Saturday, 2 January 2016

Happy Blogging Birthday

Hello and welcome, I see we have some new kids on the block, come on in. Today we are partying, Bloggy is 8 years old. Whooopeeeeee.

I've been looking back picking out random posts to read, I got quite into it. I hope this is still floating around in cyberspace when I am in my care home, I will be able to look back and think, oooh, that's me.

This morning I got out for my walk, it had been raining then it stopped, so I thought let's get it done. Only trouble is walking around the village in the daytime means that people want to stop and talk. I happened to meet someone I hadn't seen for a few years and it added twenty minutes onto my usual time. It was nice to have a catch up, I used to walk her dog, and little Teddy the Westie remembered me and was wagging his tail and jumping for joy. Half way round it started raining and I was a bit wet when I got back.

These are the preferred furball sleeping arrangements at the moment. Heidi seems to like the bath. I thought she would have been put off this since getting a soaking when she unexpectedly jumped in while it was full of water. I have put one of the pet quilts in I made to make it more comfortable. This has put a stop to me saving the bath water to flush the toilet with for the time being, till she moves on and finds somewhere else.

I was searching all over for Mayze and found her in the office room which I don't use as an office any more. There is a box of street maps covered in a blanket, behind the door. This is her hidey hole. Mind you, I've found her sleeping among my sweatshirts in the cupboard in the bedroom a few times if I have left the door ajar. Now I've got cat hairs all over my clothes, serves me right.

Bugsy is settled camped out in his suitcase bed in the living room. He only has to get up on a chair and table to eat his food, and the litter box is nearby as well. Eeeee, tis a good life being a pampered puss.

Here are some of the pressies I got yesterday. Colouring in is all the rage now and I have a book and pencils to get started. Also two packs of embroidery threads came my way, they will be useful.

A tin of shortbread biscuits, the tin will make a nice container to keep. I think I have seen this on another blog, someone else had one, but I can't remember who.

I picked up a copy of Stitch magazine at the newsagents today. What a rip off, it has jumped up from £4.20 to £4.99. I don't think I will be getting many more of those.

Has everyone found the new page. The names of those taking part in the 1000 miles challenge are listed, I will be adding any updates which come in. You don't have to report back every day, just a little note on how you are getting on if you like, and the total at the end of the month, will be fine.

I am trying to get this artificial flower hanging basket finished. Not much more to do. A few more flowers to make. Dinner time now, still chomping my way through the yellow stickers. Salad and more salad. Won't need to go shopping for a while. I'll sign off now, getting a bit peckish, need food.

Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon. Toodle pip


  1. the cats look very content, our always like hidey holes too and I put baskets on all the high up book cases and dressers,, they seemed to like to be high,,lol
    Bugsy looks old, just like our old George,
    I saw a tin just like that in a shop here in Ontario Canada, imagine,, it was 15.99 so I would hope they are good cookies, I should go back and see if its priced down now,, lots of stuff is going cheap now Christmas is past.
    I'm not sure if I wished you a Happy New Year so I will now, Happy Happy New Year, hank you for sharing your life and frugal tips with us all, you are an inspiration,

  2. Happy New Year, Ilona! Thank you so much for all your lovely cheerful and inspiring blogs - I always look forward to reading. Your cats look very cosy and content. Loved the doggie "Happy Birthday" clip too. Hope Rockie enjoyed his trip to Nottingham. Best wishes, Anne (Glos.)

  3. My flip flops broke yesterday whilst I was doing my walk. However not to worry I pushed my car key into the foam to make a new hole bit for the top part to go through. They make me walk in an odd manner, but at least I still got to walk AND I didn't have to throw my favourite flipperties away!

  4. Hi, Pam from a New Life in Wales had a tin like that, I have got some adult colouring postcards, looks fun x Happy Bloggy Birthday x

  5. I love your biscuit tin - it's a keeper for sure. I was given a *colouring-in* book for Christmas and I wondered which was the best to use - felt tips/crayons/pencils? Would felt tips show through to the other side? Would pencils be colourful enough? Would crayons make it look too child-like? I wondered what you or any of your readers use? Any suggests appreciated before I go spending my money - thanks in advance :)

  6. Thanks Ilona for one of the best blogs and I hope you have a great 2016.
    Nancy from Northern California

  7. The kitties all look so comfortable, how sweet!
    I think I have been reading your blog since 2010, it's been very interesting, always.

  8. Hello, your cats are adorable. Lilly sends her meows to everyone. Love your coloring book; I received one too for Christmas. Happy New Year, Pat

  9. I've got the same tin - it resides in the boiler room with odds and ends in. Natalie

  10. Happy Blogaversary Ilona!!
    Wishing you many more years of writing about your life after money....just love your blog.

  11. Great photos of the kitties Ilona. Happy blog anniversary! I love how you 'keep it real'. You are an inspiration. I've walked the last three days and am looking forward to feeling energised rather than tired. Hopefully soon. :-) X

  12. I have given up buying magazines I get them online from the library. Just go to your library website, go to e magazines and follow the instructions. It uses the zinio for librarys app but does not work on the kindle. The best bit is they are all free.

  13. Hello.I love the critter sweet.Congratulations on your bloggy birthday!All the sharing and beautiful photos have been enjoyed and appreciated by me for a long time and have brought many smiles.I will indulge in a used magazine if it looks interesting to me @25 cents,but do not buy at full retail price,also some are given to me by friends who subscribe.Am liking the biscuit tin,and think it will be very useful for years to come.We've had lots of rain and snow and freezing rain this last two weeks.For those taking part in the 1000 mile challenge...I admire you all and send best wishes!Bye for now,D.

  14. Our cats manage to squeeze into the smallest of spaces despite being big British shorthairs. Boxes are a fave, but any tiny space will do. Magazines are so expensive these days; I've cancelled all my subscriptions. I have shelves full of old ones and look through those now if I need inspiration rather than paying through the nose for a new one that will just end up on a shelf anyway. I don't buy books very often either, but make good use of the library especially now they don't make a charge to reserve an item.

  15. Forgot to wish you a Happy Blogging Birthday, Ilona.

  16. Happy Blog Birthday and may you keep blogging for many years to come.


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