Saturday, 27 July 2019

The White Horse in Yorkshire

I was hoping to do another 12 miles walk on Tuesday, but it was not to be. It was so hot I had to give up after 4 miles. I left my car at the B & B and set off walking towards the White Horse. Up through the wood at the back of the church. It was a lovely morning, but not even a whisper of a breeze. 
That's where I'm heading. I decided not to take the footpath from the car park at the bottom, but to go slightly to the right and pick up the track up through the woods to the gliding club, then do a left turn and come back down the footpath to the horse. 
It was a long hard slog up High Town Bank Road, even though most of it was through woods to give me some shade. I trudged on sweating buckets and wondered whether to give up half way and go home. No, I had got this far so I slowed my pace and took my time. Out of the woods and across this field. It was very hot.

The stile at the bottom to get onto the road was well hidden. Had to fight my way through the ferns. 

I followed the tarmac road until I came to a junction and did a sharp left, and arrived at the gliding club. There were a few people about checking gliders.

There is a building with a viewing area. I went inside to get some shelter from the sun, thinking it would be cooler. It wasn't, so I sat at a picnic table outside and there was a gentle breeze. Time for a snack and a drink. Every ten minutes a small light aircraft took off pulling the glider behind it.

It was downhill from now on and I arrived at the top of the White Horse. There is nothing of the horse to see from up here. Nice views over Yorkshire. 
Halfway down the steps to the car park. Looks like the vegetation below it has been cleared away.

Zoom in, it needs some maintenance. Weeds coming through, more white chips to cover up the weed suppressant. The White Horse is not white, it's a muddy grey.

Cutting the walk short and going back to the car. It's too hot to do any more. For more information on the White Horse of Kilburn look here.

The gliders are still gliding. Wonder if it is as hot up there. I went in a glider once, it is a lovely experience. Floating like a bird with no sound, all quiet.

I was back home by 4.30pm. Cats are fine, thanks to Janet. Sun is nice, but too much of it is draining. 
As I write this on Saturday morning it is bucketing it down outside. A big thunderstorm is passing over. Another reason to stay indoors. Enjoy your weekend. Toodle pip.  ilona 


  1. Well although you did 4 miles,you took in some beautiful country side views!.Tuesday was a killer heat wise so it was understandable to turn back.I couldnt manage 4 yards in the garden over Tues,Weds and Thurs,lol.I bet the cats were pleased to see you again!Well it has just started raining really heavy here in Leicester,after a few bits of light showers earlier this morning.I am walking my Daughters Labs with one of my grandaughters this afternoon.I have to have someone with me cause I cant manage both on my own.Even though they are only 14 months old they are growing very big and very strong.It will be lovely to put my old parker on and get wet!!Although if it starts to thunder,we maybe wont be walking that far!!xx

  2. Beatiful walks,congratulations and greetings

  3. I spent my childhood at gliding club+airfield. To my memory they were sunny hot days, but when I think more, I remember rainy cold days, long waits to get clouds change and gliders up. Later my father got a licence for aeroplanes, but it wasn't as exciting or funny.

    I haven't been on a long walks during this heatwave, mostly beause my walking companion is a black dog and she'll suffer if I'd took her out.

  4. Ah, the Kilburn White Horse. I've always wanted to see that, being familiar with the Wiltshire ones. Can understand it being too hot to walk (or at any rate, enjoy doing so) - yeesh, no good for man nor beast!


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