Saturday 23 September 2023

Visiting donkeys

I loved the Model Village, now it was time to move on and find a parkup for the night. There was still some daylight left, not ready for bed just yet. I decided to call in at the Donkey Sanctuary on the way to Shanklin. People like to adopt a donkey and follow it throughout it's time at the Sanctuary. Shall I choose one? No, I don't sign up for regular updates and monthly donations. I give one off substantial donations which leaves me free from the commitment. I give cash only. 

I wandered around enjoying a lovely peachy flavoured ice cream. 

Come over here and talk to me. Ok, that's a no then. 

This one laughed at my jokes. 

I found a park up at Old Shanklin Village. As advised by Christina who I met at the Gulf Garage. A quiet street. It had a bit of a sideways slope on it, hope I don't role out of bed. Still some daylight left, time for another walk. Nearby is Rylstones Gardens. I thought this would make a perfect picture. As I was trying different angles, I got chatting to a lady sat on a bench with her dog at her feet. We had a smashing conversation. Very nice to meet you Roberta.  
Nearby is the top entrance to Shanklin Chine. Something I must take a look at. A Chine is a deep ravine formed by a waterfall. I walked through it along the wooden pathways which had railings each side. 

I came out at the bottom end near the beach. It wasn't as spectacular as I thought it would be. I have seen a lot of waterfalls in Yorkshire, the Lakes, and Scotland. This one was interesting but not the best. A Promenade walk would be nice to end the day. I set off and walked to Sandown Pier. 

It was a long walk back to the car, and my legs were tired. What did I do after that? 

Catch ya later for the next episode. Toodle pip.   ilona

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  1. Debi from Leicester.Good Morning Ilona.Shanklin is a lovely place isnt it.When we went there,it was quite cold,but we were well wrapped up and went on some great walks.I have stayed there a few times,quite a few years back now and have many happy memories of being there.One of the village pubs had a roaring fire with a comfy settee next to it.Drinking a hot chocolate with a brandy in it listening to the guy playing gentle music on his guitar.Happy days!xx


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