Thursday, 3 January 2013

Just words, no pics

Well that's a bit of a hows your father isn't it! I'm all ready to upload a few pics, and the bloomin thing won't let me. Don't know what's going on, no little box to select a pic from file, bloomin daft blogger. I'm going to go off on a mardy now. Well alright, I'll jot a few words down while I'm here. Somebody is bound to want to know what I ate today.

Didn't take any pics of the food, so I'll describe it to you. Breakfast was porridge with a banana sliced up on top of it. Lunch was two slices of toast, two scrambled eggs, and some more tuna pasta salad. That filled me up so nothing more was needed until dinner, which was grilled salmon, and the rest of the pasta brocolli bake with extra sweetcorn added. Tonight I've had a few grapes. Oh, and I nibbled a couple of cream crackers while I was waiting for the salmon.

I had trouble dropping off to sleep last night, so I got up at quarter past midnight and warmed half a tin of rice pudding in the microwave, then carried on reading my book. Finally turned the light out at 1.30am. That's very unlike me, I am usually dead to the world from the moment my head hits the pillow, and I don't wake untill around 7am. No wonder I was falling asleep in the middle of the afternoon today.

Mind you I have been using my brain a lot today, I'm suffering from creativity overload. The new work of art is coming along, but I need to add some flames to it. No not real flames, I'm not going to set fire to it, some pretend flames. They've got to be orange and flickering, I'll work it out eventually. The little thingy I showed you yesterday has become one of five, no it wasn't a back scratcher. That bit has come together nicely, I'm pleased with it. It's the flames that's baffling me at the moment. Then I've got to add some dripping blood, and the windows aren't quite finished. I'll do a bit more tomorrow, that's before I go to the hospital to get my new hearing aid fitted. Pardon, what did you say :o)

I'll give the pic upload another try, just a minute. Nope still not working, no little box to find the file. I shall have to give it up as a bad job. Good night.


  1. "Blooming daft blogger" indeed! It drives me mad too, when it plays up!

  2. Hope you're not mardy now, (love that word). I'm intrigued what your new art project is..... dripping, are we going to see your darker side. lol

  3. I haven't heard the word 'mardy' since I left Coventry!
    (We use it but no one here would know what we are on about).
    Jane x
    PS You really are keeping us on tenterhooks with this art project!

  4. Been trying to upload to my blog tonite also, nope, no success. Grumble, grumble, grumble. :)

  5. Yes! By all means! We always want to know what you had to eat! You are an inspiration for us all to eat more veggies and less of the "not so good for us" foods, and getting outside and walking more for the "health of it". Thank you for sharing with us all!

    K. in Oklahoma

  6. Hi, Ilona, I have been reading your blog for a couple of months and I really enjoy hearing about your comings and goings. Love to hear about your meals and the fact that you are as animal crazy as I am. I got new speakers for my computer today, so was finally able to hear your New Year's message - good show! Keep up the good work and many of us will keep reading! Happy New Year!!

  7. I just uploaded a few photos on my blog and it seemed to work OK.

  8. I too am struggling to upload any photos this morning. It's that time of year for Blogger to go daft and mess about with everything that we've just got used to, no doubt some tech guy somewhere has flicked a switch while he works!!

    Sue xx

  9. Sue, I've just uploaded some on my next post. Had to do it on HTML though, it's a pain. Hope they get it sorted so I can go back onto Compose mode later on.


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