Monday, 30 September 2019

Hello Michael.

I have mentioned Michael before, he is an artist. He works from home and also has a studio at The Ropewalk arts and crafts centre in Barton. I went there on Saturday to visit the Open Studios. He was busy as usual, a steady stream of visitors always turn up to chat to Michael and Helen. 
In a quiet few minutes he gave me a drawing lesson, it was brief then someone else arrived. 
He is working on a life size statue at the moment. It takes a while because there are so many different stages it has to go through. There was a temporary blip when work ceased for a few weeks. The continuous welding sent his electricity bills sky high, so a new price had to be negotiated to cover the cost. The legs are done, hands almost done, now he has to put the ears on the head. All this is being done from photographs, as the subject passed away a few years ago. This is his memorial to stand in the town centre. 

Lining the walls of the Artspace at The Ropewalk is an exhibition by Sue Stone. She is an artist from Grimsby and this exhibition is all about memories. Mostly textiles and painting, on canvas. The stitching is so intricate, the details so precise, I have done some close ups so you can see the detail. Click on a picture for a slideshow and to enlarge. It must have taken an age to complete this exhibition. It's on until October the 20th. 

There is a bit more about her here. 

Thank goodness the rain has stopped. Can I go out now. Don't forget tomorrow is the last day of the month, and Tuesday is check in for the members of the International Walking Group. Those who are doing 1000 miles, the target is 750 for the nine months, only three more months to go. I am slightly above the target but not much. I was hoping to add a few more miles but I am not trudging around in the rain. So how are you all doing, let us know on Tuesday.
Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. I so love those stitched pictures and you are right, they would have taken ages to make. thanks for showing.

  2. The pictures are superb, what talent and patience.

  3. all very nice, but I love MMichael's statue he is working on. Hope you show is a photo when it is done, or even more photos as it is being done. It really sort of grabbed me....

  4. Such talented people and very dedicated too.Sue Stones work is amazing!xx

  5. As you sat Ilona very talented people. Love the sculpture and can only admire the patience taken to complete the needlework art.


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