Monday 25 September 2023

Watching more boats

I love anything to do with transport, whether it's got wheels, or floats on the water, or flies in the sky. The thought of going somewhere excites me. Staying in one place doesn't appeal to me at all. I might have been living in the same house for a while, but I like going somewhere else. 
I did look at crossing with Red Funnel, but decided to go with Wight Link. It seemed much more simpler to drive to Lymington, and take the shorter crossing to Yarmouth. 

Watching the ferry unloading and loading. It took ages because of the volume of traffic around the dock area. 
Looks pretty smart eh! This company is 160 years old. Check out their web site. 
Howzabout a quicker crossing in Red Jet. Bet that's exciting to go on that. Skimming across the water. 
That's Spinnaker Tower at Portsmouth in the background. 
That's all the boat pictures done, but that's not the end. Come back tomorrow for the Grand Finale to my superduper holiday. 
Toodle pip.   ilona

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