Friday, 28 September 2018

This is going to be exciting ;o)

Notices have gone up, the road will be closed, for the first ever Hedgehog Half Marathon which is going to come through the village. So excited, can't wait. It will only take them half an hour to go through. I can imagine their little legs will be going like the clappers, the poor little dears will be exhausted. I hope they will have the RSPCA in attendance in case there are casualties which need resuscitation. I shall be out there waving my flag and cheering them on. 


  1. Hope the weather stays warm and I to would cheer them on.

    Love, Hazel c ik

  2. Had to google it to find the whys and wherefores!

  3. Take pictures. I would love to see it!

  4. It will be hard to get them to keep their race numbers on.

  5. Lol..Ive got to be honest...I thought..This isnt like Ilona to support something like that,poor little things.....Errrrm...then I googled it.Hope everyone does well for a very good cause!!.Love the sign though,lol,xx

  6. Ilona I loved your posts about Joanne and her wartime home. I just looked her up again and saw she's selling (sold?) her house. I'd love an update please. Is she going to keep up her vintage lifestyle do you know?

    1. Hi. I notice the house is still on the market. Originally it said it was being sold at auction, no mention of that now. The For Sale board is still outside, I knocked her door last week but no reply. Sorry, I don't know any more than that.

  7. Had to google, had no idea what this was all about. Makes sense now I suppose.


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