Friday, 16 June 2017

Cat on a plastic roof

Hello. It's funny how cats like to be high up, watching the world go by. Heidi has claimed the new viewing platform as her own. 
More painting done today, two doors inside with two coats on each. I've filled up a gap with two pieces of wood, luckily I had the right size in the garage so no sawing was necessary.

I was going to paint the whole of that door, but it takes several coats to cover the glass. Luckily I had a piece of green heavy duty plastic like a shiny tarpaulin, so I screwed that to the bottom to hide the pallet behind it, and just painted the wooden frame. Looks quite good and saved me a lot of faffing about.

Some of the doors inside look a bit grubby so I am going to try wiping them with a damp cloth first. If they come up looking clean then that's fine, if they don't I will have to paint over them. I've had the Dyson in there today, removing the cobwebs and getting the dust out of the carpet. Jobs left to do are painting the back of the garage, washing the paving slabs and laying them out. It must all be ready by Friday because I am busy all day next Saturday.

Thanks for popping in, we'll catch up soon.
Toodle pip.


  1. It's taking shape and looking good. I bet you get a few visitors to your famous beach hut.

  2. Our previous 2 cats (both now at rainbow bridge ) used to jostle for the highest perch anywhere. Apparently it's the one who's the highest who has the "power" - the boss in other words.

  3. Oh your summer house looks great!,I know what you mean with the cats,always one who thinks hes boss!.I think it would be lovely just to sit in there with a magazine.I have been sat in my garden today,with all my 5 cats laid just a few feet away.I love it when i can see them all.Debi,Leic,x

  4. Looks amazing..xx

  5. She's just letting you know that it's hers as well as yours. lol
    Looking lovely, I always love anything with bright colours.

  6. You have worked very hard on your summerhouse Ilona,but what an achievement ! it's wonderful and so cheery.Even on a cloudy day it will be sunny in your garden x

  7. It looks splendid Ilona, lovely job:)

  8. Your garden house is so colorful and cheerful. It must make you smile every time you glance out the window at it.


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