Friday, 4 January 2013

Designing fun

Thought I would give the pics a try this morning, still not uploading on Compose mode. I don't usually work on HTML mode, would rather see the pics appear on the screen instead of a load of letters and numbers. It's easier to separate the pics and insert text between them when you can actually see them. But hey ho, they are here now, we find a way round these things.
The pics are of the front cover of a monthly newsletter I used to publish. I composed the whole lot on my computer, usually 20 - 30 pages, then sent the master copy to a printer, easier that way. I got the loose leaves back and collated and stapled it all together. I really enjoyed doing this, it satisfied my creative leanings.
The pictures I lifted from an extensive clip art programme I had, then I played around with it and inserted speech and thought bubbles, and gave the characters a few words. It appealed to my silly sense of humour. The reference to Dianne on the first one is me, I didn't use my real name. I hope these give you a little titter.

I love the way you can use a computer for all sorts of things, it certainly opened up a whole new world for me. I love the way you can make posters and leaflets, play around with photo's, and design logo's. I remember it was not so long ago that I used to sit with a man who printed teeshirts, and a man who printed posters, while they played around with my proposed designs on their own computers, manipulating the pictures and text untill it was to my liking. Now I can bypass all that and sit here at home and do it all myself. Amazing, and such fun. 
Toodle pip.  


  1. They are great Ilona-how creative you are!
    Ruth x

  2. I met my other half through a dating agency. It is hard to meet like minded people who are unattached when you are older. Bet you have a few stories to tell.
    Did you use publisher or something similar to make the newsletter? I would love to try something similar but only have basic Word.

  3. Hi deb. I had something called Printmaster Gold on my old computer, it was so simple to use. Drag and drop mainly, search through a massive file of the bits I needed, then manipulate them on the screen. I can do a bit with Publisher, but it seems quite complicated. You can do quite a lot with Word, go to insert and pick out files from elsewhere on your computer. Best way to learn is to click on buttons to see what they do. Save stuff constantly or you might click and lose it. I learnt a lot from attending a basic computer course at the local college.


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