Monday, 29 July 2019

A little bit of weaving

Here is the next one in the series 'What can you put on an 8" x 6" board'  After watching a few of Lana's weaving videos, see previous post, I thought I would have a go. I wrapped some string around the board, top to bottom, and did a simple landscape background with blue and green wool.
Then made the tree and stitched it on. I used a curved needle because I only had the front to work from, couldn't push a needle from front to back.  
Add some loose green French knots.

The back. I used a dab of superglue to keep the two ends attached to the board.

I'm trying to keep these ideas simple, trying not to get carried away and spend hours on it. The whole idea is to stop the thought processes in a shorter time and not procrastinate. When it's done it's done, move on. 
Off to Crafty Club now.  Toodle pip.  Ilona 


  1. Well done I really like this both the idea and the design. You are a constant inspiration.

  2. Thats lovely. I really like the use of the french knots on it.

  3. I get your idea of moving on. My cat head has had me going round in circles I've been doing it for so long on and off. It's finally finished but I'm sick of the thing now. lol
    I love the little tree, a set of these would look great.
    Not tried weaving since I was a child and had a weaving set for christmas.

  4. Now that is something that I could attempt...its was making the frame,when I watched the other video,that made it look too fiddly for me!!.It looks really nice and I love how you make your crafting look so neat and tidy.I have been pulling up a few weeds in the garden this morning and it looks lovely after all the rain over weekend.I am starting on my pallet plant holder,but its not as easy as I thought it would be.Im needing plants that will stretch through the gaps to reach for the sun....without paying out for any,lol.I might even plant some of my flowering weeds in it and see how that turns out!xx

  5. Really lovely Ilona very artistic like you i love weaving have had a go many years ago, may take it up again as a hobby. Hope you are keeping well and the fur babies. My two are very content and well at the present time. Love Liz Amy and

  6. Very attractive indeed!

  7. Best board so far, love it. You are right that less is more and not over working it has given it a perfect result.

  8. Hello Ilona,

    Sorry that this is a wee bit off topic, but I'd wanted to tell you that I've included your blog in a list of my favourite global frugality blogs. It is posted at . I've found inspiration from your blog (and your humour!) for years, and I wanted to thank you for that.

    Take care,

  9. it turned out really well!! Will you do more in the same style??

  10. This looks lovely, you've done a lot with some simple ideas - I think what works so well is how you put them together! I'd happily put that on my wall :)


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