Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What a handsome boy

Not a lot to say tonight. I've been working on my artything project most of the day. For saying I didn't have much idea on what to put on it when I started, it seems to be coming together quite nicely now. I've decided not to add any other colours to it, so the whole thing will be yellow, different shades of yellow to be precise. I have made one or two mistakes, like not planning how I was going to lay out the design, just randomly adding stuff, and using materials which are not yellow, and absorbent, and finding that the paint seeps into it so it needs several coats. I've just got a bit left to do, so with a bit of luck it might be finished tomorrow. It is nothing like the previous pieces, an experiment really. I like trying new ideas and seeing if they work. I will take a photo of some of the raw materials so you can see how I did it.
Anyway, what's a photo of Henry doing here. I took a couple of hours out this morning and went over to Helen's house where we took Henry for a walk. We like to have a catch up now and again, a good natter and a cuppa. As I was about to leave, Henry plonked himself by the back door. Come on Henry, are you going to let me out, ha ha. Not untill you give me a treat first says Henry. I whipped out the camera, he is such a poser, ha loves having his photo taken.  

Oh, I am such a handsome boy.
Catch you tomorrow. Toodle pip.


  1. That boy is absolutely gorgeous!
    Jane x

  2. Henry IS a handsome boyo! And clever, too :)

    My first Irish Wolfhound would lay right across a doorway between two rooms, apparently sleeping. Until you tried to step over her. At the critical moment - when you had one leg well across and were about to touch down on the far side - she would suddenly roll over onto her back and reach up with a paw to stop you, so you would rub her tummy. It generally worked because it was either that or fall over!

    Looking forward to seeing your latest creation, Ilona!

  3. he's definately a handsome lad! Can't wait to see the artwork :-)

  4. Henry looks sad that you are leaving. He's got a very serious expression on the second photo. He is so sleek, short haired dogs faces often remind me of seals.

    Can't wait to see your new project.

  5. He could easily be made of chocolate :-D

  6. Henry is gorgeous :-)
    Does he know he's famous on your blog?


  7. Henry is a cutie....looks quite debonair too.
    I'm dying to see your new project...please post soon.

  8. What an absolutely beautiful dog! Love Kath's description - made of chocolate! Now you have me wondering what your newest art piece is going to be. Hope you show it to us soon.

  9. And the pictures of Henry were seen round the world ! What a total sweetheart !

  10. He is absolutely gorgeous... and he is definitely a 'Henry'. He suits his name so much.

    Sue xx

  11. Good morning Ilona from House fairy.
    Henry looks content, and what a nice low down window for him to look out of.
    Our chip loves sitting in the conservatory doorway, when it is warm enough to leave open. Being just inside, it is out of the wind. He is also on guard for the cats and birds.

    We were decluttering as a family yesterday.
    Items to the recycle centre and items blessed to another home.
    Some times it is hard to throw things out, but when not used it is just hording.

    In winter or any time for that matter. If you do not know where to put something it gets dumped in the conservatory. It got so bad that we could not walk in it!.Still a way to go but looks much better.

  12. Handsome with soulful eyes....

  13. He's such a handsome fella and the very twin of Syd from next door! x


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