Friday, 15 January 2016

Let's go puddle jumping

Hello. What a change from yesterday,  sunshine, blue skies, no wind, but still a tad cold. I decided to get my three miles done early and turned it into four miles. A change of route, I thought I would go and have a look at the wind turbines that have been recently been planted just outside the village. There was a lot of hoohaa about it at the planning stage, such a lot of opposition to these huge monsters blotting our landscape. This little tarmac lane turns into a dirt track, down the hill and past the edge of the wood. 
Looking a bit bleak at the moment, lack of foliage exposes the litter which is strewn about. It's a popular dog walking area.

At the bottom it opens out and across the fields is the River Trent. Beyond that there are masses more wind turbines near Goole.

And there is our wind farm, all six of them. It doesn't look too bad to me, I like them better than the ugly pylons. I could hear a quiet humming noise as I passed them.

I carried on past them, walking along the track at the bottom of the wood. A spot of puddle jumping is needed here. 
The frozen muddy water makes a pleasing pattern on the surface. I think this picture looks like an aerial view of a lake, or a coastline.  

Another walker going in the opposite direction.

A lot of trees were felled in the woods a couple of years ago, there is still some tree trunks and branches lying around. I like the way the frost clings to the rough bark giving it a look of being dusted with icing sugar. 

The track comes out at the Industrial estate, I turned left up the road into the village, and took the high road back along the top of the wood, which runs parallel to the track below it.
Someone's back garden is just beyond this rough patch, they have dumped a load of apples over the edge. What a waste. I hope the wild life is making the most of this feast.

The walk took about two hours, I was back in time for lunch. It was nice to get out into the sunshine, best to make the most of it, could be wet and windy tomorrow.

For the rest of the day I have been painting the new art work. It's coming along nicely but after taking a step back to look at it, I need to make some minor adjustments. It's got to be right. Tonight I am scoffing another portion of veg stew. Not much left in the pan, I will make some more tomorrow with Brussels sprouts and carrots, and add the two together. Beats cooking any day, ha ha.

It's Friday, so I've cracked open a can of pear cider, the first this month. I find the best way of drinking it is to pour it in small amounts into a small glass, and pretend it's wine. That way it lasts longer, and I never have the need for a second can. I am not taking part in Dry January, my alcohol intake is so small, a treat once or twice a month is fine by me.

Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks for popping in. Catch up soon.
Toodle pip


  1. Ice frost and snow can be quite beautiful the way it forms or freezes on things. And each formation is unique, how wonderful is that.

  2. Looks like you had a cracking walk,maybe the put the apples there on purpose for the wildlife to enjoy ,enjoy the cider x

  3. Looks like a lovely walk and what a glorious day for it.

  4. A beautiful day. Thanks for the photos. Loved Rocky's gear in the previous post, too.

  5. Wish I could come with you on these walks, looks lovely. However I live too far from you and can only manage a few hundred yards due to arthritis. Never mind, I can enjoy your photographs and pretend I am with you. lol

    1. Have you got a motorized scooter, lee? That might be an option to get you out.

  6. Nice walk and gorgeous pic's. Sad about the apples...such a waste unless the deer are stopping by for a treat.

  7. I'd like to hear your view on the noise the wind machines make. I've read some complaints by folks in the US who live near turbines and they seem very unhappy. What is your thoughts?

    1. Hi Barbara. I think a lot depends on the wind direction. I was walking quite close to them here, and noticed some noise, like a motorized humming sound. The residents of the houses up the hill were the ones to object about the noise they thought would reach them. I don't know if it has.

      I don't know about the distance they have to be sited from residential areas, maybe it varies in different countries. The ones I've seen here are away from buildings, high up on hills or large areas of flatland.

  8. Mornin' Ilona. That looks like a beautiful place to walk. We have Fairydell locally and it won't be long before the snowdrops are out. I love spotting the first flowers this time of year. Have a lovely weekend.

  9. Loved your puddle-jumping walk, Ilona. When we were little and people didn't clear up after their dogs as much as they do now (although some still don't) our lads used to do something similar only they called it "jobbie jumping"! Sorry, just had to tell you that!
    It's pretty cold here in South Devon today, but at least it's not raining ... yet!
    Margaret P

  10. Hi Ilona, unofficial tally for us is just over 40 miles this month. Bit behind, but I'll count up properly at the end of the month.can't wait for the better weather!

  11. Hello.Looks to be a lovely walking day there and a very nice trail area for it,Ilona.I'm still stalking the streets here because there is too much snow and ice off the beaten paths here.The wind turbines have been a very, very contentious subject in Clarington where I used to live.We attended meetings re: them when we had our farm.Lots of pros and cons to consider.Beautiful photos taken by you and now I'm pining for spring!I also put any drinks like coolers or cider etc. in a wineglass and I also add soda water and a slice of lemon so it is not so potent for me.Sometimes I like it potent but when having visitors I always lighten them up to keep my wits about me,haha.Am a not a regular drinker so it goes to my head pretty quickly.Bye for now,D.


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