Saturday 29 September 2018

A bridge not too far.

This weekend is the second weekend of the Open Studios event at The Ropewalk Arts and Crafts Centre at Barton on Humber. The artists open the doors to their studios and anyone can go along to meet them. I went last Saturday. Michael Scrimshaw is my favourite, always fun, always jolly, and a great conversationalist. 
When I arrived they were eating mungo beans, prepared by Helen, and they offered me a taste. It was lovely so Helen wrote the recipe down for me. Michael does mainly commissions, mainly large sculptures 
 Afterwards I drove my car over the bridge and had a walk along the North Bank.

The tide is coming in, which allows the barges to travel upstream to the docks.

It's looking like it's going to be another sunny day today. I've been doing some extra walking to try and catch up with my miles. Sadly it won't be enough to make the 750 mile target at the end of the month. Don't forget the Walking Group check in day on Monday the 1st of October. Let's see how everyone is doing.  ilona

Ps. Just back from my walk today, 9 miles.

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  1. Lovely photos again Ilona.I love the last one!!It is always nice to know how you spend your days...lifes for living and getting out and about as much as you can!.Just to let you know,Ive pulled the last of my potatoes up..I was amazed how big some of them were.Ive also got about 20 tomatoes,the last of them i think...going red in a brown bag with a banana peel in with them.My Mam and my Hubby have both said how sweet the last ones were..all free from kitchen scraps.We are having the free peas with dinner tomorrow.I have collected a load of sunflower seeds for next year.When your sunflowers die,leave the head on the plant for about a month,break it up and there are sunflower seeds in it.Ive never tried this before.I got it off youtube.Hope that you all are having a lovely weekend,xx


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