Friday, 17 February 2017

Radio Humberside bus is in town

Hello. I've had a fun time in Scunthorpe today, that doesn't happen very often, ha ha. It's usually bank and shopping, with a visit to the Age UK charity shop, oh I do lead an exciting life. 
I went to the 20 21 Arts Centre to collect my picture which was in the Open Exhibition, this closed on Saturday. Outside was parked the Radio Humberside Bus, oooh, maybe I can get on the radio. 
There were two volunteers from the Hull City of Culture, here we have a happy chappie larking about.

There is a treasure hunt planned for tomorrow, and the lady from the museum is explaining how it is going to work.

People were coming and going, I went inside for a quick chat on the radio.

All the volunteers I have met so far are absolutely loving their job. 
The main art gallery is in the church, it has a new building with a cafe, shop, classroom, and more galleries, attached to the side of it.

On the way home I called in at the Cash and Carry and found some great bargains. I'll put the pics on tomorrow.

Right, it's wine weekend, and I have a glass in front of me. I've had a phone call tonight from Jade dog's owner. Joanna is going to start walking her tomorrow, so yippeeee, it's good that I have been able to arrange that, win win all round.

I'll go upstairs now and see what Heidi is doing, she seems to want to stay up there. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon. Have a nice weekend.
Toodle pip


  1. Ooh when I saw the Treasure Hunt thing in Scunthorpe on our local news I thought of you straight away! Sounds like fun.

  2. Have only managed to get on today to catch up lol.Don't let anyone put you down you keep me smiling especially since I found your you tube channel, you are one of a few people I think I could be friends with and am so trying to follow your way of doing things as I am not good with money but am getting there only I can't do yellow sticker shopping as I can't get to the shops but shop on line with tesco's as cheaply as I can I have hobbies the one thing I would love is a pen pal but I don't think people do that any more. Well sorry for rambling on but keep up the good work making me smile every day xx

    1. Must be a way of getting a pen pal. What area do you live? I'll be your pen pal. X

    2. West Sussex and I would love you to be my penpal I will give you mmy email address rather than put my adress here lol it's thank you

  3. Ilona you have such a great sense of adventure and fun. A lot of people just don't see the beauty and excitement of the world around them and think where they live is dull and boring. I love opening your blog page in the mornings. It starts my day on a bright happy note. Today is no exception. Keep shining Ilona.

  4. Love your picture reminds me of the cheery song l can sing a rainbow sing a rainbow hope Heidi is enjoying her evening.x

  5. Sounds like you've had a good day. Hope Heidi is well!

  6. Sounds a wonderful day, you look great in your photos?
    Amazing church, now a gallery!

  7. still loving your hair colour!! you may have inspired me to be a bit bolder next time i dye my hair.. if i have the courage!!

  8. Hi Ilona. I was wondering what your advice is for finding activities in your community that don't cost? You just seem to keep yourself busy and I'm jealous! I'm not crafty, so that stuff doesn't appeal to me. I made deliberate list to read more. I'm volunteering 1 x week at my kid's school. Also, how do you make friends without spending lots of money? Seem like silly questions, but I'm serious. I haven't worked in a year. I'm bored out of my mind. My little one is in school all day. We have a small house, so it doesn't take much time to tidy up. I've got some reading projects, but I can't figure out how to spend my time and I have found the friend-making business slow going. I'm trying, but its really slow. So most days, I'm home for 5 or 6 hours. Completely bored. Some of my friends want to shop, but that's not my idea of fun. I struggle with spending money while I'm not working. Any suggestions? Best, Melissa from San Francisco, CA. P.S. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Keep up the good work!


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