struggling to buy decent food. The pressure is so great that some people will inevitably take their own life. But what about all the other premature deaths? The mortality rate is the highest it's ever been. 

Didn't something happen around 2019, 2020, and 2021?  Why were people told to stay in their homes? Why were people threatened with losing their jobs if they didn't take a certain treatment? Why were people arrested in parks and dragged away and bundled into a police van? Why were businesses forced to close? Why were people paid furlough to stay at home and do nothing? Why are kids being mutilated because they are led to believe they can change their gender? Why are millions of people being moved around the world? Why have we got a climate crisis? Why have we got a cost of living crisis? 

Although there are many questions which need answers, no comments will be published on this post. 

One bit of good news has filtered through this morning. DAN ANDREWS HAS RESIGNED. 

Another holiday video coming up later. Toodle pip.   ilona


The real problem is Mass Migration. Mark Moss explains. 


  1. Hello, greetings again from Australia, more importantly, the state of Victoria, yes he has gone hip hip hooray goodbye Dictator Dan Andrews, I am so so happy and so are many people I know, he has destroyed our state financially and trashed our reputation internationally (comm games debarcle) and imprisoned us in our own homes, the worst premier ever, he will not be missed, loving the photos and videos of your holidays, cheers from Elizabeth

    1. Thank you Elizabeth. I saw a report about people partying in the street, when the news of his departure was announced. I have deleted a lot of comments. It is shocking that there are people who cannot see through the tyranny that is engulfing us all.


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