Sunday, 18 June 2017

A stitch gone wrong does not save nine.

Hello. Phew what a scorcher today. I had to give up outside and come into the cool house. The cats are still out, I think I'm going to have trouble getting them in. Mayze loves it when I chase her round the garden. Heidi is easier, she lets me pick her up. 
The woman from the Open gardens came round this morning to take a few details. She was impressed with the Summer House. She gave me a wooden flower sign to stick in the front garden on the morning of the Open Day. 
I thought I was almost coming to the end of this felt picture, then I looked at it and thought something isn't quite right. I started filling in the background between the shapes with dark blue and white running stitches. These are where I started, on the right of the picture. I don't like it, it isn't right. 
The stitches here are fine, can you see the difference? In the first picture I have some stitches going horizontally left to right, on the rest of it they are all going from top to bottom vertically. Those rogue stitches are going to have to come out. Oh fiddlesticks.

I see that some readers have mentioned they would like to donate to our Cat Rescue. Thank you for your kind offers, I am chuffed. Please don't be disappointed, but we are a small rescue and have enough money in the kitty, ha ha, to keep us ticking over nicely. We ask for a donation when we take in a cat, and if we rehome one. People are usually very generous because we are able to help them. One lady had a cat from us and regularly donates every few weeks. Janet and Sue do car boot sales, we get lots of donations of stuff to sell. This local fair will bring in a good amount, we get a free pitch. We have a big show to do in August which also brings us lots of customers, and the Christmas Fair is a good earner.

So thank you very much for your kind offers, we have no need to accumulate lots of cash, we have enough to cover the food and vets fees. The vet gives us a discount for spaying and neutering. With the donation of cat litter which will last a year, there is nothing else to pay for.

Right, that's me done, it's 10pm and I will try and get the cats in. I can't go to bed until I know they are inside the house and safe. Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. May I be so bold as to suggest, if you are not in need right now, maybe your readers might think about an animal rescue in their immediate area.

  2. Sorry Ilona, I can't see what's wrong with the stitching or the picture. Maybe if you showed the whole of the picture it might become clear, but it looks hunky dory to me.

    Joan (Wales)

  3. Your picture looks lovely to me Ilona-just purrfick.I wouldn't see anything wrong with it.It's been too hot for me,I have walked the dogs with a big hat on and glasses, then had to lie on the bed all day with cold flannels on my head-it's ridiculous of me x

  4. I love all the heavy stitching! I mended my white-on-white quilt that way. I used some old cloth napkins that I didn't need. I like the look and it gets the job done. I'd like to hand sew more; it's my first love.

  5. It is a rare charity group that is honest about their needs when many volunteer to help. Doctors Without Borders did the same thing and I was truly impressed. Thank you. Ana USA

  6. I can't see anything wrong with the stitches either!
    Bless you for your complete integrity about the Cat Rescue. I also had wondered how it would be if half or so of your regular readers donated but we certainly can do so locally. There is so much need.

  7. Is it because you did stitching around the circly, swirly bits rather than looking as if the stitching had gone behind? I guess that could show up quite significantly on the finished thing. What a pain for you but it would always bother you if you didn't change it. I know the feeling well!
    J x

    1. Correct Joy. I could have put the background stitching on first then added the components on top, in the same way as you would when painting a picture. Start at the back and work forward.

      My first thought was to connect all the components by doing swirling stitching, going around them, which is how I started. But somewhere along the way I carried on in straight lines so that the components appeared to lie on top of the stitching. It was only when I was near the end that I spotted the difference.

  8. I've just read your reply re the cat sanctuary to my husband who commented that it was a refreshing change to find a charity that isn't greedy.
    It's a wonderful example we all need to carry with us in our daily round, asking ourselves if we are being grasping in our own lives.
    I find myself snapping up bargains happily but unless I check myself I take more than I need and end up giving some away. That's fine but then I get the credit for being generous when really it's just to avoid wasting something I didn't need in the first place!
    I will try to remember this in future. Sue

    1. Hi. The only time I deliberately buy too much is when I'm yellow stickering, I have friends in mind who I know would appreciate it.

      The amount of times I have to tell people that I do not want to sell something because I do not need to make money, I have enough. They think I am a bit mad, why would anyone not want more money?

      Big charities stockpile money and pay their directors/staff far too much in my opinion. We are small and we have enough.

    2. With you on this one. We have enough for our needs and a little bit to spare for treats or those more needy. What else could we want?
      Our cat Dixie is loving sleeping under bushes in this weather.

  9. I love how you do all that hand stitching Ilona. looks great

  10. I can't really regularly donate to an animal charity now,especially with the expense of 3 dogs,but some months I buy a large tray of chappie and some cat food and take it to a local rescue home.It depends on my own expenses at the time.I would love another dog but the vets bills are so high now.So I feel at least a bit of food helps top their supplies.They sometimes ask for kitten food.I took a couple of boxes,I'm sure others did too.I wish I could help more though x

  11. Well I think it looks lovely and can only see a very detailed hand stitched picture. There are some really lucky cats if they find themselves being looked after by such a good charity.....well done everyone involved. Rae x

  12. I agree with several of your readers I cannot see anything wrong but then I have not stitched it. So pleased your cat rescue is okay for money and supplies. I agree the big charities have far to many big overheads. I have been out and stocked up on library books and am quite contented sitting in the shade in my little bit of oasis out the back. Enjoy the week.
    Hazel c uk

  13. So pleased that your Cat Rescue,is doing wellI hope that your stitching goes great,cause it looks brilliant from this end,Debi,Leic,xx

    So pleased that your Cats home is going well,Love your needlework!I have been buying black matt paint and red gloss,a pound a tin.I intend on finishing my very old pub tables,so far so good!!One chair,nearly finished.,I am still try to upcycle,my Hubby,into Tom Hardy.....but so far it isnt working....Lol!!


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