Sunday, 30 September 2018

Adding a few more miles to my walking total.

It was a nice day for a walk yesterday, not so nice today though, grey and overcast. I went to the car boot sale this morning, picked up a few useful bits and bobs for my arts and crafts. 
Here are a few pics from yesterday, I did nine miles and stayed south side of the river. Painted stones are getting everywhere, these are not to be removed however, thay are laid beside a memorial bench. Somewhere to sit for a fantastic view. 

I am thinking of Rocky, we used to come up here for a little bimble.

I did a circular walk from South Ferriby, to Barton, and back along the waters edge. This is the start of the long distance path, The Viking Way. The boatyard at Barton.

No access to the waters edge here, it's deep mud.

A little bit of a beach a bit further along, I decided not to go down to it, time was getting on and I wanted to get back, so I carried on along the cliff top.

I picked up a few yellow stickers at Barton Tesco, most weren't cheap enough, and I had limited room in my rucksack. Back in time for dinner at 6pm. A quick stir fry meal of mushrooms, peas, eggs, and rice noodles.

Don't forget check in day tomorrow for the Walking Group. The target is 750 miles for nine months, and I am a long way off that. Never mind.  ilona


  1. You do live in a beautiful part of the country. I'm in Skegness for a few days this week. Oh just to be near the peaceful.

  2. I like those painted rocks at the memorial bench. I got a memorial bench for my hubby installed in the park across the street from my house. Maybe one day I will paint some of those cheerful rocks.

  3. I love the painted rocks.Its given me an idea for my Gran and Grandads grave.You live in a lovely area Ilona and that little beach would be nice to sit on a sunny day.I will be doing plenty of walking next week as I am going to the seaside as well.Me,my Mam,my Daughter and grandaughters plus the 2 labrador pups...that are getting bigger by the day.We have hired a caravan at Mablethorpe.One that dogs are allowed.So Im looking forward to doing some miles along the seafront,where my memories will take me back to being a child,on holiday there.

  4. The photos are lovely.
    It is a nice idea to have painted pebbles to remember love ones.
    It looks as tho it's going to to a nice day.
    Enjoy your crafty morning - hope we see something nice from you -
    Hazel c uk

  5. Funny that you should mention the painted rocks on the same day that I learned they are apparently a big deal where I live in northern Idaho USA. A friend cleans 3 pubs each week and finds them all over, everywhere from the ladies' restrooms to the parking lots. Today, I was at a doggy daycare (we had to leave our dogs for the day while my husband had surgery) and they are all over the place there. Your photos are lovely. I am an anglophile and wish I were there!


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