Thursday 22 February 2024

What's normal?

Monday was sunny. The wild garlic is making an appearance. The sun lifts my spirits. 
A flock of gulls came down to rest on the flooded fields. 

Tuesday was sunny, I did a Billy dog walk. Tuesday tea time there was a beautiful sunset. I caught a glimpse of it from my bedroom window. 
Wednesday was raining most of the day. I did a late village walk when it finally stopped. 

Today I woke up to more rain, heavy, little streams running down the road. Now it has stopped which might provide me with a window to go out. 

There are people who say that there is nothing unusual about the weather patterns for this time of the year. I think they are very unusual. It's almost as if there is someone planning what kind of weather we are allowed to have. It's like they have a finger on the button. These rich people flying off in their private jets to have a meeting about how much sun we are allowed to have. How much rain they can dump on us. How often they can flood our homes, and disrupt the growing patterns for farmers trying to make a living. How they decide when to dump hundreds of tons of snow to block the roads so we can't go out because events have been cancelled, and we can't get any petrol for our cars, and the buses stop running.  It's almost as if they have an on and off switch for the sun. Let's make it so hot in the summer that the crops in the fields wither and die. The world goes into meltdown because there is nothing to eat, no water to drink, vehicles catch fire because their tyres are melting on hot tarmac. 

This is not normal. Nature is being engineered. 

Toodle pip.   ilona



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