Tuesday, 30 July 2019

No flower power here

Another board finished, but I'm not overly chuffed with this one. The object of the exercise was to create something different, to stretch my imagination, and explore different methods of construction and materials. With this one I have copied something I've done before, taken the easy option. I have made felt flowers as tree decorations, and done a big wall hanging covered in them, so this is nothing new. 
It's the comfort zone thing, not wanting to make an effort and try something else. When new ideas are not forthcoming it's easy to back pedal and continue on as before. Turn round and go back. Forward is the way to go. I haven't spaced them out very well either.

The next one is more interesting. Just one word triggered the idea, 'puzzle'. Sometimes that's all it needs, one word. Toodle pip.  ilona


  1. Another idea would be go build up the layers of the flowers more and do a lot more in height. Might be interesting to experiment with. Toodeloo!

  2. This one does seem a bit more conventional than the others, although attractive. Yesterday you said, "I'm trying to keep these ideas simple, trying not to get carried away and spend hours on it. The whole idea is to stop the thought processes in a shorter time and not procrastinate. When it's done it's done, move on." Amen, sister! Sedgwick

  3. You are too harsh on yourself! It's beautiful. There is still much beauty to be found in normality. Beauty doesn't have to be born of complexity or difficulty.


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