Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Eat cheap, eat well

I'm carrying on with the food theme today, as if we haven't seen enough of it this last week or so, ha ha. Ruth is curious as to what I eat, so here goes with yesterday and todays meals.
So, for breakfast yesterday I had bran flakes with soya milk and a blueberry yogurt on top. For lunch I had a spud in the microwave topped with some houmous. cold pasta salad with tuna topped with a chopped spring onion, and five baby tomatoes. The pasta cost 45p it was reduced, and will give me three portions.
In the afternoon I finished off the last of the trifle. This is my evening meal. More pasta salad, this time with prawns. I bought two of these salad tubs so a lot of pasta is being consumed at the moment, ha ha. Steamed new potatoes, sprouts, and a large onion.
Breakfast this morning was bran flakes with soya milk, topped with a banana. Today's lunch was three raw mushrooms, more pasta salad with a spring onion, five small pickled onions and five small tomatoes, and some pickled beetroot.
This afternoon I ate a small flapjack, 19p from B & M. Tonights meal was steamed new potatoes, five sprouts, (there are four left for tomorrow), and half a portion of cheese and broccoli pasta. This also had peas in it and cost 57p reduced from £2.30. To stretch the sauce a bit further I added a spoon of cream cheese with garlic, and stirred in a spoon of plain yogurt just before serving it up.
I always have a mug of coffee first thing in the morning, I have tried other drinks, but I do like just one mug to get me going. Throughout the day I have diluted fruit juice, which is mainly water with a taste of juice. Either carton juice or cordial out of a bottle.
At the moment I am eating from the fridge to use up the out of date food, when that is gone I shall have a few days where I eat out of the cupboard, tins and packets, and the freezer. I try and stretch my weekly shopping to ten days or more, sometimes two weeks. As I have mentioned many times before, I shop on price, try to get the best food I can for the least amount of money. I don't mind if I eat the same thing for several days, nothing gets wasted.
Right, moving on, here's a little teaser, what is this? Remember my 'wing thing' project, well this is part of it.
I struggled to get a good coverage with the yellow paint on top of the blue, it didn't look right, all a bit messy. So now I have gone in a different direction, instead of painting my design on it, I am using coloured vinyl. It gives a much bolder contrast. I can picture in my mind what I want it to be, I struggle a bit with how to piece it together, then I play around with bits and bobs, and suddenly, wow, that's a good idea. I think it's going to be dead cool. You'll have to wait a bit longer though to see the finished article.
Toodle pip.


  1. I think your food looks great- lots of different coloured veggies mean lost of different vitamins. I am all about the cheap and healthy!

  2. Your meals look very tasty and interesting to me! I can eat the same thing for a few meals too, if something needs to be eaten up.
    Cheers Judy xx

  3. Hiya from House Fairy.
    Lots of coloured veg, I sort of copied you with my dinner as on my own, every one out.
    I put in the steamer potato, broccoli,sliced carrot and chopped up parsnip. Then mashed the potato when cooked and made some Bisto gravy.
    All very I an eating Quality Street chocolates.

    I think that is a leg for a bird on the wings project?

  4. Well pasta AND potatoes doesn't work for me but each to their own!

  5. Great post as usual Ilona. Your meals look tasty and interesting. I finished off the last of the mince pies last night, so no more temptation!
    Thanks for sharing your meals with us.
    Ruth x

  6. Is it a back scratcher, that's what came to mind as soon as I saw it, bendy to get places other can't. lol

  7. I bet you would have to pay about £7.99-plus for each of those 'mixed salad' meals in a pub or restaurant. Very tasty looking! Glad to see I'm not the only one who prefers mushrooms raw!

  8. Yum to the pasta salads! I love pasta, its so cheap and cheerful. where do you buy your veg-or do you grow it yourself?


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